Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 13

Date: 14 November 2035

Time: 21:34

The Living Nightmare and Red Riding Hood stood facing one another. Neither moved, neither spoke, nothing.

Emma- no, Nightmare- realized she would have to take action. This… Red Hood had spoken first and was waiting for her to retaliate.

“My, my. Only my second night and already I have a copycat. And you know what they say about copies,” Nightmare said. She could tell by her stance that Red Hood wasn’t happy.

“Well maybe not a complete pleasure,” Red Hood said, annoyed.

“Can I help you with something, or are you only trying to waste my time,” Nightmare said, moving to leave. Using the shadows she kept an eye on the girl.

“I told you this wasn’t over,” she said. Nightmares head snapped back to Red Hood. This was the person whom attacked Wesley.

Nightmare didn’t hesitate. Immediately she kicked off and attacked the other girl.

Time: 21:37

Bill Connors wouldn’t call himself important. He didn’t stand out, but he didn’t blend into the background either. He was average, to the point that many people would call him boring. And currently, he needed a job.


Bill flew backwards as something fell right in front of him. Pushing himself up, he waited a few seconds for the dust to clear, revealing two figures. Girls. Dressed in the strangest clothing. Fighting right in front of him.

Fighting very violently.

Realizing this, he quickly scampered behind the nearest trash can. Once he was safe he took out his video phone, mentally thanking his mother again for the, somewhat cheap but useful, birthday present. He knew that if he got this on the Intra-Wed, the most popular video site in the world, and he got more the 500,000 view he could be offered money to have it aired on the Net-News.

“Really Nightmare. All this over such a silly little thing?” the red girl said.

Nightmare? As in the thing that the Aerial Report reported on? The so called demon that caught five men that attacked some business man? If it was, he could forget about the view count and sell it directly to Hope-Net, a city wide news station that not only aired 24-7, but would transmit important news to every phone, television and radio. And while Net-News would be better, the sub channel will get him the money immediately and turn him into instant celebrity!

“You almost killed a man, Red Hood!” Nightmare shouted angrily.

“I’m an assassin. That’s kind of my job. Actually it is my job. And the job’s not over yet,” Red Hood said.

“If you touch one hair on his head-”

“Calm yourself. Your boyfriend isn’t the target. Actually, I came here to warn you.”

“Really now.”

“Yes. Get in my way and you’ll regret it.”

Nightmare laughed and Bill felt a shiver go down his spine. “How about you back up those words.”

“Sorry. Grandma’s waiting for her goodies.”

With that Red Hood ran off, Nightmare close behind. Once out of sight, Bill stopped the recording and got out from behind the bins. With this recording he was going to be rich. He was going to be famous. He was going to be – CRUNCH!

Looking down, Bill tried to see what he stepped on. It was a shield shaped badge. It had three small six-point stars on it and a decorative N in the middle. Did the N stand for Nightmare? And if it did, did it belong to the Nightmare? If it did, then, tonight really was his night.

Time: 21:58

Nightmare punched the nearest wall in frustration. Red Riding Hood had gotten away. Angry, she reactivated her com link.

“Where is she?” Nightmare demanded.

“Don’t know. Cameras went off in her area and when they came back on she was gone.”

“Who is she?”

“Don’t know. Her suit had the same Voice Changer yours has.”

“What’s her mission?”

“Don’t know-”

“Then what the hell do you know?!”

“Miss Knight. Stop acting like you favourite toy was just taken away from you and act your age. Yes. You had your suit copied and yes, you were just threatened. However, I expect you to get it together and focus on the real problem.”

“Which is?”

“Someone stole the plans to your suit.”


“Your suit is made from highly advanced technology that wouldn’t be available to the public for another 5 to 7 years. Not to mention that it had to be someone on the inside that stole the plans. ”


“Yes, oh.”

“Now what?”

“I’m going over the list of people who had access to even a small part of the project. See what I can find out.”

“What about Fake-Phil?”

“Face recognizing software is doing the job.”

“Ok. Anything else?”

“Yes, there’s a mugging going on two allies to your left.”

“On it.”

Date: 15 November 2035

Time: 07:23

Emma honestly never thought she would welcome a morning, especially after only a few hours of sleep. But that morning, she was glad to get out of dream world, even if it did mean facing the morning.

Entering the kitchen, she immediately opened the fridge to get something to eat. She proceeded to grab several food stuff when-


Emma let go of everything as she dropped to the ground and started to move to the nearest shadow.

“Just as I though. For a girl who laughs in the face of danger, I never thought you’d be afraid of a small thing like a gun,” Wesley’s voice came. Emma climbed to her feet and looked at the man. Once again he was sitting at her kitchen table, and once again he was eating the porridge her mother makes for her every morning.

“What the hell, Price! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Emma shouted.

“Why exactly are you afraid of guns?” Wesley asked, setting the gun down and scooping up some porridge.

“…I’m not,” Emma said. Wesley looked at her, clearly not impressed by her answer.

“Seriously! I’m not! … I’m just a bit…jittery around them,” Emma said, looking the man straight in the eyes.

“Well, I suggest you fix that…Do you know how to use one?”

“Not really, why?”

“I’ll set up some lessons for you, because you are going to learn how to use one.”


“Because I said so.”

“And if I don’t listen?”

“You don’t have a choice.”

