Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 16

Date: 25 November 2035

Time: 19:44

“My head,” Emma whispered as she sat in the ventilation shaft. Part of her wasn’t sure how she got there, but she didn’t feel like caring. Her head felt like it was going to explode for some reason.

Emma honestly hoped she would never meet Dorathy Yelrood again. Not after what happened. She didn’t think Wesley was happy either, not from the way he had gripped her. But right now, she had other things to worry about that didn’t involve anyone with the name Yelrood.

While Wesley had talked to the Wizard, she had looked for any threats. Whom would she find, but Red Riding Hood? She was in one of those observation rooms, overlooking the party. She was setting up some equipment, muttering to herself.

While she could see while not in the shadows, her sight wasn’t very good. Her physical sight keeps trying to over throw the shadow sight. That and she couldn’t hear at all. Transmitting sound was different, it involved air waves, but that would make everyone hear what the girl was saying.

Emma sighted and moved to pull out her suit, only to realize she was already wearing it. When did that happen? And why was she in a vet? Looking down, she saw Red Hood. Oh. Maybe that’s why she was there. But how did she get there?

Deciding to worry about it later, Nightmare watched Red Hood for a few moments, before jumping down and landing behind her. Immediately a dagger soared at her. Thankfully, Nightmare had enough experience with such things, half because of Wesley’s training and half because Jupiter liked throwing things at her. Thus, Nightmare’s hand snapped up, grabbing the hilt before the blade pierced her visor.

“Nightmare,” Red Hood sneered, “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“It would help,” Nightmare replied, tucking the dagger away. She could imagine Red Hood following the action with her eyes, but wasn’t sure.

“What are you doing here?” Red Hood asked, standing up.

“I could ask you the same question?”

“I’m here to kill your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend. Haven’t we talked about this?”

“True, but the question was why are we here. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised you’re here. I’ve heard you’ve picked up some nasty habits. Gambling and drugs, what a perfect addiction for you.”

“I think you’re talking about yourself. Besides didn’t you do some breaking and entering during the week? Oh. Wait. EnterPRICE’s security robot stopped you. Because you suck.”

“Screw you.”

“Sorry I have taste,” Nightmare said. Suddenly Red Hood started to laugh.

“What, you find yourself funny,” Nightmare asked walking towards her.

“No, this just reminded me of something, that’s all. So what are you doing here?”

Before Nightmare could answer, however, the two heard noised outside the room. The two looked at each other, quickly figuring out that no one knew the two were aboard. Nightmare though about disappearing into the shadows, leaving the other girl to deal with it, but she couldn’t.

“Hide!” Red Hood yelled, grabbing Nightmare and dragged her to the cupboard. Surprised by the action, Nightmare didn’t resist. Once inside, with the doors closed, she turned to Red Hood.

“What are y-“

“Shh!” she said, pressing her ear against the door, Nightmare copying her. For some reason the whole thing reminded her about Jupiter. About all the times they’ve hidden away. And about all the times they were caught, which was all the time.

“…little brats! Can’t keep their damn mouths shut!” one of the men said as he came in. Nightmare tensed. Were they talking about the girls?

“Oh shut up John! We’re all annoyed! You think you’re the only one sick of those brats! Besides, just a few more days before they’re sold. Be happy about that,” another man said. There were several murmurs of agreement.

Nightmare felt Red Hood grip her arm, making her turn to the girl.

“What are they talking about?” she asked softly. Lowering the volume of her own external speakers, she told her everything. As she spoke, Red Hood’s grip tightens, easily cutting of her circulation. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was so use to it (Jupiter did it a lot), it might have hurt.

“What’s going to happen to them afterwards?” Red Hood asks, her voice tight.

“Whatever their masters want,” Nightmare said, spitting out the word in disgust. Red Hood sat there for a few moments. Maybe she was imagining what could happen to the girls. Did she even care? She was an assassin. But did that make her col-

“Need help?” Red Hood asked suddenly, shocking Nightmare.

“Why,” Nightmare asked.

“None of your business,” Red Hood replied. The two glared at one another for a few moments. And Nightmare knew they were glaring. Finally, after a while- and why does this fell so familiar?- she said, “You’re welcome to come along, as long as you don’t kill me.”

“I wouldn’t kill you.”

“Good, let’s go.”


“…You’re an ass.”

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” a man yelled as he recklessly opened the door. Neither Nightmare nor Red Hood hesitated. They jumped out, punching the man as they did so. Landing on their feet, they surveyed the room. There were around eight men, including the one already knocked out. None of them carried weapons, however. Whether it was because they put them away before entering the room or the possibility that they just didn’t use them, Nightmare didn’t know.

