Project Mistress: A Hero's Tale

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2015 Halloween Special

“Ooh! A Haunted House!”

Yells Koko. Her sudden outcry causes Danny to jerk in his seat. His car, a Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA Special Package) ‘89 jerks forward a bit.

“You frightened me Koko Cola!” Remarks Danny. “Don’t yell like that! I could’ve gottin a ticket if I passed the walking line while the stop light was red.”

The red light in question turns green as the car slowly propels forward. This year’s Halloween was odd, the weather is stellar! The sun was shining bright, the sky was crystal blue and the brisk air blew through Danny’s blonde hair.

“I told you not to give me nicknames Master.” Koko said annoyed. “Call me “Koko” and nothing else.”

Danny chuckled as he drove past the quiet neighborhood homes. The various houses were decked out with Halloween related icons. Inflatable witches, cobwebs and pumpkins as far as the eye could see. Glancing at the paper in Koko’s hands, Danny inquires of this “Haunted House.”

“What’s this about a “Haunted House” now Koko Puff?”

Koko shoots him an nasty glare. Danny chuckles again, unfazed at her vengeful leering.

“A Haunted House is being hosted on Avenue Grand tonight.” Koko says emphatically. “It’s the place’s 6 year Anniversary! It sounds fun! Let’s go!”

Pulling into the parking lot of a Costume shop, Koko skips excitedly into the establishment’s cobweb infested entrance. Danny following behind her.

“I thought we were gonna pass out treats to the kids in front of the house?” Danny asks.

“Those “ankle biters” have enough homes to pillage tonight.” She replies. “Besides if we go to a Haunted House I can wear something like this!”

Koko twirls around, revealing a skimpy maid’s outfit costume. Danny’s eye widen. A Asian in an revealing maid’s outfit?! He thinks to himself.

“Well…A…That’s true…” He’s lost all composure.

“This one is cute too!” Koko exclaims

Tossing the maid’s costume at the befuddled young adult, Danny quickly becomes a living coat hanger for Koko’s various choices of costumes.

Meanwhile in D.E.A.T.H.’s Secret Base

“Lady Hotflash!”

A calm and elegant voice echoes through the terrorist’s secret lair. The area in question is a large throne room. The golden floor glitters while the purple drapes shimmer overhead. Portraits of Lady Hotflash and a thin man, presumably the one who just spoke; adores the blood red walls.

Three golden thrones lay at the end of the room. The center throne is by the far biggest with lion statues for arm rests. Gold eagle wings hug the seat that holds a purple cushion. The smaller thrones lack these decorations, opting for a more pedestrian look.

Red is the color for these seat cushions. Seating on the left throne, legs crossed is a thin man with purple glasses. His long purple hair tied in a pony tail lays draped over his shoulder. Seconds later, the front door of the fairly large chamber blasts open.

A woman dressed in a orange halter top dress marches through the golden door, accompanied by four stagehands.

“You bellowed Minster Winecooler?” Hotflash replies nonchalantly.

Leering at the beautiful woman, the Minster falls back into his golden throne. His toothpick thin body hutched over, he takes a sip of his wine. Than speaks.

“Master Death has given an order my dear.” He explains. “After all, you know it’s Halloween today and the forces of darkness are at it’s peak! Our glorious Leader wants new recruits for his cause! So I have enlisted the aid of Cyform #13!”

“PumpQueen?” Lady Hotflash remarks as she caresses the flames dancing on the edges of her spotless dress. “Halloween does seem like a appropriate time to use her skills. I’m assuming she’ll enslave humans by placing her controlling pumpkins on them?”

“Precisely!” Winecooler exclaims. “A Haunted House is being hosted on Avenue Grand tonight. PumpQueen will mind control the party goers and bring them here, where they will become new Cyforms! Which brings me to why I called you. I want Cyforms Hank and Bobby to accompany her to the house!”

“No can do!” She replies sternly. “The boys will be trick or treating with the stagehands tonight. So PumpQueen will handle this herself! Now if you don’t mind, I have to explain to the hands which houses to allow Hank and Body to trick or treat at.”

With that Lady Hotflash and the stagehands march out of the golden throne room, leaving Winecooler alone.

“Well I suppose taking over the world doesn’t mean we can’t have trick or treating for the kiddies.” Replies the Minster.

Relaxing in his plush throne, Winecooler takes a sip from his glass.

As night falls, a screen door blasts open revealing a green and black bug man. The humanoid insect descends gleefully down the smooth wooden stairs.

“Nobody can stop the Masked Rider!”

