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Project Mistress: A Hero's Tale

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Cyborg superhero Danny Williams and The Goddess of Destruction Koko Shirayuki team up to take down D.E.A.T.H., a evil terrorist organization and it's leader, Master Death.

Action / Scifi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Goddess of Destuction VS The Flaming Brothers

“Run Koko, run!!!”

Exploding cars, people screaming in panic within the streets, fire, blood, death! Just a typical day in the lives of Koko and Danny. The two raced down the neighborhood street, avoiding the hurtling balls of fire!

“Master should I transform?!” Koko asked in a strangely relaxed manner.

“Oh God no! I can’t have you cracking the Earth in half again!” Yelled Danny. Sweat dripped down from Danny’s exposed mouth.


The girl’s response cut short by the sudden eruption of a man hole cover! Intense flames burst forth from the sewer, stopping the two in their tracks. Leaping from the flames, a child soars through the air, only to slam head first into the concrete! Danny and Koko look on puzzled.

“Tch, Damn it! I can’t believe I screwed up my big entrance!” The child curses as he clutches his forehead. “You saw nothing! Ya hear!” The red haired boy quickly rises to his feet. Trying to act cool about the situation.

“Ya can’t escape now!” He boasts. “Big Bro I caught em! I caught em!”

“Good job Short Stuff!” Replies a distant voice

Dismayed, Danny and Koko turn back to see a older boy speeding for the three on a bike!

“He wasn’t riding a bike before, was he Master?” Koko looks over at Danny.

Bewildered, Danny replies. “Eh, no sweetheart. Chances are he grabbed it on the way.”

“Hahaha! This time ya two are coming back to D.E.A.T.H.!” The red hair boy laughs.

Danny looks back at the little boy than again at the approaching cyclist, concern written all over his face.

I gotta figure out a way out of this situation! Thinks Danny.

“Your sweating Master, remove your mask…”

Koko unconcerned with the situation tries to pull back the mask from Danny’s face.

“Koko… sweetie not now!” Brushing her away, Danny notices the falling man hole cover. “That’s it! Koko you genius you!”

“But Master I haven’t wiped away the sweat from your face yet!…” She again tries to remove his mask.

While Koko wrestles with Danny, the red haired child looks on awed struck.

Wow, she’s pretty! Her butt looks so big! Maybe when we take them back, I can get to know her! The tiny child blushes as he daydreams.

(“Bobby why are you day dreaming?! Subdue them!” Yells the Older Boy in the background)

Brushing Koko away again, Danny forms a X with his hands, and yells “PSYCHOTOUCH!!!

The glossy purple lens on his mask light up, than spreading his arms straight out, he cups them. Placing them behind his back, he trusts his hands out in the direction of the falling man hole cover! The burning man hole cover stops falling and hovers midair!

“Ah oh! Hank hurry….!”


The man hole cover slams into Bobby’s head knocking him out!

“Bobby!!” Cries the approaching cyclist. “You bastards! I’ll roast you two!!

Flicking his orange hair bang aside, Hank trusts his right hand outward and balls of fire blast forth from his middle finger! In response, Danny whips his hands in the direction of Hank. The man hole cover zooms off! Rotating his arms, the circular cover turns upward, becoming a shield against the raging fire balls!

The fire balls ram against the man hole cover, pushing it back with each hit. Meanwhile Koko inspects the downed Bobby.

“Wow! One hit and he was knocked out! I guess he was given basic enhancements.” Koko laments.

“Koko sweetie, his fire attacks are getting hotter, his temperature is rising! If this continues, it will be like fighting the sun! Get out of here!” Groans Danny.

“That‘s exactly why I should transform Master!!” The pretty blue haired girl whines. Her right hand seeks into her shirt sleeve and out appears a dragon head! “My Destroyer powers can handle his flames!” Koko smiles deviously at the reptilian head, which salivates at the mouth.

“Damn it Koko just run!” Yells Danny.

“No Master. I will stay at your side!” The dragon head slips back into the oversized shirt sleeve and her hand remerges! “If something were to happen to you, I’d be deviated.“ She says while placing her soft hand on Danny’s shoulder. Blushing, Danny turns his head to see Koko’s soft sky blue eyes gazing at him. Her smile warms his heart. He can’t be mad at her. That is sweet of…


The overheated man hole cover slams into Danny sending him crashing into the concrete! Koko stands perplexed at what just happened.

“Master!!!” Screams Koko

Infuriated, Koko turns around to face the cyclist. BAM! The older boy goes soaring across the sky, crashing into the street below. The bike he was riding falls before Koko. Unaffected in the slightest she proceeds to wipe away the dirt on her brow.

