Therianthropy: After Burdened

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Slumber: Shara

Background noise continued to filter in through the thin walls of the motel. Late night televisions, people arguing, and other noises I didn’t have the inclination to listen in on. It was easy enough to drown out as I sank down onto our bed and watched my husband expectantly, he knew what I was waiting for.

He groaned, and I didn’t have to wait long until he collapsed beside me, throwing his arm over his eyes and muttering “why are we doing this?”

I gave a soft smile he couldn’t see and leaned down, placing my ear over his heart and whispering back “because I needed out of that place before I lost my mind, and I distinctly remember one of your vows being you’d follow me anywhere.”

His other arm came up to stroke my hair, letting his hand curl around my ear a few times, and then trailing down to where it just graced my shoulders before repeating this a few times and muttering back “okay, yeah, but why do we have to do it with them. I’m sure we can go back and appeal to just go out on our own like this.”

“We need the numbers” I reminded “you know it’s not safe for us to be out on our own.” I frowned when he didn’t respond this time, so finally whispered what I knew was really bothering him “what happened?”

The comforting and repetitive movement of his chest rising and falling kept me satisfied in silence until he began in a surly tone “Chase is what happened. The guy went and picked a fight with the guy we were supposed to be offering help to. I don’t know what his problem is, but damn do I wish he’d lose the attitude or get lost. It didn’t help that I had to spend the whole day watching him eye every skirt that passed by-”

I couldn’t help but cut him off with a slight giggle for that, making him finally remove his arm and instead curl it behind his head for a prop as he glanced down at me. I smiled right back and explained “it seems Fiona and I got much farther along in getting to know each other today, and that might have come up.”

Al arched a brow in mild surprise, but I kept going before he could interrupt “she told me that Chase is a terrible flirt, maybe preparing me in case he did it to me, but he hardly means it.”

I felt the scoff reverberate from his lungs and closed my eyes in content, still laughing slightly “if he bothers you that much, just steer clear of him. The only reason we split the way we did this time was to get to know each other better, now we know that was a bad idea. I’m sure we can pull this off just fine keeping separate.”

There was a final hum underneath me of agreement, and then we both yawned practically at the same time. Curled up into his side, it was fairly easy for me to drift off to sleep, and I only slightly awoke when he must have moved me to the top of the bed later.

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