The bug man proceeds to punch, kick and pose enthusiastically under the bright light of the full moon. The various trick or treaters walking to and fro stare silently at the thin adult. The bug man waves “hello” to the children cheering him on. Themselves also adorned in superhero attire.

“I’ve never seen that Power Ranger before.” Koko’s soft voice calls out.

Turning about the bug man sees Koko standing at the top of the stairs in a pink blouse and pink mini skirt. The words “Bulma” written on her shirt.

“You look great as Bulma Koko Puff!”

Removing the helmet, Danny brushes his blonde curly hair from his face. A giddy smile on his face.

“Your perfect as Dragon Ball’s Bulma! Your blue hair almost demands you be her.” Danny says happily. “Oh and I’m not a Power Ranger, I dressed up as “Saban’s Masked Rider.”

Jumping from the top of the stairs to the ground below, Koko tightens the red ribbon in her ocean blue hair as she walks up toward Danny. The women dressed up for Halloween glare at Koko, hissing under their breath. While the boys drool and avert their spandex adorned groinings.

“It’s “Koko.” “Ko…Ko!” She reaffirms. “Fail to call me by my correct name again Master and I will bury you deep underground.”

“Pft!” Danny turns his head in disinterest. “Like I can’t escape being buried.”

“Oh your so cute Master!” She mocks. “Like you could escape being buried 4,000 miles underground!”

Letting out a hearty laugh, the blue haired beauty clicks the “unlock” button on the car remote and hops into the passenger seat. While Danny stands still, an disturbed blank look on his face.

“Oh relax Danny-O!” She says. “Hop in! We don’t wanna be late to the opening of the Haunted House!”

Snapping out of his trance, Danny wanders over to the driver side door. The “pop” of the car door unlocking signals for the blonde male to enter. Holding out her hand, Koko drops the car keys into Danny’s opened palm. The engine turns over with a roar! The roaring vehecle startling the trick or treaters within the neighborhood.

“Wait. Didn’t I have the keys? How did you get them?” Wonders Danny.

“You left the keys in the house.” She remarks. “You were to busy chanting “Echophase Activate” as you ran through the house to notice.”

Danny’s cheeks turn bright red.

“You heard that?” He questions.

“I hear all your nerdy declarations. Thanks to the air vents within the house.” Koko chimes. “Now it’s “time for Time Force!”

Danny shoots her a look as he pulls the gear shift from park to drive. Pulling out of the parking space, the purple vehicle cruises down the neighborhood street.

“Time Force reference, not bad. “Says Danny.

“Oh that was Time Force?” Koko asks. “I thought that was SPC.”

“You mean “SPD” Koko.” Replies Danny.

“That’s the one Danny-boy!” She gleefully notes. “I paid the rent for the apartment, so we have some free money to spend at the Haunted House! Let’s go nuts!”

Danny smiles as he drives down the neighborhood infested with Halloween goers. Koko isn’t referring to me as “Master” anymore. Danny ponders to himself. She’s regaining her strength…Plus it’s Halloween! Dear God, please no D.E.A.T.H. agents today. Not today!

“Welcome one and all to Avenue Grand’s Haunted House! We are celebrating six years of horror, terror, and gore! Muhahaha!”

On the outskirts of town, an remote area filled with nothing but barley sit’s an Mansion sized home. The house is coal black, dead vines cover various areas of the building. Some of the windows are dirty, and smeared. Whiles others are cracked or shattered completely.

All around the house lies uncared plants and black darkness. The house’s lot is huge, but the shadow of night isn’t telling you what’s there.

The oval welcoming sign looming over the blood stained gates stands an few feet from the house. The dozens of excited attendees wait eagerly before the closed gates, the dusty archaic speaker continues to welcome visitors by yelling at them.

“Soon you’ll be in for the horror of your lives! Just two minutes to go before you die! Muhahahaha!”

Walking though the parking lot in haste Koko and Danny navigate through the jammed packed lot.

“I told you to make that turn on I40.” Koko roars. “But no! You had to turn at E50!”

“Seriously!? You have powers that pretty much make you omnipresent, why didn’t you use them to figure out exactly where this place is?” Danny retorts.

“It’s Halloween!” She barks back. “If I send out my Familiars, their is a chance they’ll hunt down innocent people and kill them. This day is riddled with evil energy.”

Escaping the parking lot maze the two can see the gleeful attendees waiting in front of the entrance gate. The two run to join the other costume clad goers.

“So your saying that Halloween makes your Familiars vicious? Than how do you explain their unruly behavior on a normal basis?” Questions Danny.

“Hunger.” She responds.

“Hey Koko, Danny!”