“Stupid bike!” She curses under breath. Without a second thought, she runs toward the downed Danny.

“Are you ok Master?” The concern in her soft voice is evident as she holds him in her arms.

“Ya…” He groans. “This power suit is great for keeping me safe…ish.”

Helped to his feet by Koko, Danny flicks his purple scarf behind him. Koko smiles knowing he’s ok, the two watch as Hank stands on his feet. He’s wobbling, and blood is falling from his head.

“What the hell!?” Hank roars as he slicks his black hair back. “I rammed the bike into your face, full speed and with a kick ass leap! And I went flying!? Tch! You really are a soldier modified with superhuman strength!” He growls while brushing the single orange bang from his face.

“I…don’t want to go to…school…mommy…” The little boy mumbles.

“Bobby!” Running for his brother, Hank lightly slaps the boy’s cheek. “Bobby, wake up. Wake up!” Bobby’s blood is dripping on his brother’s hand. The child’s head is cracked.

Opening his eyes, the child smiles upon seeing his brother. “Did we win Big Bro?”

“No Short Stuff, we are still in the middle of capturing those two.” Hank says while smiling at his younger brother.

Jumping to his feet Bobby looks at his brother. With determination in his eyes, the little boy clutches his fist.

“Let’s get them Big Brother!” He grins happily.

Hank nods in agreement, happy to see his little brother determined, despite the blood falling from his head. The two fire manipulators ready themselves for battle! Their eyes sparkle, the two are in sync!

“By order of Master Death!”

“Relayed to us by Lady Hotflash and Minster Winecooler!”

“We the Flaming Brothers will bring the traitors back!”

“Give up now or we’ll burn you to death!”

The two strike a pose as flames erupt behind them and black confetti rains down on them! Quite the spectacle!

“Thanks stage hands!” Cheers the Clapping Bobby as he watches four figures covered in black from head to toe, scurry about collecting the confetti.

“Man how do they see through that black vale? Also using the flamethrower was a nice touch for those fire effects!” Compliments Hank. “Now Bobby let’s haul their roasted asses back to Master Death!”

“Prepare yourself traitors, cuz’ here comes the pain!…”

The siblings body temperatures rise high as they strike yet another pose, they point their index fingers at their prey! It’s a glorious moment! If only someone was there to witness it!

“What the hell?!?!”

“You bastards!”

The two brothers roar at the escaping duo! While the two were posing and declaring their glory, Danny and Koko made a run for it!

“Thank God the bike didn’t get ruined from collision with your head koko! Now we just gotta figure out a way to lower their body temperatures!”

(“Get back here! I stole that bike fair and square!” Yells Hank. “And return to D.E.A.T.H.!” Screeches Bobby)

Koko, who is effortlessly running alongside the speeding Danny, turns to see the pursuing brothers. “They are following us Master. Plus I’m sure the anger those two are feeling is causing their temperatures to increase. If that happens I will have no choice but to transform, whether you like it or not!”

“Kinda forward there don’t ya think?” Danny turns away from Koko, panic is written all over his face. Crap! She is serious! If she changes than the Human Touch brothers are through! But in turn she’ll rip the Earth apart again!

While cycling Danny notices a Fire Hydrant.

Bingo! He thinks to himself. Slowing down, Danny comes to a complete stop.

“Have you figured out a way to beat them Master?” Koko asks, wonder adores her eyes.

“You betcha!” He points at the nearby Fire Hydrant. “And there is our secret weapon!”

“Oh...” Koko sighs

“That’s it? You could sound more enthusiastic about this you know!” Danny crosses his arms in a huff.

“Well it makes sense. They are fire users and Fire Hydrants have…you know, water!” Koko brushes her beautiful hair from her face. “Plus this is the second one we’ve passed up.”

“Eh!?” What do you mean “second one?!” Danny asks dismayed.

Koko points to the other Hydrant. “Right there, next to the sewer that Bobby popped out from.”

Scanning the area Koko is pointing at, Danny almost falls over in shock! The other Hydrant was merely a few feet from their previous location!

“Why didn’t you say something earlier?” Distraught, Danny shakes Koko by the shoulders.

“You didn’t ask Master.” Koko’s response leaves him silent.

(“We’re so catching up on you!” Roars Hank “Ya two are so screwed!” Bellows Bobby)

“You stayed quiet in hopes that I would let you transform. Didn’t you?” Danny retorts.

“Don’t just assume Master! How could such a delicate flower such as myself use such underhanded tactics? Besides, those two are nearly upon us!”

