Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 10

Date: 05 October 2035

Time: 14:56

EnterPRICE Incorporated was much more impressive when it was light out and when one wasn’t in a tour group. People seemed much more efficient without the looming threat of some teenager breaking expensive equipment.

Emma hardly saw anything the night she did some ‘breaking and entering’, thus she was looking this way and that as she walked behind Amanda. She had to admit the company was pretty impressive. From what she can remember from the tour, EnterPRICE came into existence only a year after the third World War. This made it the second oldest Company in the world. (NIC Corp being the oldest.)

World War III, otherwise known as the Great Nuclear War, was one of the most devastating things to befall mankind. The bombs hit everywhere, first, second, and third world counties were affected. The population went from close to 7 billion people to only around 2 billion. Almost nothing survived. Nothing except N.I.C. Incorporated.

It took thirty years but NIC Corp pulled humanity back on track. They had better technology, better and more medical advances, education was top notch and governments were working closer than ever. There were no economic diversions between countries anymore, everyone was at equal level.

Crime was also more advanced and more frequent. Criminals knew better ways to commit crimes and less people were doing anything about it. It was like imagining the most dirty crime infested place and stretching it around the earth.

And now Emma was going to do something about it. She was going to try and make things better. No. She’s not going to try; she’s going to do it. And nothing will stop her.

Wesley Price’s office was everything you would expect a big shot CEO’s office to be like. It was big, with a long rug leading to his desk and a glass wall behind him, overlooking the city. Emma looked around, impressed. Not even her mother’s office was this big; it wasn’t even half the size.

“Miss Knight. Your late,” Wesley said, not looking up from his paper work.

“I had detention,” Emma said, throwing her bag on the one of the couches.

“Why am I not surprised,” Wesley said, “Come here. I want to show you something.”

Emma walked over to look at the computer screen. It was a 3D figure. Dressed in very interesting clothing.

The first thing one would notice would be the visor and the mask/neck brace. The visor looked like a solid strip of metal that covered the eyes and attached to ones ears, covering them completely as well. The mask was solid metal that went around the head, extending down to the neck, covering it. Next were the clothes, a long sleeved shirt and long pants. They fit tightly against the skin, but not spandex tight. There were metal bands around the forearm and the figure wore strange gloves as well. They were the opposite of fingerless gloves, metal again and attached to a wrist brace by thin strips of flexible metal. The figure wore boots as well. The soles were thick, probably around 5 cm thick. The boots went high, stopping just below the knee. They were probably reinforced with metal as well. Then there was a utility belt.

“What do you think,” Wesley asked, looking at her.

“Nice, I thought it would have more armour or stuff. Quick question. Why am I blind?” Emma asked.

“You’re not blind. The Visor is a specially designed one-way mirror. While everyone will always see their reflections, you will be able to see everything. It also dims light a bit for your eyes.”


“It’s also a computer uplink. It will enable me to see everything you’re seeing. You will also be able to detect heat signatures, distance, zooming capabilities,-”

“Basically it’s a fancy sensor that can pick up anything.”

“Almost anything but yes. Now the ear coverings are radio uplinks, to me, police scanners, and even cell phone signals-”

“Seriously! Are you telling me I can listen to everything that happens between my classmates as it happens. Ooo. Blackmail.”

“Looks like I’ll be controlling that feature.”

“Man, that’s totally unfair!”

“Do you want to sit around listening to gossip, or do you want to help people?”

“I was joking! Man, get a sense of humour.”

“As I was saying. The earphone will also increase your hearing by a factor of ten. Moving to the mask. It’s mainly an air filter. This way you wouldn’t be affected by any type of gasses. You will not, however, be able to use it underwater. The neck brace is mainly for protection.”

“How does it open?”

“DNA scanner. A drop of blood will do. I have an override just in case. Now the clothes are made out of Nano-Clov.”


“Yes, there are Nano-bots imbedded into material. This makes the material as hard as steel but as light as normal material. This should be able to protect you against long range firearms and any type of knife. Before we continue you need to know that all the armour is made from Diamonium.”

“What’s Diamonium?”

“We think it’s a substance made from a mixture of Diamond and Titanium.”

“You think?”

“The material was found underground in Australia a few years back. Their still mining it at this time.”

“What does it do?”

“You mean other than being the strongest metal on earth, but extremely light weight? Basically it can stop bullets. This is why the arm braces are made from them. Also look at this,” Wesley enlarged the design at the hands. He typed in a command and the finger gloves became sharp.

“Now these can be used as a weapon or a computer hack. Inside the arm braces is a virus created to unlock any firewall or protected information,”

“Nice. But will that be necessary?”

“Possibly. You’re… sponsor gave me the design,” Wesley said. Her sponsor? Exactly who was the person making Wesley help her?

“Now your boots. As you have already guessed the top part has been reinforced with Diamonium, but so are the soles. This will obviously make your kicks hurt more.”

“Obviously.” Emma said sarcastically. She looked at the design; it was perfect, except maybe one thing, “Can I get whips?”

“Wouldn’t you like guns instead?”

“I, well, I don’t like guns.”

“I see. Well then, whips. Hhmm. Probably play around with design a bit…” Emma watched as Wesley muttered while he typed on the computer.

Just then Amanda arrived. Amanda Trate was a serious person. Of all the times Emma had seen her she had worn a suit. Her blond hair was always in a bun and her glasses rested on her sun-kissed nose. She also carried around a notebook everywhere she went. Right now she was on the phone with someone. Talking about some operation.

“…Yes that’s right the operation is scheduled for tomorrow at noon. Yes, Miss Knight will be there. Yes thank you again. Goodbye.”

“Operation? What operation? What’s going on!?” Emma asked.

“Most of the equipment will need a neural uplink, so we’re going to insert a chip into your brain,” Wesley said.

“What!? Why didn’t you tell me when you were explaining the suit to me? Where did you even get the plans for such a thing?” Emma half shouted.

“You interjected with your whips. As for the design. I…had it on hand,” Wesley said.

“Do I really need it?” Emma asked, worriedly.

“Yes. Don’t worry Miss Knight. We are having one of the best surgeons do this,” Amanda said.

“Ah Amanda. How is the check on the finances going?” Wesley asked not looking up from the screen.

“Not as well as I had hoped sir,” Amanda said. Wesley looked at her and frowned.

“Then I suggest you get back to it. Now,” Wesley commanded, his voice hard. Amanda turned and half ran out the door.

“What’s this check thing,” Emma asked.

“There is money missing from the company,” Wesley said.

“… I pity the idiot who did that to you.”

“I don’t.”

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