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Natalia Black started out a innocent girl, until high school came and all the guys were falling all over her trying to win her attention, she falls into a crazy friendship with this girl Monica West who is popular, pretty, a surprisingly good friend but into all the wrong stuff, drugs, alcohol, pills. Natalia changes into a party girl that keeps her grades up and somehow impressed her parents without them realizing she's fucking up some of her life, she ends up at a party with some guys her age trying out the rap game for fun, she meets Richard "MGK" Baker and everything changes.

Action / Romance
Kalene Estey
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How It Started

I'm going to tell you what I, Natalia, did to royally fuck up my life when I entered high school and met Monica West, our first party was the first Friday of that school week, my parents weren't going to be home and said I was free to leave with my friends, we got a text from one of the football players saying they had our customs for the night, us girls didn't protest, we were happy to be invited so soon to the party when we barely knew the guys yet, they saw hot girls and we said we were up for almost anything some of us had limits, others didn't that's how it always is. Us girls there is 3 of us that post selfies all over instagram, each have at least 1,000 or more followers and I wanted to model one day, or be a dancer in a music video for a hot rapper. I always posted dancing videos to instagram, the guys at school blew up my comments, especially this guy who's insta is @DevilsMGK he's my age, goes to my school he's the quarterback who's got girls all over him, I kept my distance, here's a post a did once and the comments it got,


Party ready! 😘
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DevilsMGK: Holy fuck! You're gorgeous hit me up! 😘
LordshipG: hit up my dms baby!
GarretLawson: shit I'd fuck you!
YoungGerald: daamn! Got a man? If not Dm me!

The comments go on and on I swear I never meant for this to happen, I choose this path I guess it's my fault and no one else's.

Here's me and Monica,


Me and my ride or die @MonicasMayhem
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DevilsMGK: daamn come on hit me up! Me and Ash are over....
GarretGGamer: I have something else you can suck on girl! @MonicasMayhem 😏
NYStateG: hot babes!
WesleysDemon: damn Talia 😍

I was a popular girl who had nearly 4,000 followers in two months of posting pictures of me and my friends, all the guys at school hit on us and shared pictures with their friends and cousins and word spread fast, I took a trip to Oakland, California sophomore year around spring break and met this guy named Gerald we got close, and intimate after a lot of partying, we popped pills, smoked weed and drank, both of us blacking out, when I woke up I was in the bathtub in Gerald's T-shirt my bra and undies, I didn't remember a thing, apparently neither did Gerald, a few months later I end up in the hospital having a miscarriage and Monica called Gerald she put the pieces I couldn't together, he was angry and upset got on a plane and came to see me I told him I'd fly him back home, he didn't wanna accept it but I told him he didn't have a choice. He stayed with me for a few days before he had to get back for school, I didn't want him to go but both of us parted on good terms he promised to pay me back one day, he told me he'd always keep my number in his phone, we were each other's firsts, and we lost a baby. No one really knows besides Gerald and Monica I wouldn't let her tell anyone I would get labeled as a whore and a slut, I told her I wouldn't be able to handle it and that I would possibly hurt or kill myself after enough bullying I was bullied when I was younger, she was surprised at the fact that I openly told her, I told her, 'because your the only girl I fully trust with my life, you've saved me so many times, your an amazing friend Monica,' we both cried and even made Gerald cry, that also could have been delayed from losing our kid, but when we said goodbye and I put him on a plane back to Oakland CA, I let a part of me go with him that day, we picked out a name for the baby, Mason Gillum for both a boy or girl, we didn't get to find out, that's when the harder partying started, Gerald kept track of me through social media's, blowing up my phone when I was passed out drunk, caring about me when I didn't care about myself, kicking himself for leaving me in Cleveland Ohio, I am still alive so that accounts for something right? Well today's the 1 year anniversary of my miscarriage.


I became a rebel 😘 I'm officially a Junior! One more year baby!
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DevilsMGK: holy fuck! I need to see you can we still meet today like we planned?
YoungGerald: damn looking good!
NataliaLove: @DevilsMGK yes hun I'll be ready soon 😘
YoungGerald: please stay safe @NataliaLove if you need me call okay? Don't matter the time.
NataliaLove: Thanks @YoungGerald

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