Phantom: Curse of the Hallows blade

By MrAnonymous68 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Other


life and death are two different things...…. unless you can be both


One morning I awoke ready to save the day again. Just in case you don’t know me my name is Crow Yang but my hero name is Phantom. I got my powers from being hit by a Voidonic dark spark hidden warhead. I miraculously survived and got these cool powers like: extra speed, abnormal strength, flight and some strange aura and blasts that look rather evil purple. (but I’m not) . last week I learned that I have an extra power of regeneration when I was fighting victor. (AKA Reaper; he used to be my friend.). and preventing him from getting the skeletal scythe to control an army of immortal skeletons. unfortunately he escaped with the skeletal scythe but I was able to stop the skeletal army from destroying the city.

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