Beth’s voice interrupts the duo’s conversation. She’s standing amongst the crowd in a Wonder Woman costume. Victor is behind her in a Spider Man costume. These two are friends of Danny and Koko who they met at a hot dog joint some time ago.

“Hey your dressed up as Masked Rider! How cool is that! I’m guessing you drove here in Magno?” Victor says while admiring Danny’s detailed costume.

“ Correct! Although I haven’t gotten her to talk yet.” Replies Danny. “However judging by the little bracelet on your wrist your dressed up as Japanese Spider Man.”

Victor raises his left arm to his covered face, flipping the bracelet open, he and Danny yell into.


Closing the bracelet, Victors makes a “V” with his arms. Danny joins him in this action. The two than shout.

“Marveller Change Leopardon!”

The two enjoy an hearty laugh as the girls engrossed in their own conversations, ignore them.

“I’ve never seen a black Wonder Woman before. The colors kinda clash.”

Koko says inspecting the young woman. Beth brushes the fake hair from her face and retorts.

“Ah, Halloween racism. Lovely.” Sighs Beth. “Well at least I didn’t leave my desert bandit boyfriend for an psychotic alien!”

Koko stares blankly at Beth not getting the meaning of what Beth just said. But the moment is disturbed by the loud speaker’s announcement that the Haunted House is now opening. The dozens of gleeful attendees shout and howl in excitement, as two employees of the establishment dressed as zombies open the gates. Danny, Koko, Beth, and Victor follow behind the stampeding crowd, but are left in the crowds dust as they disappear into the Haunted grounds.

Koko stops dead in her tracks, her eyes narrow as she snarls. Her nose twitches as she picks up a fowl scent.

“Don’t tell me?” Danny utters

“I smell a Cyform.” She hisses.

A woman’s blood curdling scream rings out scaring the four.

“Damn it D.E.A.T.H.!” Danny cries as he runs in the direction of the scream. “Also, seriously hunger Koko? Hunger!?”

Koko stays still, not moving an inch.

“Koko why aren’t you following him?” Asks Beth.

“The Familiar’s being hungry is a serious issue!” Koko yells in response.

Beth stares bewildered at Koko’s answer, meanwhile running through the ground’s thick, tall bushes Danny closes in on the screaming girl. Leaping high into the night sky, the youth lands behind the howling woman. She’s on her knees holding her head in her hands. Four zombies are dragging away a screaming young man.

“Not so fast D.E.A.T.H.!”

Dashing for the four zombies, the young adult, still in full costume leaps through the air. Reeling back his right arm, the blonde hero unleashes an hammering punch from the sky on the creature actually dragging the screaming man away. His fist slamming into the unsuspecting undead monster, sending it flying into an nearby bushel of hay. Touching the ground, the remaining zombies look at Danny puzzled and terrified.

“You won’t turn this man into one of your Cyform pawns!” Danny roars.

Stabbing the zombie standing beside him with a powerful kick, the grotesque creature flies into its fellow cohort. The two of them landing on a tipped over tractor. The remaining zombie to the left of Danny, falls on his bottom, frantic; he starts ripping off material from his face.

“Dude!” The zombie yells. “We’re not D.E.A.T.H.! We work for the house! See, we are paid to scare people.”

Sitting on the floor is a preach fuzz faced teenager, he’s shivering; terror in his eyes.

“Oh my God! Are you ok?!”

The screaming woman runs to the side of the young pimple faced teen. Confirming that he’s ok, she turns her attention towards her once captured friend. The two hug each other tightly, she than glares at Danny. The costumed adult, looks about the area, his “opponents” lying knocked out. Their face paint, fake teeth and accessories falling off their face, revealing their real faces. Embarrassed, Danny bunches his lips as he avoids the glares of the terrified couple.

“I’m sorry.” He finally utters. “I thought they were D.E.A.T.H.’s goons.”

“We’re in a make believe Haunted House dumb ass!” The woman yells. She takes a deep breath than continues. “But considering those terrorists are extremely active, I get why you would act that way. Just see if those guys are ok.”

Danny nods his head in agreement and runs to check on the men he mistakenly attacked. Checking their vitals reveals that the men are alive, just knocked out. Danny lightly taps their faces to wake them.

“Are we just going to ignore the fact that he just punched and kicked grown men several feet away?!” The “saved” man finally says.

“I have a headache, so yes, ignore it babe.” The woman replies.

A warm body bumps into the girl’s back. Freighted she turns around to see a man in an Superman costume standing before them. A large pumpkin, with a laughing face carved into it hovers eerily in front of the couple. With a sudden twitch the costumed person wobbles away.

