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The Fight For Survival - REWRITTEN VERSION

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Fighting, Death, Stalkers, & more... What do you do when your life spirals out of control?

Action / Mystery
Trinity Sunalee
4.7 3 reviews
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- Prologue

The first time I saw someone get killed in front of me was twelve years ago, I was six.

The first time I held a real gun was eleven years ago, I was seven.

The first time I killed someone to protect my family was nine years ago, I was nine.

The first time I started fighting to survive was six years ago, I was twelve.

The first time I was on the verge of death was four years ago, I was fourteen.

The first time I was kidnapped and tortured was two years ago, I was sixteen.

The first time I found out I had a stalker was right now, I’m eighteen.

How did everything in my life spiral so out of control?

Maybe it has something to do with my gang leader parents making enemies to last them a lifetime and now I'm dealing with the consequences...

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