“What are you going to do? Kidnap me?” Emma asked, looking at him. Wesley pause, spoon halfway to him mouth as he just looked at the girl, eyebrow raised. Emma’s shoulders fell in realization, “Of course you would.”

“I’m glad to see you’re using the brain in that pretty little head of yours. Then again, I should be glad with the mere fact that you have one.”

“At least I use mine for things other than destroying other people’s lives.”

“No you don’t,” Wesley said plainly. Emma opened her mouth to reply when she realized he was right. Scowling, she grabbed an apple and sat down next to the man, her feet on the table.

It was sad, really. That very morning was the most comfortable one Emma’s ever had in her house.

Time: 10:21

“Bored,” June ground out as she rubbed her face with her hands.

“Your own fault, Jupiter. You’re the one who planted the bombs in the kitchen… What were you trying to do by the way,” Emma said, not looking at her companion, instead keeping her eyes on the book she was reading.

“Just mess with the food really. And they weren’t bombs, just…very large firecrackers,” June said

Emma glance up, her eyes pausing again at June’s hair. It was short, around shoulder length. This was really surprising. June hated her hair short. “Nice hair by the way,” Emma said.

“Thanks,” June muttered, her hand going to her hair, pulling it slightly.

“What made you cut it?” Emma asked casually, laying her book on her chest.

“This and that. Nothing specific really,” June said shrugging, and looking suspiciously embarrassed.

“It caught fire didn’t it?” Emma said smirking.

“…yes,” June said. They laps into another round of silence. Not that Emma minded. She like the silence. Going back to her book, Emma read a few lines before a thought came to her.

“…Why am I here again?” Emma asked, scrunching up her face.

“Didn’t you plant the mini bombs in people’s lockers?” June asked, turning her head a looked at her.

“Ch. If I hear one more crack about ‘forbidden love’ I’m ganna do a lot worse,” Emma muttered, the hour old anger coming back. The whole school was going on about the whole ‘forbidden love’ thing, even the teachers.

“Someone’s pissy today.” June said, smirking.

“Didn’t get much sleep.” Emma muttered, Wesley’s training sessions were hell.


Emma froze lightly at the word, but immediately forced herself to relax. June wouldn’t- couldn’t- know anything about that.

Taking a mental breath, she answered, “Kinda. You don’t look so hot either, Red”


Did June just flinch? Maybe she didn’t like the name; after all, it did remind them to why they are angry with each other.

“My Aunt and her parties.”


June threw her head back and moaned with an air of annoyance. Emma looked at her friend. They were in the principal’s office, half waiting to be shouted at, and half wasting time.

“Movies later?” June asked, looking at her friend.

“You do realize were going to get grounded for this right?”

“Your point?”

“That bad at home?”

“You have no idea. You should have heard my aunt yesterday. Going on and on about this big secret NIC Corp’s keeping.”

“Yeah. I heard their going to have this whole press release sometime at the end of the month,” Emma said, closing her book.

“Yeah. This big new product that’s going to save humanity or something. Seriously, crime’s not that bad. And now we have this Nightmare person, demon, whatever, running around the city. I mean seriously who does that? Personally I think whoever’s behind that mask is a whack-o,” June said. Emma closed her eyes and counted to 10. She really didn’t want to go off at her friend for calling her crazy, even if she didn’t know it was her.

“I heard they got her on tape. Did you see it?”

“My aunt saw it and made me watch. Billy something. He got her badge too. Said he was going to make copies of it or something.”

“Franchising? Seriously? And his name’s Bill Connors.”

“Whatever. I think it’s stupid.”

“That we defiantly agree on,” Emma muttered. Just then Principal Black came in.

“Ok girls. Where would you like us to start today? Should I go right into the screaming or would you like to explain yourself. Or maybe, I should just call your parents and…

Date: 17 November 2035

Time: 14:04

Firing a gun involved much more precision then Emma expected. Truthfully she thought it was just pointing and shooting, at least that’s what ever idiot with a gun normally did. No it required hand eye coordination, nerves of steel and, thankfully, a hot instructor.

Emma knew she was staring at her instructor more than listening to him. He was talking about proper firearm’s safety, but everything was going over her head. She was too busy staring at his beautiful eyes, or his messy hair, or his broad shoulders and-


Emma jerked back as the book landed only an inch from her nose. Reading the title she learned the book was about what her instructor was talking about. But if the hot instructor didn’t slam the book down then who? She looked next to her to find Wesley standing there. He was on the phone, probably talking to Amanda, and glaring at her.

“Are you even paying attention?” Wesley asked when he finished his phone call.

“No,” Emma replied. Wesley turned to her instructor, “It would be best for us to go straight into practical.”

“I’m sorry Mr Price, until she knows proper safety I can’t let her-”

“She has the book, she can read. You can read, Miss Knight?” Wesley asked her mockingly.

“Ha-ha. Where’s the gun and what do I shoot?” Emma asked standing up. Wesley walked off, Emma right behind him as the instructor tried in vain to stop them.

Emma had to admit the shooting range was much more interesting than the almost class like lesson she was having. Someone was there to help her into the gear before taking her to one of the open ranges. They showed her how to stand and hold the gun and then left her to it.

She failed. Miserably.

Suddenly she felt someone behind her as arms extend and hands cover her own.

“Don’t be so stiff. Relax a bit. Keep your eye on the target and shoot,” Wesley said as they fired the gun together.

The bullet hit its mark.

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