“Not so fast!”

Somersaulting through the air, Koko slams into the pumpkin wearing man, the two crashing into the ground. With her nose pressed up against the orange pumpkin, she sniffs every inch of the giant produce.

“That’s it! That’s the fowl D.E.A.T.H. scent I smelled earlier!” She exclaims. “His body feels soft, he’s not a Cyform. So it’s reasonable to assume that a grunt placed this pumpkin on his head. So!”

With an grunt, Koko tears the produce in half, freeing the captured man. The Superman dressed man coughs wildly before catching his whereabouts. Getting off the man, she helps him to his feet, while Danny runs up to her.

“What happened to you? How did you get that pumpkin on your head?” Koko demands.

“I…I don’t remember…” He mumbles. “I…I was looking at…a pumpkin. I thought the carving on it was artistic. Than It… It flew at me! Now…I’m here!”

Beth and Victor appear on the scene. (They couldn’t keep up with Koko’s speed.) However with the information they have, the four decide to search the grounds for suspicious pumpkins! Victor decides to direct the three House goers and the four who Danny beat up to the Haunted House’s staff.

As the three travel the large settlement, Danny and Beth inspect every pumpkin they come across. Nothing is odd about them, nor do they appear sentient. Koko on the other hand locates every person walking around with a pumpkin on their head thanks to her superb sense of smell. She frees everyone one of them. With a simple chop she releases all the victims from their enslavement.

But where is the source? Koko ponders to herself, she can smell the scent of D.E.A.T.H. from the pumpkins but not the source. Unless… Pulling out her touch screen cell phone Koko dials Danny.

“Ya Koko Puff what’s up?” Answers Danny. “Have you found any fowl pumpkins? I just did!”

“Good for you. Now listen!” Her tone is strict. “I have a feeling D.E.A.T.H.’s lackey is operating from outside the house’s grounds. Don’t remove the pumpkin from the victims head. Follow it, and it should lead us to our target!”

With the plan in motion, Danny, and Koko follow the controlled Haunted House goers into the dense, black barley fields. Beth stays behind to inform Victor and those in charge of the House‘s events. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the mindless slaves lead our heroes through a clustered forest shrouded in darkness. Koko with narrowed eyes follows without fear, Danny on the other hand pretends to act cool. But inside he’s a little spooked.

“You know, despite being a Cyborg, and fighting monsters on a daily basis I’m still utterly terrified of spooky places.” He murmurs. “I mean we are literally walking into Freddy and Jason territory here.”


Koko pushes Danny away than rolls to her right as an mini explosion ensues.

“I was wondering what was keeping my puppets.” A shrill voice echoes in the black forest. “I thought I was losing my touch, but it turns out traitors were interfering!”

Perched in one of the many trees sits an middle aged woman, her blonde hair obscuring part of her face. Her small frame, seems weak, and breakable as she hops down to the ground below. Pulling on her overalls, the blonde glares at her mind controlled puppets as they stand idle before her. Danny and Koko stand ready to battle.

“Well Koko Cola you were right!” Danny chuckles. “It’s Halloween and I’d like to get back to other humans, so let‘s do this! It‘s creepy out here!”

“Stop calling me by such nicknames!” Roars Koko. “I’ll get you for the Koko Puff comment too!”

I’d better stop. Danny thinks to himself. I don’t need her powering up on Halloween. “Come Psycho Changer!”

The window of Danny’s car lowers as a tiny device shoots out into the night sky. The window than shuts. Holding his right arm skyward, the tiny device attaches to Danny’s wrist.

Danny pulls a tiny lever on the device‘s left side. The wrist device resembles a wolf’s face, the two long points resembling a wolf’ ears swing forward. Revealing a squared opening, Danny pulls out a 9-volt battery, called a Psycho Charger from the opening. Pressing the positive charge down the 9-volt battery lights up and a voice, presumably from the battery yells "Psycho On!"

Putting the battery back in the exposed slot on his brace, Danny again pulls on the lever. The dog ears pop back up and the blank eyes on the braces face shine brightly. "Psycho Power!" Shouts the brace in a over the top manner.

The brace begins chanting “Wave your hands, Psych it away! Wave your hands, Psych it away!”

Tucking his left arm in and clutching his fist, Danny shoots out his right arm diagonally. His right hand's index finger is pointed skyward while his other fingers are folded and his palm exposed. Moving his right arm slowly horizontally, he shoots his left arm above his right. Than swinging his right arm around his left, he poses. His right hand held out in a L shape and his left arm held parallel to him. Both of his fists clutched tightly.

