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Unleash your inner power New York. Lucy Duster is a 18 years old geek girl. She used to be a normal girl, but Lucy discovered she is part of a new step in the human evolution. With the help of Felicia Watson, her best friend and her mother Hannah, a retired CIA agent, she becomes the heroine Omega. During her journey, Lucy will meet people like her and different from her, allies and enemies. But Lucy's desire to help mankind will make her face a choice: To let innocent people die or to fight her own father, a dangerous and cynical crime boss, Will she fight or defend? Defeat or make amends? For now, she just have to remember one thing: Beware the Children of The Darkness. (This story will be the first set in a shared universe)

Action / Drama
Age Rating:

1x01: Pilot

New York, October 22th, 2018

Lucy Duster is a normal, geek girl. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was talking to her friend on the cellphone.

“Okay, Felicia, i’ll see if i can go. Will Akira be there? Oh, you don’t know? Right, bye.” She used the cellphone to call her mother “Hey, mom. There is going to have a party at Felicia’s house. Yes, Felicia Watson. Can i...”

At the moment she was crossing the street, a car came in her direction. It was too fast, but Lucy was able to dodge, the car crashed on a tree. The man who was driving the car went into Lucy.

“Hey, girl” He said “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Wrong with me? You almost hit me!”

“Have you any idea on how much it will cost to fix my car?!”


“So? The world has too much whores...”

Lucy couldn’t hang being called a “whore”. She was angry, fucking angry. She punched the man’s face. He fell in the ground, with pain. Some people around went to help him. Lucy looked at her fist, covered in blood.

“Oh my God” Said a woman who came to help the man “He is bleeding.”

Lucy run from there. She went to her house, crying. Her mother, a retired CIA agent, was in the kitchen, when saw her.

“Lucy? What happened?”

“Mom, i...i’ve done something terrible!”

She told everything that happened to her mother.

“I don’t know how that happened! I don’t have enough strenght to make someone bleed with just a punch!”

“Yes, you have.”


“*Sigh* Lucy, i must tell you something. You are not human.

Not like me. My dear, this is a secret i shouldn’t told you. You are a “Homo novus”.

“Homo novus?”

“Yes. The Homo novus are men and women with strange powers. Some of them can control fire, generate hurricanes, and some of them have super-strengh, like you. We don’t know why the Homo novus can do such things. All we know is that the Homo novus were first reported in Chernobyl, some months after the disaster. We believe the Chernobyl Disaster altered the genetic code of everyone who was affected.”

“But i wasn’t even born when the disaster happened!”

“No, but your father was. He was a young man affected by the radiation. He passed his altered genetic code to you.”Lucy couldn’t believe in what her mother was saying.“Honey, for now, you should be calm and don’t do anything, okay?”


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