Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 11

Date: 20 October 2035

Time: 08:23

It’s been two weeks since Emma’s training had begun and two weeks since Emma’s operation. The doctors had had to shave her head, something Emma was not very happy about. Thankfully they had given her a wig to wear until her hair came back in. With the help of a hair growing formula her hair was now a bit longer then a boy short haircut.

A lot had happened over the last couple of days. The suit was done, with metal retractable whips that turn into metal sticks for attacking. Wesley had given her an Olympic competitor type vitamin that shortens time to strengthen muscles, called Mussagro. Normally only certified trainers could get the drug, but Wesley got it easily. She had gotten better at sneaking, hacking, breaking and entering and a lot more.

June and Emma hadn’t talked at all.

School was different with the girls not talking to each other. Not a good different or a bad different, just different. Most of the time June was either suspended or in the Principal’s office. Others times she was playing pranks, blowing things up or setting things on fire. No one was sure how exactly June had burnt down the pool (which was still full of water).

Emma, on the other hand, hardly said anything while at school. When she wasn’t sleeping in class she was staring off into space. Or texting. The texting didn’t make very much sense since Emma wasn’t allowed a phone, thus no one was sure where she got it. But whether or not she had a phone she was still distant. Everyone thought she was depressed.

Reality was far from the rumours. Emma was usually texting Wesley, getting information or him teaching her about her new suit. The staring into space was when she was trying to figure out how to get passed a training level. Wesley has said she had to finish a complete training system perfectly before he would let her out.

Training was pretty hard. There were different types of training to help with the different talents she needed to learn and each type had several different levels. The current one she was working on was an Evade and Avoid training. Or as she called it: Wesley throwing stuff at her, while she hopes to survive.

The regime consisted of large objects swinging at her. Things shooting from the wall. Objects falling on her. Lasers shooting at her. And lastly, the floor splitting open.

Emma rolled out of the way as a dart, the point the size of the forefinger, shot as her, only to jump back immediately when a laser zipped past. She looked at the large tower in front of her. Metal spiked balls whirling around it. On top of the tall structure was a button which she had to reach. Now she only needed a way up.

“You’re wasting time,” Wesley said. He sat at his computer tracking Emma’s every move. He said it would help if he got some practice in before the real thing. Emma wasn’t sure how he was going to track her. Because unless he had access to very camera around the city, and- wait. He probably did. Never mind.

“You want to try this?” Emma said as she jumped back again.

“You have a time limit, remember,” Wesley said, ignoring her comment. Emma scowled. She hated what happened when the time limit ran out.

Shaking her head, and evading yet another dart, she ran towards the structure. She jumped onto the first ball, grabbing hold of one of the spikes, her feet slamming onto the surface so to avoid any other spike. Pulling herself up, so that her legs rested on the spike, she got ready to jump to the next ball. Suddenly out of the corner of her eyes she saw a ball heading towards her. She jumped up and grabbed hold of the ball as it started to move away again.

“Two minutes!” Wesley called.

Emma cursed. She only had two minutes to get to the button. Quickly she started to jump from ball to ball, desperate to get to the top.

And she did!

She grabbed hold of the edge and pulled herself up. She rushed to the button when-

“TIME!” Wesley call. Immediately the platform slanted and Emma slid off, falling to the ground. The artificial gravity making her fall faster.

Artificial Gravity had been discovered during the 7th year after WWIII. While they cannot be home made, they can be installed into a room. Not only were they installed in space stations and rockets, but in Fun Zones as well. The technology was so easily accessible that there was hardly anyone that hasn’t floated around in Zero Gravity. Less people, however, had fallen to the floor because the gravity had been increased.

So it came as no surprise when Emma screamed her head off as she fell.

Right towards a spike.

Emma curled herself into a ball, knowing that this was the end. Instinctively she reached out to the shadows, but they were too far away. But she needed to get out, she needed to leave. Suddenly she felt something she had only felt two times before. The feeling of being ripped into pieces. The feeling of her mind breaking apart and …she was everywhere.

Date: 20 October 2035

Time: 22:22




Wesley sat in the chair at the hospital, listening to the heart monitor and watching Emma on the bed. She was in a coma, her red hair spread around her head, looking like blood. Wesley had seen this image twice before. Once when he was very small, and the other time was when Emma dropped from his celling.

He remembered it clearly.

Emma was twitching and as he ripped of the mask, her hair everywhere. When Amanda had seen her, she had thought the girl had bled to death. And a few hours ago, the same thing happened.

One minute she was falling to her death (himself hitting buttons to stop the fall), when she turned into some kind of smog. Disappearing completely. He had shot out of his chair calling to her, looking this way and that.

When she reappeared her eyes were completely black, like last time, and she was frozen, twitching occasionally. He called to her several times, but she didn’t answer. Finally he called Amanda and after she was unsuccessful in wakening her (she has First Aid training), they took her to the hospital.