"Full On Change!" Shouts Danny.

Shrouded in a bright blue light Danny emerges from the light draped in his combat suit. This transformation looks easy but it's actually quite complex! In that tenth of a second Danny's body is engulfed in high voltage electricity as it burns through the young man's skin and clothes. The blinding light, a by product of this power surge causes sparks to burst about the area.

Danny's true body, his Cyborg body is a sight to behold. The first layer consists of black spandex like material, all over his physical body. His chest is adorned with dark blue abs like armor, with blue gauntlets and boots. A purple belt with a black squared buckle is wrapped around his waist. Two dark blue gems adorn the buckle. While a single straight, purple line runs down the sides of his black arms and legs. A black helmet covers Danny’s eyes and noses while exposing his mouth. Dark blue, glossy, lenses covers his eyes while a purple arrow sits atop his helmet.

The wide opening of the arrow rests above his lenses and extends to the back of the helmet. Small black dog ears with a purple colored inners sit upon his helmet, and a silky purple scarf tied round his neck dances amongst the wind.

A black and blue modified USP 45 gun sits in a purple colored holster on the right side of Danny's waist.

Whipping his arms to his left, the left arm fully extended, his right parallel to his chest.

With his fingers pointed out, Danny waves his arms down counter clockwise ending in a martial arts stance. Danny's right arm now raised parallel to his face, his left arm stretched out before him at an angle. His tightened left and right fists jerk forward, his hands open as if to claw at something. Koko and Danny proceed to stand back to back. In unison the two exclaim.

"Defying D.E.A.T.H. at every turn!

Walking a lonely and bitter path.

Nothing will stop us from crushing their evil!

Keeping Earth's future safe for children.

Burning hot! Endless fight!"

"They call me the Destroyer."

"I'm the Hero of Telekinesis!"

"And together we are "Team Psycho!!"

Danny poses once again with is palm exposed and his fingers curled as if clawing something. While Koko places her left arm on her hip, her right arm lying by her side. The ocean blue haired girl looks to her left uninterested. A cool breeze blows past the two, the silence becomes awkward.

“It’s not like the Stagehands to miss their cue.” Danny comments as he holds his pose. “It’s not the same without the explosion behind us.”

“That’s because I gave the Stagehand’s the day off for Halloween.” Koko answers. “No pyrotechnics tonight Danny-O.”

“Well I guess they deserve it. They do work hard.” Danny concedes. “In that case, I’m leaving the victims in your hands Koko! I got this one!”

Standing in an fighting stance, Danny rushes for the mysterious D.E.A.T.H. agent. Reeling his left arm back Danny unleashes a powerful punch. The blonde counters him by grabbing his arm and tossing him with an judo throw. As Danny crashes into the ground, the D.E.A.T.H. agent runs off into the black forest.

“You’d better catch her!” Koko yells out.

“I know that!” He retorts.

Danny chases after the agent while Koko proceeds to release the pumpkin controlled hostages. Catching up to the overalls wearing villain, she turns slightly to chuck softball sized pumpkins at Danny. The pumpkins explode upon hitting the ground. Danny makes it his priority to dodge them. His visor glows dark purple as he extends his arms toward the fleeing agent.

“Psycho Touch!”

The pumpkin ordinances are covered in a purple glow as they halt in mid air. With a mighty grunt, Danny propels the bombs back at the tiny agent. With a mighty explosion, the blonde is sent hurdling into the Haunted House’s “Haunted Grounds”. The house goers and the employees scream in terror as the blonde villain crashes into an barrel of hay.

Some of the onlookers, flee while others foolishly look on in awe. Leaping through the air Danny lands on the ground, and readies himself. Exploding forth from the hay, the tiny blonde howls at Danny.

“Telekinesis huh? Well isn’t that convenient!”

The agent roars as her body morphs before Danny and the onlookers. Her once 4:9 inch stature now grows to 5:8 inches, roughly the same height as Danny. Her pale upper body is covered with a pumpkin themed corset, while her chest and neck are covered by a leafy green clown collar. Her pale arms are covered in green vines, adorned with orange armor. This armor covers her shoulders, and knuckles as well. Her lower body is composed of a leaf green skirt, its slit on her left side. Her pale legs covered in orange colored stockings and her heels are green. The side of face is entirely covered by her long green hair. Her right side exposing a fanged grin and emerald glowing eyes.

“The name is PumpQueen and I’m going to make you my personal slave traitor!” She declares.

