Therianthropy: After Burdened

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Chit-Chat: Fiona

Hearing, and sensing, the boy’s approach, I quickly muted what I was watching. “Restful first week, huh?” I snickered as they came in the door.

Evan gave me a sideways look, hedging “what did you hear?”

“That you tried to blow up the forest” I chuckled, not having heard the explosion like so many others on this huge property seemed to.

“Just one tree” Evan muttered, now glancing hopefully at his room.

Our dorm like area was fairly spaced. Chase and I shared a room while Evan got his own. There was a small living area with a common sized TV and a four seater couch, one bathroom just off of that, and even a balcony. The only thing missing was a kitchen area, not that this bothered any of us. The walls were a plain white, though we were encouraged by our friendly escort that if we wanted we could ask for paints or something.

Outside there was anything else you could want, I’d heard of a library, a garage where if you owned a vehicle you could toy around in there, and a huge game area where I thought Chase and Evan had been spending their day until I heard some others laughing about a tree exploding and recognized at least one of the descriptions from the kids that seemed to have done it.

Evan must have found the library at some point, because he smiled at my gentle teasing and said “yeah yeah, make fun. We’re not in too much trouble, we just had to clean it up. I think one of my friends got the worst deal, he’s the only one with parents on sight. I’m going to go read for a bit.”

Chase snickered a bit more as he flopped down onto the couch beside me, and I was torn between laughing with him and the question I knew should be asked, yet I was half terrified of the answer.

Something in my face may have clued him in, he always did claim he could read my mind, because he continued talking and answered it anyways. “Yeah, the guy who caught them found me just before we came up in here and realized I’m the only one who has ‘authority’ over him.” He even put little quotations marks around the word authority and snorted at how stupid that was. “I explained the situation to him and he backed down a bit. Said it wasn’t that big of a deal, this was hardly the worse thing he’d seen kids do around here. Apparently there’s a lot of under aged people here, so Evan’s not in trouble really. He just had to clean it up and promise not to do it again. Now if he does, then they might really try and punish him, he’ll have to like help do chores somewhere around here or something, don’t know, the guy didn’t go into great detail.”

I nodded and relaxed back into his side, which he ruined by quietly asking “so, did you go to see that doctor today? I know you’ve been putting it off, but-”

“Yes” I reassured with a suffering sigh to let him know what I thought of doing that “I am fine, I told you I was, just a little sore which he said would go away with a heating pad he let me borrow. Stop worrying.”

He made a huffy little noise, and I could sense he was fixing to tell me something I wasn’t going to like hearing, but that had never stopped either of us from speaking our mind and it wasn’t going to now as he stated “I asked for an audience with the High Alpha. I want to see if I can go back to that place, make absolutely sure it was burned to the ground.” His arm tightened around my waist as he said that, and his other hand went up to play with one of my ringlets.

I watched him twirl it around his finger until it pulled taught, then he released and started again, not meeting my eyes until I spoke softly “if that’s what you want, I won’t stop you, but please don’t be delusional enough to think you’re going alone.”

“Fiona-” he began, and I could already tell he’d been working on an argument against why I shouldn’t go, he had that set look in his eyes like he was already trying to predict every comeback I’d give, but I pressed on saying louder “at least ask her if you can take some back up. Have you even asked Evan if he wants to go back and get his own revenge? I would argue that I could go back myself, but I’ll keep my promise and follow doctor’s orders, and he says I really shouldn’t be shifting until the bruises fade, so it all depends on how long it’s going to take before you go back.”

He hesitated, and I smirked when I saw all those arguments he’d had crumble. Chase muttered something under his breath, I caught a few words like ‘stubborn’ but then he nodded and gave me a swift peck on the forehead. That was it, the conversation was done for now, and we would return back to it when we had to.

Finally releasing my hair, he dug around for a moment before finding the remote and flipping the TV on, changing channels randomly, then answered “yeah, I asked him by the way. He said he’d be more than happy to go back and blow that place up next.”

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