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When she started this whole mess, the only way is to go with it. There's nothing else I can do now other than to play along and start finding others to kill. A piece born from a random child's random thought when he was bored. When a mysterious figure decided to break the ice that the children are facing one day, a teenage boy found himself involved in an urban survival game that just meant to be all fun for him and other participants. Being just a mere meek, quiet, untalented boy, he wants to past the time in this game as quietly as possible without endangering himself or involving in a mess. However, discords will be played among the participants, and by abiding to the unspoken concept, everyone is bend onto the fact of either to kill or be killed with all the norms getting overturned and strange things being in existence. This become in conflict with his idea. With things going unexpectedly wild around him, he soon questions about himself whether he should go within the moral compass he held or follow his desires of changing himself. That's why, shall we get the hunt started now?

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As a normal kid, I just go on with my practically usual life. A boring daily routine that I hated well into this age.

For now, it just been a noise-filled day inside this classroom filled with nonsensical arseholes. Free periods filled out current schedule, and there was no teacher to care about us, hence the noise and chaos.

Free periods—it is a favourite for many of us once it came about, but it can get bored if it dragged out too long. Well, of course, since my final term examination was over, nothing major has been going on for now. Teachers were away, prioritising the senior classes who still haven’t start their major exam yet. Still, I hated the part where I had nothing to do and just wasting my time. I could hear all sorts of commotion inside my class, ranging from screaming to cheering. Who knows what fun they have now?

Still, I really hoped this boring session will come to an end.

My eyes were about to close when a bell started to ring.

—An unfamiliar bell.

It rang there, for some time as no one seem to be particularly care about it, but I did. Somehow, you know, when it didn’t sound like your school’s bell. It rang for a minute, then stopped. Some of my classmates realised about the oddity but it didn’t get about. I thought that nothing will happen since everyone just quickly went back to their own things.

So, someone seem to be decided that a spark was needed.

—Time was froze.

It just came so sudden that I was stunned. I was still sitting on my seat, my head still can move but other than that, I was totally still at there. I looked around. Everyone was equally as confused as am I and were about to flap.

“It took all of you a good stop to get your attention, isn’t it? I’m totally surprised by all of your attitude.”

It sounded like a voice from Heaven, but I felt it wasn’t one. If it is, I will be a gentle or mighty one, but this didn’t sound like either one. Instead, it sounded like a playful girl. A voice that will make everyone’s spine chilled

I looked around in an attempt to find the source, but I can’t see anyone that speak. So, I assumed that this fellow might be doing the usual way of addressing us; from the backstage.

I didn’t hear anyone saying anything after that. It was just dead silence. No one talk. Of course, if you put kids into a confusing and strange situation, everyone will get confused and can’t think of something to say, let alone to retort.

“... Alright, I will cut the chase. My name is not important here. Congratulations, all of you are selected to participate in Round Hunt, an urban survival game that I hosted just for fun.”

What? An urban survival game? That was the first time I heard about it. And, the voice just reminded me of a certain angel from a certain anime that had this genius siblings in a game world.

“I will start the briefing now. Basically, in this game, just go out and survive at there for a period of time. That’s all. Very simple.”

I think everyone started to flap about. Some cried, some hurled vulgarities, some just remained still, like me. I just wondered about my situation. If this was all real, then I was in deep trouble. I can’t arse myself out of this. I read a lot of novels about isekai, fantasy, thriller and sorts but of course, I can only use them as references. At this point, if I ever go out into the field, I will be dead within second. I’m not a good athlete neither someone with great brain. All I had were my ideas and dedication to get out of the mess. The only thing that interested me was the term ′urban′ used by this fellow.

... Let’s just refer to this voice as Fellow A. Fuck creativity anyway.

“Shut up and listen to me, all of you have no choice. It’s either you go in, kill yourself for all I care and wait inside the lobby. All of you won’t die in this game since I just wanted to see what you guys can do at there.”

Everyone continued to flap about. So, Fellow A decided to shut off our abilities to open our mouths. Sealed tight and silence prevailed, Fellow A continued.

“Basically, Round Hunt will be about you guys shitting about in a state city. So, I will suggest that you guys just latch out what you don’t like about each other at there like you do in a game. A discord can be settled at there quite easily and I will love to see them. After all, the more you kill, the more mark you can get.”

She sounded a bit sadistic.

“Anyway, it’s either you don’t die, get your revenge or just wait for the end. The game will last for ten days. Just so we clear, you’re basically doing crimes in a fully functional city state. So, don’t get caught if you are doing crimes to survive. Track is non-existence but arrest on scene is. Once arrested and remained in custody for ten hours, you’re out. Now, important thing, there will be NPCs all over the place, but it doesn’t mean that you can go about and kill them as you please. If I see so, I will kick you out of the game.”

Basically, it just like playing a game of life, except that you can either choose to kill or not.
“It’s all up to you of how to find each other. Clues will fly around if I feel wanted to do so.

Since the place is small, I doubt anyone of you will get lost or can’t find each other easily.”

Small playing field. How small?

“About money, I will distribute them to you guys in the form of a credit card. Use them wisely. Don’t worry, if you didn’t spend on luxury stuff and focus on survival, you will find that you got more than enough. Not enough, pray hard or kill someone to get more.”

That’s robbery, you mean.
“If you need guns or anything serious, try your best to find a contact to supply you those stuff. Same thing, pray hard or go raid.”

Belief or violence. The typical ways to resolve your problem.

“Online order, let’s talk about that. Order today, tomorrow get, no matter where you are. Easy.”


“About being there, just remember that you still can remember your friend despite a brief change of appearance. All just about guts and how well you know them in reality, or just know that they are players.”

It was too vague, about the way to identify. To begin with, this game’s design seem confusing and too vague. Probably it just the briefing, but it just sounded not like one. In simple words, she’s telling us to go fuck ourselves at there.

“Alright, briefing done. Let’s get this started.”

What? Wait, can’t you just let us plan and think about it? No preparation and just throw us into the game?

“I know what all of you are thinking, but let me say this, I don’t care. It’s you guys the one are playing, not me. So, good luck out there and have fun.”

With such half-hearted farewell words from Fellow A, my view snapped off. Everything was black, and my senses went numb. Basically, I lost conscious.

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