It was a few hours after being admitted into the hospital before Emma’s parents arrive. They asked the doctor if she would be alright, but not even the doctor was sure of what will happen. He heard that it wasn’t the first time she had been in a coma. Last time, when she was a child, she was unconscious for a few days. This time it could be a week, or a month, or a year. No one was sure.

Surprisingly enough, Abigail, walked right up to Wesley, slapped him in the face and threatened him. She then walked off, only to return ten minutes later, worried. Wesley was on his phone and Abigail was close to getting fired. She asked him not to, that her job was the only thing she cared about.

“More than your own daughter?” Wesley asked. After that Emma’s parents left and didn’t come back. That was why he was where he was. Waiting for the doctor as he did some paper work.

“Wes?” Wesley turned to the door, finding Percy standing there.

“Perc,” Wesley said.

“How is she?” Percy asked, leaning against the door and staring at the other man.

“Still hasn’t woken up,” Wesley replied, ignoring Percy’s unasked questions.

“You should get home. The doctors will call you if there’s any change,” Percy said, walking towards Wesley and putting his hand on his shoulder.

“I know. Your right. I just…” Wesley said, the words slipping out without his permission.

“You just what?” Percy asked, his voice anxious.

“…I don’t know.”

Katharine Timber walked into a donut shop as she talked on the phone.

“Yes I know the shipment didn’t reach you, but that is hardly my fault. Those idiots of yours a caught by some kind of ‘shadow’.”

“Their mental health? Not so good. Their still wakening up from nightmares. Can’t seem to keep them at bay.”

A young Chinese girl was walking home with her friends. The girls boarded a train and off they went. During the ride, the girls laughed and shoved each other.

Suddenly the train crashed and exploded.

It was the middle of the night when a man got out of his camping tent, intent on going to the bathroom. Using his flash light he made sure there was nothing outside. Walking towards the nearest tree, he unzipped his pants.

A cat sleeping under a tree.

A small boy stealing from his mother’s purse.

A teenage girl realizing that she was in love with her boyfriend.

Two men breaking school windows.




Wesley frowned as several large men dragged him from his car before throwing him in an alleyway. Getting to his feet, he saw a faceless figure in the dark.

“I assume you’re the head of this operation?” Wesley said.

“Wrong. Technically I was to be the only one of this operation, but I decide to get some help. Just to make extra sure.”

“Extra sure of what?”

“You don’t live passed this night.”

Emma’s eyes shot open.

There was no one else in the room. But that didn’t matter; she needed to get to Wesley. Pulling all the needles and monitoring instruments off her she jumped into the nearest shadow. By the time the doctors arrived the room was empty, and Emma was half way across the city.

On her way to where Wesley was, she came across a costume shop, a cloak on display, long enough that some of it bragged on the floor. It was pitch black and when closed it would cover the entire body. The hood was large and hanged low on one’s face. It was perfect. Emma quickly grabbed the cloak and left.

When appearing in the alleyway, Emma saw a faceless figure attacking Wesley as it shouted at him.

“WHERE IS IT?!” it- no, she- shouted.

“Where’s what? Unlike you seem to assume, I can’t actually read minds,” Wesley said coldly.


“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Would you like me to call a psychologist for you?”

“Don’t play with me Price. Everyone knows you’re the only one Felix trust.”

“Felix? That sounds like the name of a cat. Sorry I’m not an animal person, but I know where you can get them,” Wesley said. The faceless figure, now beyond angry, kicked Wesley in the ribs. Wesley coughed and blood dripped out of his mouth.


“How the hell am I going to answer your questions if I have to ‘shut up’?”

At that answer the faceless figure pulled back her fist and was ready to punch Wesley, when Emma grabbed her arm and threw her away from the man. The Faceless turned in mid-air and landed on her feet. Emma stood in front of Wesley waiting for the figure’s next move. The Faceless looked around, as if trying to find someone.

“If you’re looking for your goons, they ran off,” Emma said. And it was true. The minute the men saw her appear from the shadows they ran away.

Faceless turned her head and stood up straight. Emma copied her. The night was still and everything around them was quiet as they stared at the other. They looked similar to each other. While Faceless wore clothes to conceal her whole body, Emma used the shadows and the cloak to hide herself.

Together the two girls snapped out of their daze and rushed toward one another. Faceless jumped up, intent on delivering a landing kick. Emma whirled out of the way and kicked towards Faceless as she landed, striking her in the back. Faceless fell to the ground, but with the help of her hand quickly brought herself back on to her feet. Emma rushed towards Faceless, but Faceless jumped into the air and landed behind the other girl. Emma turned around, only to get punched in the face. As she fell back, Faceless jumped at her. Emma brought her legs together and kicked the figure in the stomach. Within a few seconds both girls were on the ground.

