Revolution (Blood and Fire 1)

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We all fight for something so my only questions are: What do you fight for? How far would you go for the things that you fight for?- Blood and fire My life has changed forever. Not the good kind of change. Everything and everyone that I have ever cared about is gone. A corrupt government has been slowly taking over the world for years. We all acted like we didn't see the changes until it was too late. In this time and year, people think that we have no hope to break free from the creatures that have taken over our beloved earth. They no longer have faith, they have long ago stopped fighting for a better future. But for me? I still fight. I fight for those that are gone because of ignorance. I fight for myself, I fight for a better future; I fight for the unborn souls yet to come into this world. I put my blood and fire into this revolution.

Action / Scifi
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Great rebellions are never the fault of the individuals, but of the government.

4018 is the year. Wherever you looked, utter chaos and destruction bred under the rule of ignorance. Did we cause all this suffering or the aliens?

Can I consider them monsters or human? They did this, but we (the citizens) approved this to happen. We played dumb when the evidence was right before our faces.

We allowed our idiotic nature to control us. And now we are paying the price by watching the innocents die by the hands of foreigners we let take over the world. However, I guess the dread of the unknown has stopped many lives from fighting back.

I am done trying to live in fear. If I need to give my life for the greater good, then my blood and fire will go into this struggle, this revolt, to drive out the aliens that have taken over our globe. We as a species need to resist, to give everyone a say. Not just the ones with money and influence.

My name is Ruelle Jade Everest. This is my tale of before and after outsiders invaded earth. This is my adventure of how I fought for what I believe in.

Those people afraid to do anything, I allow you a voice. I present you a chance to challenge for your freedom. If we do not face our common enemy Earth as we know it, won't ever be the same.

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