-An Avisland Story- The Fiend Wars: The High Guard

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(Prequel) Before the shatter of unity there was desperation. What do you do as the last Knight of Roost when all others have been destroyed? Before Wren was carried away into the Corvus Castrum, the High Guard of Roost and the Nacht Knights fought for survival as the end grew near. As Kaiser's native deputy succumbs to the Raben's Mark in the midst of an ambush hell breaks loose across a month long siege of the eastern border. Tides of creatures pour down the eastern slopes overrunning the countrysides and approaching the heart of Avisland. With no teacher or instructor Kaiser Hell Roost must wield his power without remorse along side a friend from an unseen quarter. Lord Folter stands on the precipice of total power with Roost in the hands of an inexperienced junior officer given his post from battlefield losses. Raben may save Roost from the grave or bury it themselves for supremacy over the chaotic world. But another threat roams too closely from within. The long roots of suspicion were not always so long and exposure to Raben opens the door to advantage and manipulation from the Arbiter tribe's newest diplomat: Lady True.

Action / Scifi
Matthew Luquin
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Anton And Kaiser

The First Fiend War

Avisland: Eastern Barracks

“Roosters and Natives, arm your selves! They need more bodies at on the eastern border. Swords and shields, spears too! Lets go!” Roostman Kaiser shouted. His armor was unpolished and dents had formed in his war gear after the weeks of fighting.

All around Anton stood dozens of fresh squads. Natives were pressed from the home front into dozens of positions. The Macaws natives would draw up the battle plans with the officers, and quickly write reports, Bramble was set to work with barricades and perimeter construction.

The Roost barracks was a fortress located in a surrounding of Robin territory farms. The original plan was to hold up in the barracks but such an act would bore the foe and they would pursue softer targets. In traditional Roost fashion Kaiser ordered an exposed resistance. The structure stood as a seawall for the waves to be smashed upon. Only now the wall would sacrifice a portion of its rock into the ocean to sate the beast from striking the unprotected coast behind it.

The fortifications would be maned by a mercenary force with long range weapons. A suspicious force more foreign and foul than any Anton had seen, even as a Roost native who had patrolled boarders and seen the worst the wasteland could produce.

The past had exposed Anton to the many faces of men and women. But the mercenaries were new beyond compare. Their feathers ranged from their calves to a crest around their necks. Their hands wielded knuckle blades and they spotted black powder weaponry and revo firearm technology. They were supplied by Bedded to some degree, not to mention covert and camouflage style body armor was an identical staple in their numbers.

Anto's armor was prepared and he grabbed his sword and as the situation had grown dire, Anto had been authorized to use many weapons considered forbidden before. Kaiser himself wielded a fire lance. A weapon that emitted a red beam that cause our foe’s flesh to boil and explode as they took a heat blast. It would take only a single second from a distance and the effect was even worse up close.

Anto would lug ammunition to the “Bedded Brothers” at first. As he called them. But to the members of Bedded, legends surrounding these machines kept them in reverence. The first was the Phobos war engine, which sprayed the hill side with metal pieces the size of a finger at lethal speeds while humming like a swarm of bees. The Deimos war engine was Anton's concern. The brute of a machine required metal the size of logs that it would belch into the air and the ammunition would crash down miles away in a fiery explosion.

But the foes ate whatever the resistance of Avisland threw at them. And the foes had closed in quickly. Anton had thrown sashes over his arms before combat arms and dressed for war. With the rest of his equipment.

The reloading was cut short as screaming rose up. A sound such as screaming was frankly just annoying at this point. Anton had heard enough of it and hoped when he eventually died there would be no screaming.

The foe was a fiend. Pale, lanky, and violent, creatures of dozens of sizes, heights, and weights. They were at the flank again. The bombardments scattered them and he had been advancing for two days to link up to the barracks.

The fiend remnants of previously defeated groups might have started a guerrilla operation behind us. That, or this was a new force from another direction. Their numbers where so extreme that it didn't matter. In the worst case scenario the front-line was overrun.

Half way out of the forward barracks Anton bloodied his sword on his foes. Pale skinned fiends had poured over the mountains from the wastelands beyond. No doubt they’d eaten everything over there and had come this way in search of food.

The machine drove forward down the main road turning fiends into red mist and splatter. A heavy bulldozer blade at the front deflected every forward attack from the fiends as Kaiser would stab them with his spear from atop the rolling metal Phobos device. The Caravan charged straight down the canyon road towards their brothers and sisters on the lines.

