A Dream Of Retribution

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"Those who seem the most perfect are usually the obes flawed the most." In the near future where technology has ruined the world as we know it Oliver is a worker. A teenage boy with a quick temper and a rebellious mind. But one mistake can be fatal. With the death of his friend on his hands and suddenly enslaved to the ruler of the realm, he believes his life has come to an end, but little did he know it has just begun. When he oddly catches the eye of the ruler's son Alexander, he will finally open the door to the truth he's been seeking his entire life. Technology hasn't vanished but in fact, flourished in unimaginable ways. War was upon them all. In a house where reside betrayal, hate, and pain, Oliver will find love, unravel secrets that tie all the way back to his family and with the clock ticking, he will take it upon himself to free as many as he can and stop a slaughter before it even begins. For this, he must leave everything behind. Accompanied by a healer, his brother, his boyfriend and two boys he despises he must lurk into a world where death lingers in every corner with a mission to find the threat before it finds them. But can he do it? Can he seek out a common tongue with the savages? Or was it all bound to end in blood?

Action / Romance
Christina Salient
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