The Stalker Returns

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When A Stalker from Mia's Past Returns from Prison to get his Revenge, but later chose a more Appropriate way of Dealing with the present situation, by kidnapping her sons, What will happen then? “What’s wrong?” A woman asked. I looked up and saw aunt Olivia. She helped me up from off the floor and seated me on one of the chairs nearby. “Autumn’s been kidnapped” I said, and she flinched. “When? Where? How? By Who?” she asked feeding me with questions “Today, I’m not sure what time, We think it’s here because his car is parked outside. He wanted us to spend the day with him, but I yelled at him and he stormed out. The guy had short, wild curly hair, straight nose and brown eyes that’s all I got” I explained. She muttered something under her breath along the lines of ‘BRAVE KID’ I didn’t hear it right.

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17 years later….

Winter’s P.O.V.

“Winter, Winter, Winter” I heard him say.

“What do you want Summer?” I asked in annoyance.

“Get up, it’s time to go to school” he stated.

I groaned getting up from my comfortable bed. If this bed proposed to me, I’d sure as hell marry it.

“How did you get in here?” I asked him.

“Um, the door was left open” He said plainly.

“Oh, you Can go now” I sighed rubbing my face.

“Dad’s waiting downstairs” He shouted from down the hall.

I quickly hopped into the shower and scrubbed off my body.

I walked down the stairs to find everyone staring at me with creepy eyes.

“What?” I asked in annoyance.

“What was taking so long?” Asked mom as she sipped a steamy cup of coffee.

“A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do” I winked at them.

“Ugh…We did not need to know that” Autumn groaned rubbing his forehead.

“You asked” I smirked as I hopped onto on of the stools around the island counter.

“Enough!” Mom said slamming the cup on the counter without even spilling a drop of coffee. Awesome… but scary

We all stood silence at what she just did then she started to chuckle followed by heavy laughing which left her eyes full of water.

“Ah, I have got you all to shut up… and at the same time, I win the bet. Now fork out your dollars” she sang. I totally forgot about that bet.

“Why does she always win!” Autumn groaned once more.

“Because I’m a pro AND I stay focused unlike you three” she grinned throwing her hands in the air while collecting cash from us.

“Aww, who has won bets 498 times in a row, Mom has” she teased while pinching Autumn’s cheek like an old lady while Autumn on the other hand just looked defeated and swollen.

“Ugh! I give up!” We all groaned in unison.

“You should!” Dad stated walking in the kitchen and swiping an apple from off the counter. He attempted to take a bite, but Mom swiftly took it from his grasp and scowled him like a little kid.

“Nasty, Wash your food. What if you catch a disease, I don’t know how I would manage, I still have three eighteen-year-old babies you know” She said in a Texas-like accent while washing the food under the sink.

“Yet, we’re not eighteen yet” I pointed out.

“Do you guys have football practice today?” Dad asked.

“Naah, Football Season is officially over” Summer cheered.

“I’m gonna ditch football. It takes up almost eighty percent of my time with Melanie” I sighed thinking of her.

“Aha!... I knew it had something to do with her, But I agree with Winter, it takes up most of my time, I Can’t even go swimming in the pool anymore” Summer told us.

“Autumn, what about you?” I asked him.

“It’s difficult since we’re the best players and I’m the M.V.P on the team but I agree it takes up more than half of my time, Last week I left the school grounds at around 8:00pm and there was this guy staring at me and smiling.” Autumn shuddered at the thought of a guy checking him out.

“Anyways guys, Time to go to school or else you’ll be late” Dad said as his voice echoed through the house.

We hopped off the stool and grabbed our backpacks which were dangling off the bag rack which was situated by the door. Summer still has on his pajamas, I wonder if he knows? Oh Well, He’ll find out soon enough.

“By Dad! By Mom” We said as we took turns hugging them.

“Bye Honey” Dad said behind us, we spun around and found dad kissing mom’s cheek before catching up with us.

“You didn’t think I was talking to you guys, did you?” He asked pointing his finger at us as one of his brow raised higher than the other.

“No!” We all screamed at him in unison. We always do things in Unison. It’s like we’re connected.

Dad snickered while going through the door leaving us.

“Shoo… Time to go, I have finally gotten a day off. I’m gonna do a full-on mani-pedi today and just relax and enjoy the free time now go” Mom said shewing me and Summer while Autumn was already in his car.

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