Shadow Vile Figure

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Action / Thriller
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Scene 1 opens with Johnny Seth waking up in an unknown place

Johnny/SVF: *wakes up and looks at his hands* Where… where am I?

Satan: You’re currently awaiting judgment, but there’s been a change of plans.

Johnny/SVF: What are you talking about?! Judgment and plans?! For what?!

Satan: I’ve seen the things you’ve done. You’re a very… ahem… corrupt teen, aren’t you?

Johnny/SVF: What’s going on?!

Satan: I’ve had a little chat with God and with his permission, you’ll be brought back to earth, under one condition.

Johnny/SVF: *breathes heavily* What do you plan on doing to me?!

Satan: Oh, you’ll find out very soon.

Johnny/SVF: *grabs his chest and coughs* What’s going on?!

Satan: Quit it with your nonstop questions! You’ll be back on earth in no time!

Johnny/SVF: *shouts in pain and falls onto his back, clenching his fists and spazzing* What have you done to me, you son of a…! *falls back down to earth, shouting in fear, and lands on his back, then groans in pain* Ah, man. What’d that guy do to me? *looks at his hands, which have turned into claws* What the…? *feels the top of his head* Why am I wearing a hat? *runs over to a nearby shop and looks at his reflection in the glass, which shows his dark eyes and razor-sharp teeth*

Demon 1/Jacob: *walks up to SVF and taps on his shoulder*

Johnny/SVF: *turns around and glares at Jacob* Who on earth are you?

Demon 2/Martin and 3/Aaron: *walk up and stands behind Jacob*

Demon 1/Jacob: My name is Jacob.

Demon 2/Martin: Martin’s the name.

Demon 3/Aaron: And I’m Aaron.

Johnny/SVF: What do you want with me? Assuming you want something.

Demon 1/Jacob: We were sent to come look for you.

Johnny/SVF: Who sent you?

Demon 3/Aaron: Satan.

Johnny/SVF: *sighs* Figures. What does he want with me?

Demon 2/Martin: He wanted us to tell you that you need to obliterate every Christian you encounter.

Demon 3/Aaron: And if you don’t, Satan will do everything in his willpower to make sure you end up in Hell for eternity!

Johnny/SVF: You make that sound like a bad thing even though you’re a demon.

Demon 1/Jacob: You don’t want to make Satan angry… what was your name again?

Johnny/SVF: My name, well from when I was a human, was Johnny Seth, but now, I don’t know if that’s even my real name anymore.

Demon 1/Jacob: Well, maybe you’ll figure it out sometime, but for now, find some Christians and get rid of them or suffer the consequences.

Johnny/SVF: Whatever.

Demons: *fly away and vanish*

Johnny/SVF: *looks to his left and spots a high school* Prosperity High? *scoffs* Looks like I know where I’m going first.

Scene 1 ends

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