Therianthropy: After Burdened

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More Questions Than Answers: Chase

Option number one, continuously sit around in here and think about how I’m probably going to die, or option number two, sit around and think about what could possibly be happening to my girlfriend right now. Both were horrible, and my brain ignored the suggestions that I shouldn’t be thinking about either over the past unbearable amount of time I’d been in here.

Sore, I woke up very sore. That’s the first thing that registered. Whatever had happened to make me wake up this way was going to piss me off. Then my mind began questioning why I was curled into myself. My knees were smashed against my chest, and my head was scraping against something harsh.

Before that thought had fully registered, my eyes flew open to reveal I was in a cage. I considered pausing for a moment to enjoy the pure irony of that, but quickly pushed past it as I shifted around, then winced as I curled my right arm into me. Pain flared from just above my elbow.

Glancing down, I had to swallow back a bit of bile as I saw something silvery in the harsh light embedded deep into my arm. A brace, my mind happily supplied.

I pursed my lips together to suppress a groan, there were a couple of reasons someone would put a brace on a Shifter. The ones that came to mind weren’t very pleasant.

My mind also briefly noted that I had a loose, blood splattered and dirt covered yellow shirt on that was two sizes too big, and khaki shorts that were far too tight; I was still barefoot. I did not want to sit around and think about who had put clothes on me.

Trying to shake that off, I glanced up and around at the rest of my area instead.

It was a small room, with harsh fluorescent lighting above that burned my eyes looking at it too long. The dank smell that registered made me wrinkle up my nose in disgust, clearly someone had used the loo in here, and not cleaned it up.

The cage itself wasn’t even big enough for me to stretch my legs out, and I was sitting propped up with the mesh wiring pressed into my back. It wasn’t even spaced far enough apart for me to dig my fingers through.

Then I spotted the only other thing of note in the room, there was a second cage, and it didn’t contain Fiona.

He was sleeping fitfully, twitching and muttering under his breath. About my age, with pale skin and brown hair that was disheveled and matted, I recognized I probably didn’t look much better. I didn’t need to see the brace on his arm as well to sense that he was also a Shifter. I frowned at him, but was far more concerned looking around for my girlfriend.

Sadly, she was nowhere to be seen. The only other thing of note was the huge door directly in front of us that looked to be some kind of metal, following it up I could see that it did open as there was a chain connecting it to a box above. The fact that we were in a concrete room reinforced that we might just be hanging around in someone’s garage.

I did then briefly consider just to start yelling for help, but saw no good in it after reflecting for a moment.

Then the lights started to flicker.

All at once, the boy beside me was awake, and yelping in real pain. I leaned away on instinct, watching with a mixture of concern and fear as he continued to spaz out and thrash around in his area.

Both of us tensed up, balancing back on our heels, looking around with a mixture of fear and anticipation, he was still twitching like mad as well.

Waiting was the worst part, your mind often did worse things to you than your captors ever could.

How long those lights flickered I couldn’t say, but then they finally did turn off, and his cage door swung open, at the same time the garage door in front of us began creaking upwards. I got the briefest look at the area outside, high peaked mountains and a dirt trail lead there. He made a run for it without looking back.

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