The Secret

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A story about a girl who was raped and striped of all she owned and left for dead but she comes back for revenge. 'The Mclurkin estate house 05' She grinned mischievously as she eyed the piece of paper in her hand. The day she had been awaiting had arrived and now she was going to pass judgment on her enemies ruthlessly, by releasing all her wrath and making sure they died a long, painful death. She's a weapon, she's THE weapon. Wherever she goes, her effect is felt in a negative way. You don't double cross her because you won't

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Alexis ran down the passage in a haste to find the room she had been told existed in the second part of the house.

The room that led to a well-furnished underground house, was somewhere within the part of the house she had been forbidden to cross into until that very day; the day her father died and made his orders to her clear after leaving his legacy in her heart.

The secret she now hid within her was something her predators must never have access to but how was it going to be possible for her, a fourteen year old girl, to be able to hide that secret well and to be able to stay out of the way of those who were ready to manipulate her especially since she had no idea of where the damned door to her fate and her only escape route was?

Alexis began to run faster as she had started to hear the quickened footsteps of those pursuing her. She looked to the left and right of the passage that only seemed to grow in length as her anxiety was growing but she made sure to never decrease her speed.

As she was running, she saw a familiar painting on the right side of the passage, so she stopped running and walked to it. That picture was one of the rare pictures her father loved and thought dear, however, she knew that no matter how loved the painting was, her father would never have placed it in that part of the house if it did not signify something.
She tried to decipher any code that might have been there and by mistake, she hit the picture sideways.

"What is your password?"

A machine asked her as it appeared from nowhere and she said the only thing that came to her mind; the date of her mother's death and a door she never knew about opened.

Immediately she entered, the door closed and she found herself in a tunnel that was dimly lit by hanging bulbs. She looked around and was awed, she could not believe her father would have had the great insight to create an underground tunnel in their house.

"Was it because of my mother's untimely death he had it built? Did my mother's death have anything to do with the secret code he gave me? Were my parents secret agents? Was my life and everything I believed in a phony?" She asked herself all those questions as she continued to walk down the tunnel.

She got to another door not long after she entered the tunnel and this time, she was able to open the door just by turning the knob. She entered the room the door had led her to and she froze.

It felt like the pathway of air in her body was blocked. Her face was stricken with unbelief and shock. It could not be possible, she could not let it be possible. It was totally insane!

How could the person she was running from be in front of her? She pinched her cheek to see if she was in reality and not asleep and lo and behold he was actually standing in front of her grinning. It was not a dream.

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