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A series centred on the lives of three identical ancient vampire brothers. They made each other miserable, hurt each other in the most inhumane ways, but when push come to shove, they are willing to sacrifice anything, do whatever it takes to protect each other. They are blood brothers forever. After a hundred years of being separated, Killian McHale had decided to go back home to Orphic Garden, to make amends for his past wrongs against his little brother, Riddian McHale. However, Riddian wasn't the least bit happy to be reunited with his psychopathic, egotistical big brother, but he had no choice, but to welcome him home for peace’s sake. Unfortunately, Killian wasn't his only troubles. The vampire community, which Riddian ruled over, was attacked and some members killed, by some unknown human fraction, whose goals are to wipe Orphic Garden clean of its vampires population. Therefore, Riddian is task to come up with a solution to resolve the issue, without further bloodshed, while trying to keep the town safe from his monstrous, loose cannon brother.

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Seventy-two hours. That’s how long Killian McHale have been without sexual intercourse, and he yearned for it. The bodily warmth of a woman against his skin. The thrilling sensation of her slippery smooth inner muscle completely enveloping his hard cock. Her mellifluous throaty moans. But most importantly, the heavenly feeling of intense pleasure.

MMM, the thought of it all submerged him with desire. However, getting laid wasn’t his purpose for roaming the streets of Orphic Garden at five forty-five a.m. Saturday morning. He’s out for blood. Tasty mortal blood.

Fortunately, breakfast, a voluptuous young blonde is eight yards away jogging in his direction. In a blink, Killian took hold of her slender shoulders, fastening her to the wall of a grocery store.

Several thoughts flashed through the astounded and confused young blonde’s head.



But she was powerless to free herself from the grasp of the delectable fiend that held her bound. Petrified by the ardent gaze of his bewitching, menacing crimson eyes.

Enticed by the aroma of the young woman’s blood, Killian pulled closer to her shuddering figure. Smelling her scrumptious neck. Setting his fangs free about to bite into her neck, but the feeling of her warm breath against his skin halted him.

Damn it! She triggered his need for sex.

Killian took a few steps back, closing his eyes. Breathing calmly as a mean to suppress his overpowering sexual urges. His nagging brothers constantly warned him it was a taboo to have sex without someone’s consent or against their self-will. But try explaining that to his erect cock.

The young blonde as if under a hypnotic trance, confronted the repugnant, charming devil. Placing her delicate palms against his perfectly chiselled cheeks, drifting his focus to her. Kissing his delicious, darkish pinkish lips, before pulling back appalled by her odd behaviour.

Why the hell did she just kiss him? Why does she find him so sexually attractive?

The thoughts puzzle her. But no matter how hard she fought these sudden desires for this man, it was impossible to extinguish.

Soon, she is no longer able to denied herself the taste of his tempting lips that heat’s her very soul. Nor the feeling of his honed physique against her sensitive body. And like metal to magnet, she clanged on to him. Entering another lip lock.

Killian was somewhat against her kissing him, but still he allowed her to do with him as she pleases. For he knew she is not fully in control of her actions because of him.

You see, it is a must that all vampires have an orgasm at least twice within every seven hours, due to their vast development of sex hormones. Therefore, if a vampire refrained from having an orgasm. Whether through sexual intercourse or self-stimulation, for more than the required time. Then the repressed sex hormones start to increase at an even faster rate than normal, until the vampire body is no longer capable to contain it.

The vampire body is then forced to release the hormones into the atmosphere. And if any living being should inhale that diffuse hormone, then they are subjected to every ounce of the vampire’s carnal desire. They also feel a sudden attraction to that vampire.

“What are you doing to me?” The young blonde asked after regaining somewhat control of her mind and body, pulling away from him terrified. “What are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” Killian responded.

She found his answer a bit ridiculous, but she can’t help feeling greatly uneasy by his sinister voice.

Her thought suddenly diverted to more entertaining things, like having hard-core sex with the irresistible sex object before her in the middle of the streets. Anywhere would be good enough for her, as long as he was inside her.

“What’s your name love?” Killian laughed softly, before asking in a charming voice.

“Ashley,” she felt compelled to answer.

“Ashley,” he repeated, while amorously gazing into her sexually perked eyes, tracing her lips with the left thumb. “As much as you wish to have hard-core sex with me in the middle of the street, unfortunately, I cannot allow that.”

He knew her exact thought, and that surprised her. However, she didn’t bother questioning it. Instead, she wanted to know why he rejected her.

“Because your sole purpose my dear is to quench my thirst.”

“I don’t understand,” Ashley said, giving him a perplexed look.

“Well of course you don’t, you are mesmerized by me.” Killian scoffed at the naive Ashley, using the right palm to gently caress her jaw making her purr like a comforted cat. “Let me clarify my statement so that you can have a better understanding of what I’m trying to say.

“I want to drain you of all your blood, until you die,” He said in a grim tone that eradicates all her lechery for him, instantly overwhelming her with fear once more.

Tears poured down Ashley’s pale cheeks, as Killian’s wretched aura consumed her wholly.

“Please,” she pleaded with terror in her voice. “Don’t kill me.”

“Don’t cry love.” Gently, Killian wiped away her tears with both thumbs, “I will at least try to make your death as painless as possible.”

Immediately after his statement ended, Killian like a savage beast tore into Ashley’s luscious neck with his pointy upper canines. Freeing the blood from her veins into his mouth, which caused his taste buds to tingle excitedly.

And the moment the warm delicious red liquid flow down his throat, circulating through his whole being. An overwhelming sensation surged through him like the violent waves of the ocean.

“That’s enough Killian,” spoke a dark yet soothing voice.

Withdrawing the fangs from Ashley’s rosy flesh, Killian wiped drops of blood from both corners of his mouth with the right thumb. “Forget all that happened from the moment we have met until now.

“Oh, and If I were you Lady Ashley, I would head straight for the hospital to get that nasty wound treated,” He added. “It would be a waste for a lovely young lady like you, to die of blood loss.”

At a moderate swift pace, Ashley influenced by Killian’s becharming powers headed down Garden Street, holding on to her wounded neck to do as he instructed.

Looking behind, Killian displayed a smile resembling that of a venomous snake at a dark brown-skinned young male with highly faded soft brown hair. Having the same delightful facial features and sturdy built as he does. His younger brother Riddian McHale.

“I’ve heard rumours of how you subdued the vampires of Orphic Garden and became their vampire lord.” Killian in an instant stood next to his duplicate, resting the right arm across his shoulders. “I’m impressed.”

“I don’t have the time to deal with you or your fanatics, Killian,” Riddian said removing Killian’s arm from him. “So please just do me a favour, leave town.”

“Like always, you’re no fun Riddian.” Killian contorted the face to indicate annoyance. “Very well, I’ll leave town, if that’s what you wish.

Taking five paces up Garden Street, he glanced back at Riddian and said. “It’s nice seeing you again little brother.” Then fled the scene.

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