Therianthropy: After Burdened

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Awkward Conversation: Evan

“Resting? In the library? Should have known I’d find you in here,” Tawney tried to whisper in a spooky voice behind me, but considering I’d heard her approach I just flipped another page and muttered back, “can’t beat the classic.”

She sighed as she sunk down beside me, at once swinging her legs up and crossing her ankles on the table beside me in her own classic move. Before she’d even gotten comfortable though, she grimaced in pain, and switched ankles, now shifting uncomfortably in her seat. She tried to act like this was still casual as she asked, “so how you liking this place? Worth me dragging you here?”

“It’s not bad,” I muttered without looking up.

“Well of course,” she continued, what now felt like a one sided conversation on her part. “It’s got a library. I mean, we’re in a stronghold of some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, but by all means let’s make sure we’ve got novels to entertain us.”

Trying to divert off of that awkward topic, I threw back, “been hooking up with RJ lately? Or have you already switched off of him?”

“You need to read a book on how to subtly change the subject,” she rolled her eyes before actually answering, “yeah I like hooking up with him when I’m here, Lord knows why he puts up with me, but I wonder the same about you.”

I could hear the question in there she hadn’t voiced, she was still not used to this life, this new routine and clearly boggling that guys still looked her way when she in no way tried to keep their attention anymore. Even now she was wearing the grungiest and most modest attire I’d ever seen her in since grade school.

She’d continued her babbling past my silent contemplation, so I tuned back in to hear, “-wonder what the furry little creatures have against them.”

“You need to practice subtlety yourself,” I huffed, “bringing that twice up in five minutes, there’s not something on your mind is there?”

She let her pretences, and her legs, drop as she leaned in and whispered, “I need to talk to you, privately.”

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