The Queen in Exile (The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book II)

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Stacey never meant to return to Russia, but when Peter's grandma is in danger, she must sneak into the country to rescue her before Yuri finds them. Stacey learned a lot about Soviet History from her grandma during her life. Then she inherited her grandma's mysterious Russian ring, she decided that she wanted to know more about the country. During her first year of college she went to study in Russia only to discover that she is a Romanov. After her first round with the infamous President Yuri Kostov, Stacey escaped with The Ring of the Queen. Seven years later, Stacey has married Peter and they have a son, Michael and live in Alaska. President Kostov discovers that the ring Stacey gave him is a fake, and suddenly Grandma Tish is in danger of Yuri Kostov's wrath. Stacey and Tania, who is visiting at the time, make an illegal mad dash through Siberia in a Lear Jet to rescue Peter's grandma. Yuri is hot on their tail as they get caught up in a MiG chase across Siberia on their way back to America. Following an unforgettable landing in Alaska, Stacey meets with the American State Department and finds herself with no choice, but to allow herself to be exiled in order to protect her family and to hold onto The Ring of the Queen. Following this book will be the conclusion of The Lost Tsar Trilogy in Catherine III. Coming soon.

Action / Adventure
Nina Kindred
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The Queen in Exile (The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book II)

The Queen In Exile

(The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book II)

Dedicated to

My loving family for all their support

and to my friends

Danielle, Brian, Daphne, Jolene,


My father in law



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