Revealing two of the exploding pumpkins, PumpQueen hurls them at the gawking spectators. The few onlookers freeze, unsure how to react to the incoming pumpkins. With a snarl, Danny stops the two pumpkins with his telekinesis. Throwing his arms in the direction of PumpQueen, the young hero plans to hit her with her own attack.

However caught off guard Danny is bombarded with Pumpkin bombs. His Cyborg body bursts into sparks as he crashes into the ground. The bombs halted by Danny’s telekinesis fall to the ground exploding, hurting the gawking onlookers.

The awe lookers caught in the explosion fall to ground in terrible pain. The three adults and young child wince in anguish as their blood slowly covers the dirty ground. Struggling to his feet Danny looks in horror at the injured Halloween goers.

“Blame yourself traitor!” PumpQueen gloats . “Had you’d kept your nose out of my affairs they wouldn’t be in utter pain right now! They would be asleep as scientists remodel their bodies! A strange pay off actually.”

Forming a large pumpkin, PumpQueen begins swinging it by the iron chain attached to it.

“Happy Halloween and see you in Hell!” Roars PumpQueen as she flings the large pumpkin at Danny.

“The one going to Hell is you!” Retorts Danny as he swiftly side steps the chain and pumpkin.

Pulling his gun from his holster Danny fires upon PumpQueen, her body erupts in sparks as she frails backward. Her chain and pumpkin crashes to the ground as his visor glows a deep purple. Slamming his side arm into its holster, the blonde hero slaps his right hand into the ground propelling himself into the sky using his telekinesis.

“Psycho Kick!” He yells.

Extending his pressed together feet forward, PumpQueen is blinded by the flashing purple light emanating from them. Danny’s heel and foot slam into the D.E.A.T.H. agent, causing her to erupt in sparks and fly into a patch of pumpkins. Landing on the ground, Danny reaches behind him revealing two thin blades that resemble a long Ninjato sword and a short one.

The blade’s hilt resembles an wolf’s head, with the actual blades protruding from their mouths.

Pressing a square button on the back of the larger blade‘s hilt , a insert slot, reveals itself. Pressing down on the right side of his belt buckle, the buckle pops open revealing two Psycho Chargers. Grabbing the left one, Danny inserts the Charger into the slot. Danny slaps the opening shut resulting in the sword glowing purple.

“Feel the power! Cut ’em up!” The larger blade declares.

Pressing the bottom of both swords hilts together, the shorter blade sparks as it too glows purple. With both swords cracking with electricity, Danny darts for the weakened PumpQueen. Rising from the pumpkin patch, the female agent watches in horror as the twenty year old quickly closes the gap between them. Slashing her diagonally with the larger blade, Danny quickly follows up with an horizontal slash from the smaller left blade.

Pulling both arms behind him, Danny violently thrusts the blades into PumpQueen’s abdomen.

“Damn you!” PumpQueen wheezes.

Gasping, as blood falls from PumpQueen’s mouth, Danny than yanks the blades from her stomach as she fumbles backwards. Sparks spill forth from her like sprinklers as the villain groans in agony. Turning his back to her, Danny strikes a pose as PumpQueen falls backwards, exploding upon hitting the ground. Letting out a sigh of relief, Danny relaxes himself.

“Your getting so much better at killing D.E.A.T.H.’s agents.”

Turning around, Danny sees Koko, standing amongst the four hurt Halloween goers. The two she saved earlier check on the downed victims. Black energy begins to spew forth from the area where PumpQueen exploded, the energy grows large and thick before shooting into the Halloween sky.

“Ah Hell…“ Whispers Danny.

The black energy materializes into a colossal orange and green vampire bat. The massive beast stands six hundred and sixty six meters tall, with an one thousand two hundred meter wing span! The giant bat hisses monstrously shaking the Earth to its core. The Haunted House goers shrill in horror as the creature soars higher into the night sky.

“Woohoo!” Squeals Koko as she dances about the area. “This is my time to shine! And you can’t stop me this time Danny boy!”

“I should’ve known better. It’s Halloween, so evil, darkness, and monsters. It all goes together!” Danny sighs. “Just don’t destroy to much, please Koko.”

“I promise nothing!” Koko giggles excitedly.

Using his telekinesis to lift the four downed victims, Danny advices the other two to run very quickly to their vehicles. Koko watches quietly as they run from the area. Turning away, Koko’s once purple eyes are now blood red, her pupils reptilian in shape and fangs appear from her mouth. Smoke emanates her body as the blue haired beauty laughs maniacally as the area shakes violently.