(“Oh your so full of it!” Snaps Danny. “Shut up!” Retorts Koko)

Which is true! The two gaze back at the approaching fire users. Hank grabs a hold of Bobby, and with a forceful twirl, hurls him at our heroes!

“Fly Bobby! Fly!”

With a massive wave of fire exploding from Hank’s birds, (that is, his middle fingers) little Bobby is engulfed in flames! Transforming into a rocketing fire ball, the little boy proceeds to fire smaller and faster fire balls from his engulfed hands!

“Master, prepare the Hydrant, I will handle this!”

Koko slams her fists into the street causing it to burst and rip apart! Pieces of concrete rise into the air due to the sheer force of the hit. (Not to mention the bike) With a thunderous round house kick, the elevated concrete shoots towards the smaller fire balls!

(“She’s SOOO cool! Plus I saw her panties during the kick,,, They were purple. I wonder if she wore those intentionally…? Crap!! I should get to the Hydrant!”) - Danny

The kicked concrete slams head on into the fire balls! With each powerful kick, more concrete rams into more oncoming fire balls.

“Not bad kid! Let’s see if you can excite me some more!” Koko yells as she licks her lips. She again slams her fists into the ground, this time even more debris soars into the air. “Try and stop these!”

Kicking the concrete even faster now, the little Bobby fails to hit every piece with his blasts. The missed debris collides with him, slowing his ridicules speed!

(“Bobby! Laments Hank. Meanwhile, Danny struggles to open the Hydrant’s valve. He proceeds to use telekinesis to open it)

Weakened from the strategic blows to his body, Bobby slams into the destroyed concrete! A mild explosion ensues.

“Koko!!!!… Ack!!!!” The explosion blows Danny back into a nearby car.

The Hydrant’s powerful water flow rains over the impact, quelling the flames. Running into the flooding crater, Hank combs the area in a frenzied panic.

“Bobby! Oh God! Bobby where are you?! Please don’t die!”

Bursting forth from the street below, Koko twirls gracefully before landing softly on the ground.

“I think I was to hard on the little tike.” Koko utters as she wipes the dirt from her outfit. Looking for Danny, Koko spots him lying against a damaged car. He’s unconscious. Please hold on Master, I shall end this right now.

“Bobby…!…” Roaring flames envelop Hank, steam whirls about him. “You bitch! I’ll burn you to…”

“Ah ah!” Koko chimes in. “He’s alive. See for yourself!”

With a snap of her fingers the newly formed puddle upon the damaged ground, bubbles. With a mighty rumble a serpent like creature rises from within the water! The serpent is actually a dragon, with only its long neck and head visible. Bobby dangles from the beast’s mouth, its maw chomping down on the boy’s red hoodie.

Blood drips from the boy’s hands and knees. These are the areas he was struck at with the concrete. The blue scales of the beast shine brightly, its red and orange hair flows wildly, as if they were flames. Hissing lowly, the dragon leers at Hank.

“Did you just seek into the ground? Is that how you escaped being hit? Just What the hell are you!? What the hell is that?!” The young boy steps back, sweat rains down his face. His right fist bursts into flames, he aims said hand at Koko. “Have your monster drop him, now! I’ll melt you to the bone! I…I swear!”

The beast tosses the child onto the floor, Bobby’s body looks like a corpse lying there motionless.

“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me a beast.” Koko’s normally light and happy voice now sounds low and menacing. “After all, this “monster” as you call it is me. And I it!”

The young adult brushes her hair out of her face. And begins walking toward Hank. The water from the Hydrant continues to rain upon the area.

“Keep away!” Hank fires off a blast.

Koko grins evilly. Suddenly the dragon head zooms toward the approaching fire ball and consumes it! Than hastily sinks into the ground.

“Wha…What the hell!?” Panics Hank.

“What’s the matter? Afraid?” Koko hisses delightfully. In the blink of a eye, Koko sinks into the rubble and instantly emerges behind Hank.

“Wha…?!” He’s cut off.

“Think. Surely D.E.A.T.H. has had rumors about a woman who can control strange creatures.” Koko inches closer to Hank’s ear and whispers. “Project Mistress. Ring any bells?”

Hank’s eyes widen as he sprints away from Koko.

“P…P…Project…M…Mistress!?” Sweat rains down his face even more so than before. Hank turns slowly, his heart pounding in his chest. Koko peers into Hanks eyes…No! His very soul!

