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Kidnapped with no idea what these people are talking about Callie Grey is unknowingly dating a dangerous gang leader named Mark "King" Cruz living in Los Angeles, California, he lies to her about what he really does for work, says he owns a business called Watertown Hardware out in Reno, Nevada when in reality he sells drugs and guns, mixing himself up with strippers and junkies. Callie gets a rude awaking when a group of men bust her door down to her house in the middle of the night, kidnapping her. Jackson "Tattoos" Hart is assigned to watch her, his boss has a beef to settle with Mark, calling him King instead confusing Callie who isn't apart of his drug world. Jackson is a frustrated "babysitter" who slowly starts to fall for Callie, he also begins to believe she doesn't know anything during one of the beatings when his boss mentions a stripper named Diamond, who's been seen with Mark recently, claiming he's been sleeping with her for awhile now, Callie is secretly a virgin, but no one knows that, Jackson finds out after a long night of them alone together, after sleeping together, she confines in him which takes a lot for her to do, she doesn't trust anyone anymore, she isn't even sure she can trust Jackson even if they slept together. What will happen to Callie? Will they ever find Mark? What will Callie do if she sees Mark again?

Action / Romance
Kalene Estey
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Mark Leaves For Reno

Callie's POV:

I said my goodbyes to Mark as I watched him leave with his suitcase for some business out in Reno. I watched him drive away before I went to shower and get ready for the day, after my shower I got dressed, put my hair up in a messy bun and put my sneakers on, I grabbed my car keys, cellphone and purse, then I left my house, locking it up and getting into my car and driving away, I decided to hit the mall for some New perfume, then I went to lunch with a friend, then headed home, I put my phone on the counter and began to clean the house up, my phone rang with the song I picked for Mark, You Got Me by G-Eazy, I smiled and picked up my phone and swiped to answer the call,

"Hey babe!"

"Hey love, I just made it to Reno thought I would let you know, I'll see you in a week, I'll call you later on just wanted to let you know I got here safely," he says back to me.

I can faintly hear music in the background and girls voices in the distance,

"Okay babe, love you talk to you later."

"Bye love," he says before hanging up.

I hung up and went back to cleaning, plugging my iPod in and dancing around as I cleaned the whole house, when I finished I started laundry and started dinner, I set up The Walking Dead, then went back to cooking, when I finished I plated my food, changed the laundry over and went to the living room and started my show and ate dinner, around 11:30 pm I was tired, I shut the tv off and all the lights, I made sure all the doors and Windows were locked and the alarm was set, I walked upstairs to Mark and I's room, I changed into a huge tshirt, leaving myself in just that and my underwear and bra, I climbed into bed after putting my phone on the charger and shut off the bedroom light and fell asleep.



hear a loud bag, followed by my house alarm going off, I jump up and run across my bedroom to the closet, quickly opening my safe, I pull out my gun and quickly put the mag in and then I check to see if it is all set to go, I took the safety off and held my gun up, pointing it in the direction of the door, my breathing is heavy as a loud bang echoes through the bedroom, two guys walk in,


I don't listen, I'm frozen there, they are tall, with mean looks on their faces, a gunshot echoes threw my room as a bullet hits my shoulder causing me to drop my gun and back into the wall, holding my shoulder. Next one of the guys runs to me, taking my hand from my shoulder and tying rope around my wrists, I try to ignore the pain I was feeling, the guy blindfolds me next, then he picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder, I groan out in pain, my bad shoulder hitting his solid one, it burned badly and I was beginning to not feel so great, he walks out of my bedroom, down the stairs and out my front door with me still over his shoulder, he puts me in the backseat and slides in next to me, shutting the door behind him, then I hear him say,

"Lets get her back to the boss."

After that I passed out, between the blood loss and the sick feeling in my stomach I couldn't stay awake. I was out for what seemed too be forever.
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