The ground cracks open, and lightning crackles in the sky. The Haunted House goers flee the grounds in utter terror as the grounds, no the Earth itself quakes violently. Running into Beth and Victor, Danny bids farewell to the two rescued hostages and tosses Beth his car keys.

“There is an white towel in the trunk.” Danny yells, while trying to maintain his balance during the earthquake. “Place the towel in your car’s backseat, that way their blonde won’t get on your seats!”

“What?!” Beth screeches. “Why does it got to be my car?”

“This isn’t the time for that! Koko is transforming, move please!” Danny roars.

The Earth continues to shake as, mountains collapse, the sea level rises, towns are flooded and various people around the world scream and run in terror. Out in space, the colossal PumpQueen, now “PumpBat” blocks out the sun with her gigantic body and flapping wings.

“I had no idea I was given the “Colossal Enhancement!” PumpBat howls loudly. “I’ll place a controlling pumpkin on the entire planet and the whole world will be ruled by Master Death! The Great Master will praise my actions and I’ll be in the Master’s good graces!”

Earth’s clouds visible from space whirl as a stream of red energy shoots forth blasting the gigantic bat back. A humongous crack zips down from the North Pole toward the South Pole, the crack silts open as a gigantic fur covered claw appears from within. Literally pushing aside an continent, and the Pacific Ocean, the Earth cracks as land masses break apart and float away. Another claw grabs the remaining side of Earth and pushes it aside, sending more land masses into the sky.

PumpBat watches slack jawed at the sight before her. Burning red eyes glare ominously at the giant bat, protruding forth from the Earth, a gigantic beast roars into space. The purple muscular dragon dog hybrid lies within the planet, treating it as if it were a throne. Black armor covers the monster’s chest and shoulders, the shoulder pads extending outward. Its blue fur draped below its armor, its massive arms stretch outward covering both sides of the planet.

Saliva drops from the massive beast’s purple maw, its colossal red eyes burn with fire as its reptilian like pupils widen in anger. Long crystal blue hair runs down the demon’s head, neck, and body. The azure locks dance about, revealing snapping dog heads as the hair’s tips. The beast roars into the silence of space shaking the very core of Earth’s Solar System.

“What are you?!” PumpBat’s eyes widen in shock. “The blue haired girl…I had heard rumors…She…You…You’re the legendary Goddess of Destruction!”

Koko shrieks as her snake like hair shoots out attempting to attack the colossal bat monster. The three hundred meter large heads snap at the giant bat as it soars through space trying to avoid being bitten. With an mighty flap of its wings, PumpBat unleashes a horde of sentient pumpkin bombs that kamikaze into the massive strands of living hair. Exploding upon contact, the dog heads get wise, choosing to blast the attacking pumpkins with energy from their mouths.

Down on Earth chaos ensues as whole continents dislodge and float out into space. Erupting volcanoes, massive tsunami’s, twisters and tornados ravage the planet. As the Earth crumbles, Danny drives his Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA Special Package) ‘89 past collapsing ground while Beth struggles to keep up in her car. Victor in the passenger seat keeps a eye on the four huddled people in the backseat.

Back in space the dogs heads continue to battle the pumpkin bombardment, while PumpBat zips through space. With an horrifying shriek, PumpBat cloaks herself in her wings than shoots them outward launching a gigantic moon sized pumpkin at Koko. The pumpkin latches onto Koko’s head, halting her movements, the blue haired demon lies hunched over the planet. PumpBat howls in laugher as she soars around Koko and the planet.

“I’ve brought the Goddess of Destruction under my control!” PumpBat delights in her victory. “With the legendary Destroyer in my control I can rule everything in existence! I won’t need D.E.A.T.H. or anyone!”

“Well aren’t you a petty one?” Koko’s voice echoes through the silence of space.

“That voice!” PumpBat cries. “You…You can talk in that form?”

“Well duh!” Retorts Koko. “I’m not a mindless destroyer you know. I choose what I want to destroy! Like…You for example.”

Grabbing a hold of the massive pumpkin, Koko rips the giant mind controlling produce asunder! Shocked, PumpBat floats paralyzed, not realizing that the dog heads begin creeping up on her. The living hair slams its teeth laced mouth upon the female bat's wings; holding her in suspension. Blood and sparks burst forth from her gigantic wings as she shirks in utter pain.

Bringing the wounded bat closer towards her, Koko speaks again with her power of telepathy.

"It's adorable how you believed you had control over me, a goddess." Mocks Koko. "But you could never control me. Your blasphemy will cost you your life! And let's be honest, your sudden betrayal of D.E.A.T.H would've cost you your life. I'm doing you a favor!"

