Therianthropy: After Burdened

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“Protesting, really? What on earth could they be protesting in Idaho?”

I looked up and around curiously at that random tidbit, watching Ben pace casually in front of the bed I was sprawled across, past the other bed, to the window and circle back again with an amused look still in place.

“Really? Huh, yeah well, I’ll be careful, I promise. Yes, I will, uh huh, you to. Yes, glad you understand. Talk you to later. Bye.”

“Are we going to a rally or something?” I asked with interest.

“What? Oh, no, got our next assignment is all.” He stretched and then flopped down on the other bed, then immediately frowned and looked around in annoyance for something.

“Already, but we haven’t even found our first guy yet” I pointed out.

“Yeah well, they’re really confident in our ability to find him soon. I was just getting a warning about where we were headed next, you know, lay even lower than usual.”

“And where’s that” I prompted when he finally found what he was looking for, his backpack which he’d stuffed under the bed.


“The place where they keep Hitler’s alligator?” I mostly laughed with some interest.

Ben did a double take, asking “what?”

“Yeah, Hitler had a pet alligator named Saturn who lives in a zoo in Moscow, Russia” I shrugged, enjoying pointing that fact out whenever I can. Hey that homework assignment had to have some good. “So did one of our Presidents for that matter, ah, Adams I think. He kept it in the bathtub of the White House.”

He watched me for a few more moments, but I’d already turned away. He shook off the last of his confusion before saying “Nah, there’s a city called Moscow here in Idaho.” He chuckled as he dug through the bag now. “Kind of like Paris, Texas I suppose. Anyways, just drew some attention on the local news or something, so you know, don’t join them.”

I watched him pull out a laptop with disinterest and turned back to my book.

At first I’d been mildly disappointed when both groups told me to stay put while they went out looking for our guy, but upon reflection I’d decided I wouldn’t mind the alone time, until I realized I would be stuck behind with Ben. Not that I didn’t like the guy, in fact it made sense we got roomed together since we were both obviously on the quiet side, it was just the awkwardness of not knowing each other really that left me keeping my nose to my pages rather than continue offering up conversation. By the clacking of the keyboard in the bed over, I could guess he was keeping himself occupied as well so we successfully sat in a comfortable silence for the next few hours until Ben’s phone went off again and I once again looked around curiously as he gave a frustrated sigh at being interrupted before answering.

“Oh, hey Chase. Really, already? Okay, that wasn’t needed, it’s a big city- okay yeah that’s good. Tonight, why- okay fine yeah, I’ll tell the girls. Later.”

Hearing half a conversation normally wasn’t too hard to work out, this one in particular wasn’t exactly a conundrum, so I was unsurprised when he spoke in my direction “Chase and Al found our guy already. For some reason though he didn’t want to meet up until later tonight, I’ve no idea, Chase said he’d explain then. So erm, I’m going to call the girls, and we can hit the road again in the morning.”

“Fun, fun” I said without enthusiasm while flipping a page. I tuned him out easily as he repeated the conversation to whichever girl he’d gotten a hold of on the phone, and only hoped that the next place we went would be vaguely more interesting.

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