They got up quickly and started to circle one another. Neither had any weapons except for their hands. Both girls made several faints. But the other did not fall for it. Finally Emma rushed towards Faceless again, fist ready to punch. Faceless caught the fist and turned Emma around, pinning her arm to her back. Emma fought back a cry of pain. Instead she slammed her head into the other girl’s face, causing Faceless to release her. Emma dropped to the ground and kicked up, hitting faceless in the stomach. Faceless growled and was ready to pounce when:


Both girls jumped apart when they heard the gun shot, turning to the sources of the noise. There on the ground was Wesley, glasses gone and blood flowing down his nose. Clothes ripped and the beginning of several bruises already forming. Leg broken and ribs cracked. He also seemed to have problems breathing.

And he was holding a gun, locked onto the faceless figure.

Faceless turned to Emma and said, “This isn’t over.”

“Not a chance,” Emma replied. With that the faceless figure ran off into the dark. Immediately the gun moved to her. Emma stepped back in shock, before realizing that Wesley couldn’t see who she was. Quickly she pulled down her hood. Wesley’s eyes widen and he dropped the gun.

“Emma?” he asked in shock. Emma wasn’t sure what to do. Wesley had never used her first name, so why is he now?

“Wesley it’s ok, it’s me. Just calm down,” Emma said softly as she moved toward the man.

“How? The hospital didn’t-”

“It’s ok, it’s ok. You need to calm down. We need to get YOU to a hospital. Can you stand?” Emma asked, grabbing hold of him and slowly pulling him up. Wesley hissed and Emma quickly lowered him back to the ground.

“Ok Wesley listen to me. It’s going to be hard moving you. We will need to Shadow Travel.”

“What! I am not Shadow Traveling. I’d rather saw off my leg.”

“Well that’s what they’re going to do if you don’t stop being such a baby!” The two stared heatedly at one another. After a few moments Emma sighed.

“Look I don’t know what else to do. If you have a better idea, sure let’s do that instead, but if you don’t… I don’t want to do this, but you need to get to the hospital,” Emma said. Wesley sneered and looked away. Taking that as a confirmative, Emma dragged him slowly to the nearest shadow.

“Ok. Before we go in, I need you to concentrate on one thing only. Just keep thinking about it, don’t let it get away.”

“Any reason why?”

“When you are in the shadows, you are the shadows, and you see everything they see. I can control it, you can’t and that might, well…”

“Turn me insane?”

“Pretty much,” Emma said. Wesley closed his eyes and thought.

“Ok, let’s go,” he said, not opening his eyes. With one arm around Wesley, Emma moved her other hand to the shadow.

“Oh, by the way, take a deep breath. You wouldn’t be able to breathe.”


Emma stood by the door to Wesley’s hospital room. She had Shadow Travelled them to the alleyway nearest to the Hospital, then proceeded to half carry, half drag Wesley to the front doors. When the doctors had seen him they immediately forgot about her escaping and took Wesley to the operation room.

Five hours later his vitals were stable. She learned that he was forced fed acid poison. The poison had started to disintegrate his internal organs. Thankfully the hospital had a Regenerator, and once they knew what had happened, used it on him. Another few minutes and he would have been dead.

“Are you going to stand there all day or are you coming in?” Felix said suddenly from his seat next to the bed. Emma jumped slightly when she heard his voice. She didn’t think he knew she was there, not having once looked up from his work. Slowly, she went into the room, and stood by Wesley’s side. She watched as his chest rose and fell. He was healed completely, but his body needed to catch up to the healing, which meant a lot of rest.

“This isn’t this first time this happened,” Felix said.

“That doesn’t make me feel better,” Emma said, her voice flat. She wasn’t sure what to think, not after…, “I saw him.”

“Come again?” Felix asked, looking up.

“He told you… what I am.”

“Yes, I was informed.”

“I saw him. Sitting here. Day after day… I just don’t know why,” she told him, looking into his eyes.

She watched as Felix’s eyes turned hard. He locked his fingers together and brought them to his mouth, half glaring at her through narrowed eyes, “Don’t. Think he cares about you.”

Emma laughed a hollow laugh, “I don’t. But… sometimes he stares at me. But I don’t think he sees me.”

Through the shadows she saw Felix’s eyes soften for less than a second. She watched as he shifted his laptop and stand up, stopping right behind her. His hand reached up and curled around her neck, “You look like someone he did care about. Probable the only person he’s ever truly cared about.”

“I th-” she stopped as she felt his hand tighten. Felix bent down and placed his mouth by her ear.

“Please try and use that to your advantage,” he said daringly, “We might not be able to get rid of you, but we can make things very difficult for you.”

“I’m not going to,” she said softly.

Felix chuckled, letting go of her neck and stepping back, “Then what are you going to do?”

Her eyes flickered to him quickly, watching as that grin appeared. Turning back to Wesley she took his hand and held it in hers. A small part of her brain immediately recognized the feel of it, but she ignored it. She looked at his sleeping face and made a decision. Stepping forward, while making sure she had many openings to show Felix she wasn’t a threat, she leaned over the sleeping man and kissed his hair line. Afterwards she stood straight and walked out. Stopping by the door she took one last look at him, speaking loud enough so Felix could hear her

“An eye for an eye…And a lung for a lung.”

As she left she heard the sound of deep, evil laughter following her.

Oh how she wished she could join in.

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