The relief from the attacks had vanished for a great time until the road at it's tightest passed between two steep inclines. It was here the fiends struck from all directions in a wave of death, attacking from hidden positions and at lightning speeds. The Deimos machine was overwhelmed and a particularly savage fiend tore into the top and pulled the crew out in pieces until the machine froze.

In the heat of combat, as Anton's unit grew surrounded, an itch shivered and tore at his arms. Red specks filled his vision as he drifted into a lucid state.

"Anton! Stop Anton!" Kaiser Shouted.

His limbs moved as faces of fiends and friends alike blurred. His sword broke on contact as the fragments exploded in all directions. His golden gloves from Roost's armory were soiled in so much blood.

The fiends overwhelmed the entire are in a sea of teeth and pale skin. Their mouths hung loose with screeches and howls. Blood coated the mouths of many as the Natives and the Knight succumbed to the sheer numbers.

Kaiser was pinned down with three fiends gnawing on his armor as others locked him down with their weight. And as the jaws and claws dislodged his helmet, gore splattered across his face in a warm series of burst.

With heavy puffs and shock at the very least kaiser crawled back from the dead fiends. Their necks and been crushed and their heads were dented, severed, or in too many pieces.

"Anton! Anton?" Kaiser said as the young man stared at him. He gripped Kaiser's neck and raised his gauntlet.

A moment of clarity stung Anton as blood pooled under his eye and trickled down.

"Sir?" Anton spoke in clarity. "You looked like a fiend for a minute there. We might pull ourselves out of here sir. Bedded still hold the center and we're holding well sir."

He gestured to the empty battlefield, devoid of life. The crew of the Bedded war machines were mostly torn apart with one suffering from blood loss but alive. Apart from him and the woman who drove the contraption, every fiend was dead along with the Roost resistance.

Golden armor was mashed into flesh and pale creatures were crimson and in pieces from the swords while their flesh was pulped from the gauntlets of their foes.

"Hans has the right over there. We need to support him quickly!" Anton shouted and ran to the dead and mutilated body of Hans buried under several fiends.

The dirt was ripped up under the treads of the war machines. The open valley they moved their machine through was far from the front line. The interlocking trees would make movement through to the line impossible through any route except the most direct and most stable ground for the machines.

The ambush was so simple even creatures could do it. But Kaiser feared a more sinister intellect behind the creatures.

"Anton, Hans is dead!" He shouted to his deranged tribesman. "At ease Anton!" He stood up and leaned to catch his breath only to find himself shivering. Anton was lost in the carnage and unhinged.

In a single moment he was set upon by confusion once again but from another source. Black feathered forces arrived in two massive waves from his rear.

A man in a strange helmet knelt down. His form was shrouded in a cloak of black feathers which blended into his wrists. His walked slowly at first towards their position. His helm was a smooth, polished, and the color of crows.

Many of which flew around this great host. But even odder, they were drawn to Anton.

"We have confirmation. Raben Mark in the open, Marshal Armina!" A stranger said. He ran in front of Kaiser from the tree lines.

The convoy had been attacked from a tree line but from the other direction came a new force. Bird skulls adorned one of their helmets with heraldry of some sort. Chains and bayoneted firearms adorned several of the shadowy strangers.

A woman in a reflective mask beneath a bird skull looked to kaiser panting. A silver pin of a wing was on her shoulder with a second made of bone.

"We found Kaiser. Or Lord Kaiser I presume." She turned away from the shattered Roostman. "Get chains on that New Bird, he seems unstable, use extreme caution." She ordered. The mercenaries

"My name is Kaiser Hell Roost. I'm a Roost guard of this force. Who sent you?" He asked in a sudden opening of his mouth. It felt like a spasm of his lips as he shivered.

"Calm down. I have news. We're here to help you. How many are left Lord Kaiser?" The woman under the skull asked.

"Lord?" Kaiser said holding back a mental breakdown.

"Your superior perished on the front lines along with the rest of the High Guard." She said. She reached her hands to her mask. With a click, the black skull head was removed. Beneath was a woman of maturity her face strong and her features was almost heart shaped with a thing chin. Only her eyes burned with a red pupil.

Kaiser twisted in confusion and an unexplainable panic.

"Kaiser hold still... Please don't move." She gasped and nearly lost her footing. "Lord Folter! Over here."

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