Koko's massive maw begins to glow a eerie blue as dense smoke seeps through her colossal fangs. The massive amounts of lava that the gigantic Koko is within begins to stir. The glow from her mouth grows bigger as the sound of one million tsunami's drowns out the dead silence of space.

"Consider it a honor to be destroyed by my hands!"

With a mighty roar Koko unleashes an exponentially gigantic energy beam from her mouth that zooms towards PumpBat!


The screams of PumpBat echo far into space as Koko's sentient hair releases the bat from their toothy grip. Struck by the energy beam, the bat’s piercing cry fades to nothingness as she disappears into a shadowy silhouette, than into nothing. The blackness of space shines brightly as the explosion from the bat grows and grows. Roaring in triumphant, the maniacal laugher of the demon goddess echoes throughout space as she slowly sinks back into the Earth.

Letting out a dense cloud of smoke from her maw, the mist takes the shape of an beautiful giant bird. The majestic bird similar to a phoenix in appearance, hovers over the whole of the Earth, a light fog falls from the creation‘s wings. The fog covers the Earth causing the floating land masses to descend slowly back into place. As Koko disappears back into the core of the Earth, the phantom bird dissolves into an light mist as the planet rebuilds itself.

Now reformed, the tsunamis, Volcanic eruptions, and other national disasters cease, but the death toll remains. Driving into the damaged parking lot of Ave Grand’s Halloween House, Danny still transformed exits his car. Closing the door, Danny deactivates his transformation by pressing a red button on the brace. Tucking the brace and the removed Psycho Charger into his car, Danny back in his costume stands waiting. Removing the costume’s helmet the blonde man whips back his moist hair, smiling at the approaching figure.

Out from the mist of the trashed Halloween grounds appears Koko, a goofy smirk on her face.

"Hi Master!" She cries excitedly as the blue beauty jumps into the arms of Danny.

"Hey Koko pebbles!" Grunts Danny as he falls to his back, Koko lying on top of him.

"No! Just Koko!" She clarifies. "I got that pumpkin themed bimbo something good!"

"Ya…Yeah you did." Danny smiles. "Come on lets go home and eat those Dragon Ball chocolates we bought."

“Ok!’ Chimes Koko. “But you got sweat on your face Master. Time to wipe it off!

Koko pulls out a napkin and begins drying up Danny’s moist face.

At the secret lair of D.E.A.T.H. Minster Winecooler is learning of PumpQueen’s defeat.

“This is why I told you to send Hank and Bobby to accompany PumpQueen!” Winecooler roars at Lady Hotflash.

“It wouldn’t have made a difference!” Hotflash roars back. “Be glad the boys weren’t hurt. We haven’t had any incoming reports of Cyforms losing their lives. One life lost isn’t a issue. Here, have a candy!”

Handing Winecooler a candy bar, the stick thin man unwraps the bar and munches on the candy. A stagehand enters the throne room, a clipboard in hand. Handing the clip board to Lady Hotflash, the clocked in black helper scurries away. Reading the clipboard, Hotflash gasps as she tosses a handful of various candy into Winecooler’s lap.

“Don’t tell me…”

Lady Hotflash shoves a candy bar into Winecooler’s mouth, cutting him off mid speech.

“Fine I won’t tell you!” She chuckles nervously. “Here! Try this Dairy Road candy bar!”

The third in command of D.E.A.T.H. laughs away the report’s troubling info as Danny and Koko make their way home through a rumble infested street. Slumped in the passengers seat, Koko stares out into the blackness.

“So are those people we helped, ok?” She asks.

"Beth and Victor made it to the hospital with the injured victims." Danny pauses. "But the joint is running on backup power due to… well…You… So they are keeping them stable as best they can."

"So they're fine? Good!” Koko chimes. “What about Beth and Victor?"

"Beth said she was going to stay at the hospital with Victor until the Earth returns to normal." He replies. "I‘m assuming they are heading home right now."

Unconcerned with the havoc she's caused, Koko turns her head in Danny‘s direction.

"I'm tired, and since everything is ok. You don't mind if I take a nap do ya Master?"

"No of course not." The Cyborg replies. Man it's crazy how different Koko acts when she's low on power. I wish she was always like this. Danny thinks to himself.

Maneuvering the best he can through the dislodged and damaged road, Danny turns on the radio. A pop tune plays on the radio filling the dead silence. Danny lowers the volume.

"Hey Master." Koko whispers.

"Ya?" He replies.

"What's a Dragon Ball?" She asks.

Danny sighs deeply as he drives off into the darkness. The full moon's sliver rays guiding the way home.

The End.

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