Therianthropy: After Burdened

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The Chase Was On: Chase

Two years later, or so it felt, something finally happened again to drag me away from my waking nightmares. I heard the door open again, but I still couldn’t turn around and see until they were directly to my right, and I realized the boy came in awake. He was a lot younger than me, like thirteen at best, dark eyes scanning the whole area. Sadly I couldn’t look at him full on, since this stupid thing was small enough I couldn’t turn to look over my shoulder.

There were three guards, all of them keeping their weapons pointed in on him, which made sense. Though he hardly looked a threat, I could sense the Shifter. Herbivore if my gauge was right, then again I hadn’t had anything to eat in how long now, so I may not have been at my sharpest.

Opening the cage door, he got in complacently and hardly twitched when the gate slammed shut in his face.

I waited impatiently for our guards to leave before demanding “What’s your name?”

“Evan” he answered, taking me in briefly before he continued scanning the room.

“How long you been awake? Do you know where we are, how to get out of here?”

A dark look crossed his already native dark skin. He had coal black hair that fell loosely just past his ears, with broad cheekbones and thick lips he kept in a neutral expression as he answered “We’re at the base of some mountain. I’m not from around here, so I can’t exactly give you coordinates.”

I brushed past that and instead asked “Have you seen a girl? African, with curly black hair?”

He gave me a pitying look before shaking his head no. I leaned back into my jail and began rubbing the edge of my nose in frustration, and old habit, so I hardly noticed the slight indent of the scar there.

How long we sat in silence I wasn’t sure, but my companion dozed off at some point. I was vaguely annoyed at this, thinking he was taking this far too lightly, but not too much later it happened again.

The lights above began to flicker, there was the horrible wail of the machine door in front of us opening, and the cage I was in came to life. Electricity surged through my every poor, and no matter which way I turned or twisted it wasn’t going away. When the door opened in front of me, I didn’t hesitate to take the escape, my feet tearing across the solid ground, and not five steps later onto the dusty path I’d briefly laid eyes on before.

I wasn’t given one second to think and take this in when a gunshot rang out, and I cursed wildly, clutching at my arm where it had struck and already staggering up the loose earth. There was no opportunity to turn around, the door was already creaking shut behind me, and so I ran. The Chase was on.

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