“Project Mistress, as in the Project Mistress?! The Goddess of Destruction, said to be able to destroy galaxies?! That Project Mistress?!” Hank falls to his knees. No, no, no, no!! It can’t be, your…your supposed to be a Myth! A Legend!!!”

Soaked, Hank lets out a sneeze; his temperature is lowering fast. Koko, while drenched also, shows no sign of chill, but continues to leer at Hank. Police sirens blare in the background.

“Take Bobby and never show your face again.” She hisses.

Without thinking, Hank dashes for his baby brother, lifting him into his arms.

Bobby is still breathing! Mother is going to kill me! But…But I gotta know!

“Are…Are you really the Goddess of Destruction? They told me you were just a delusional modified Solider! I mean… You couldn’t possibly be…”

Hank sneezes again; In that instant Koko now stands before him!


Koko places her soft finger on Hank’s mouth. Silencing him.

“Leave now. I won’t tell you twice.” Blinking, Koko’s once purple eyes are now blood red and her pupils reptilian in shape.

Utterly terrified Hank darts off and makes his way for a nearby alley. Looking back, the frightened boy can see Koko smiling warmly and waving at him. Now totally confused, Hank decides its better to look away and run faster.

“Well you scared the bejesus out of him Koko!”

Shuddering in fright, Koko, looks over her shoulder. And to her shock, there stands Danny!

“Master!” Delighted, the young beauty leaps onto Danny, hugging him tightly.

The costumed adult struggles a bit before adjusting himself to the extra weight.

“Hey sweet heart.” Smiles Danny as the police sirens near them. “I hate to ask this but, could you get us out of here?”

Hopping off of Danny, Koko lifts him effortlessly into her arms and begins stretching her legs.

“Ready Master? Close your eyes cuz here we go!”

Leaping high into the air, Koko lands onto the top of a nearby building. Darting off and leaping again, Koko soars through the sky as she hops from one building to another. Now some distance away, Koko places Danny on his feet. The young adult is panting, he takes a deep breath and composes himself.

“I’ll never get used to traveling that fast or that high. Even with my eyes closed it was rough!”

“I was moving as slow as I could. Any slower and I wouldn‘t have been able to make the leap.” She says. She reaches out to rub Danny’s back softly for comfort. “But when did you regain consciousness Master?’

Pressing a button on a device attached to his wrist, Danny’s whole body is colored in a bright light, suddenly he is no longer in a costume, but rather street clothes! Running his fingers through his blonde curly hair, he sighs.

“Well, all I remember was Bobby rocketing into the ground, than a explosion!” Pausing, Danny tries to gesture a explosion, than continues. “The next thing I knew, I was on the floor and you were tossing Bobby onto the ground. I’ve been watching since than.” He notices that she is drenched. “You poor thing, your all soaked! Here! Take my jacket!”

“You didn’t notice when you were in my arms…?” Sighs Koko

Throwing off his denim jacket Danny wraps it around Koko’s tiny frame.

“Here let me brush your hair out of your face.” He says

Koko blushes.

“You got a way of scaring the crap out of D.E.A.T.H.’s thugs Koko! I like that about you!” Danny says as he combs her hair with his fingers. “Now, let’s see where were at; kay!”

Walking over to the edge of the building, Danny ducks as he peaks below. People are standing about the area, eating hot dogs. They all seem to be waiting for the bus to arrive, evident by the bus sign.

“Oh! Were on top of Mr. quackys!” He smiles gleefully as he turns to look back at Koko. “ Phew! It’s hot! We should grab some hot dogs!…”

“Master, your sweating!” Koko says while leaping into the air, napkin in hand. “I’ll wipe it off!”

“Ack! Koko…Take it easy…with…the nap…!” Urges Danny.

Danny’s attempts to brush Koko off fail, she inches in closer. Danny steps back in a attempt to breathe, instead the two tumble right off the roof!

“Koko…I… I can’t feel anything… Expect this…h… heavy load on my chest…” He groans.

“That’s me Master…. You’ll be fine…” She says, with a dazed look on her face.

“Why Koko?” He questions.

“I just really hate sweat… Master. “ She replies.

Our heroes lie bruised and bewildered in the sidewalk as the business’s patrons gawk and capture the scene on their phones.

(“Dude, that chick is wet..” Whispers a man to his buddy. “Dude she’s hot!” His buddy replies

(“What do you think they were doing up there? Asks a woman. Some kinky sex no doubt!” Says another)

“Koko…” Groans Danny. “We left the car back at the sight didn’t we?”

“Yeah.” She replies. Still dazed.

Danny sighs before expressing his dissatisfaction.

“Ah hell!!!!”

End of Chapter 1

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