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Earth Has Fallen

By LongShot1225 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1: Aliens Invasion

Kansas, 2015


I'm sitting in the family's old, light-brown van, staring out toward the empty field. The beautiful, green grass mix with the clear, blue sky give me a sense of peacefulness.

"Hey Tristan!" yell my younger brother, Josh, "What are you looking at?"

".....Nothing," I reply, "Just enjoying the scenery."

"What's so special about a bunch of grass in an empty field", ask my younger (and mean) sister, Ruby.

I sigh, looking at my parents and two sibling. My dad was busy at the front of the van, driving, while my mom was keeping him company. The three of us were all doing our own things: Josh was busy playing his game, Ruby was focus on her drawing, and I was just looking out the van's window. I was bored.

Today is a special day. It is my birthday and everyone decided to celebrate it at my grandparent's house. We left the house at about 10 in the morning, been on the road for nearly two hours, and is heading to our grandparents' house in the Kansas's countryside.

"Don't worry", Dad said from the driver's seat, "We're almost there."

"Swell", I reply, "Can't wait to see Grandpa and Grandma."

"Yeah", commented Ruby, "Can't wait to see them."

A little curious, I lean over and look at Ruby's drawing. It was a drawing of two skeleton, with hairs and clothes almost like grandpa and grandma.

"Well, that's scary", I thought.

Returning to the view, I continue to stare out the window. For awhile, everything seen normal. Until the once, clear, blue sky turn black, almost instantly.

"What just happen?" Mom ask, "It was just clear a few seconds ago."

Beside the odd-looking black sky, something else started appearing in the sky. It look like a sort of silver, round object, covered by bright white lights. The silver object is almost as big as a football field, maybe even two. Out of nowhere, four more..... saucers appear, all of them looking exactly alike. All of them slowly falling from the sky.

"What are those?" I ask.

"What" Josh said, now looking away from his game.

"Whoa", he shouted.

Now all of us were looking at the saucers, even my dad. As we continue to watch the flying saucers, we started wondering. What was going on? What are those in the sky? Are they.. UFOs?

As we kept wondering and watching, some of the bright, white lights from the flying saucers started falling off from them. Some of the bright lights that have fallen from the saucers landed in the empty field near us, while a few even landed right next to us. The ball of bright lights, not much bigger than a simple basketball, hover for a few seconds before exploding. The field near-by blew up, rain of dirt shooting out from the sky. As for the exploding balls of light near us, they shake the van so badly, it nearly tip over.

"DRIVE", my mother yell fearfully.

My dad stomp as hard as he could on the gas pedal. We drove faster than we ever have, almost 120 mph. As my dad continue to drive as fast as possible, everyone kept their head down, except for me. I had my face press against the window. I kept watching the flying saucers. As more of them kept coming, the more exploding balls that fell from them.

"COME ON!! COME ON!!", my dad repeated. Somehow, the lights started targeting us. To dodge the lights, dad started swerving. Turning left and right, practically burning the rubbers on the tires.

Looking for any signs of help, I spotted a farmhouse a few miles up the road.

"Dad", I shouted, "Look!!"

Looking a little relief, dad drove straight to the farmhouse as fast as the van could go, still dodging the lights. Feeling enthusiasm, I grab Josh and Ruby and show them the farmhouse. I told them that we're be safe there and could call for help.

After what seen like forever, we had finally reach the farm house. We all felt a suddenly burst of relief and joy. We had survive. For awhile, it look like we were safe. Until, we saw the farmhouse.

The farmhouse was completely destroyed. Both the giant, red barn, and single-story, white house were completely destroyed. All that remain were a pile of simmering, black pieces of woods. What was worst than the burnt building were the two burnt corpses.

Laying on the ground, not to far from us, were two completely burnt corpses. Red and still sizzling, both of the bodies look as if they were trying to crawl again. One hands extended far out, the other hands near the head. One legs bend while the other behind him.

We were all paralyzed. I felt like throwing up. Josh was covering his eyes. Dad's fell off the steering wheels. We were just so horrified. And distracted.

While looking at the burnt people, we completely forgot about the flying saucers. Within only a second, their exploding balls of light surrounding us. Dad try to drive again in order to escape, but they exploded before he could.

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