The men stared at them first, frozen. But it didn’t last long. As one they attacked the two girls. #1 threw a punch at Nightmare, only for her to side step and knee him in the stomach as she took one of her Whip Pipes and smashed it into #3’s face, immediately knocking him out. #2 had been taken care of by Red Hood, whom had twisted the man’s arm behind his back and smashed his head into the wall. #4 tackled her from the side, slamming into Red Hood. Nightmare extended her whip, curling it around the man’s chest and pulling him to her. While she did that, #5 tried to kick her. Nightmare raised her leg, causing the man’s shin to collide with her leg brace. The man jumped away, just as #4 was thrown against him. #5 and #6 had attacked Red Hood, whom by now was recovered. She ducked several of their punches before spin kicking #6 in the face. As she landed, #5 tried to grab her. Red Hood rolled out of the way, jumped up and smashed her fist into his under-chin, making him fly backwards. Nightmare watched her as #1 stood up, bringing his hands together and slammed them into her back. Red Hood watched as Nightmare fell on her face. She ran at #1, jumped and kicked him.

Nightmare slowly stood up, quickly looking to see if any of the men were still awake. John, the man who opened the cupboard, and #2 were still up. Nightmare walked over to John, lifting him into the air and slamming him into the wall while Red Hood kicked #2 in the head before he could stand up.

“Where are the girls?” Nightmare asked John.

“Go to hell!” he growled out.


Nightmare tensed as the man screamed, both of them looking at the bullet hole right next to his ear. Behind them stood Red Hood, gun in hand.

“You were saying?” Red Hood asked.

“Basement level, but you need the access key,” the man said, stuttering the entire sentence.

“And where is that?” Nightmare asked, but the man just spit into her face.


About a dozen gunshots went off. When Nightmare looked at the picture, because that’s what it was, she almost laughed. Next to the man’s head was a frowny-face. The circle was perfectly round, the eyes the same height and the mouth was curved perfectly. John looked at it, and Nightmare could tell he was feeling faint.

“Want to try that again?” Nightmare asked, amusement seeping through her voice.

“Back pocket,” the man whispered. Knocking the man out with the back of her fist, Nightmare bent down and took the key.

“Shall we?” Nightmare asked Red Hood as the other girl put away her gun.

“Lets,” Jupi- no, Red Hood said. Nightmare didn’t know why she though it was Jupiter in front of her, but the whole situation just felt…

Date: 18 September 2035

Time: 09:28

Amanda Trate gulped as Percy Felix stepped out of the elevator, white suit perfect and 19th century leather suitcase in hand. He walked toward Mr Price’s office door, no bodyguards in sight. He didn’t stop to talk to her, he didn’t need to. He entered the office, not caring if anyone tried to stop him.

“Mr Felix. How many times have I asked you not barge into my office like that?” Mr Price asked, no real malice in his voice. In fact it sounded the same as every other time Mr Felix came to visit, bored and uninterested in what he himself was saying.

“Just once more,” Mr Felix said, grin on his face. Amanda didn’t hear more as the sound proof door closed.

Amanda looked at the door. She thought Mr Felix might show up. While he never makes an appointment, Mr Price always clears the entire day when he comes. Sometimes the meeting would last for hours, other times it would take less than five minutes. But they always ended the same, with the two men going for food. Amanda knew Mr Felix forced her boss to leave, though she wasn’t sure how.

The door opening snapped her from her thoughts, making her hands move, continuing to type the letter she was supposed to have already finished. Mr Felix came out laughing while Mr Price sneered at him.

“Amanda I’m going for lunch,” Mr Price said.

“Yes sir,” she said automatically, not asking anything else. Not like it would help. He never told her anything, not even where he was eating. Then again, he never told anyone anything.

Once the men left she waited several more minutes before entering the office. Amanda knew the office like the back of her hand. She knew where everything was, where everything was stored, if anything was added and, most importantly, how to leave things to make sure no one knew she was snooping.

She surveyed the room first, but everything was in order. After that, she looked though Mr Price’s desk, but found nothing. Lastly she checked the vault. It wasn’t something she liked checking, Price could easily find out if someone was sneaking into it. Not that he would. Mr Price was under the impression that only he knew the code, but he was wrong. His father, whom had the vault installed, had told her the code several years ago.

Mr Price senior trusted her. Mr Price junior on the other hand…

Normally Amanda wouldn’t go through the vault, but Mr Felix had his suitcase. And that meant, from experience, he left something. Uncovering the vault, which was in the ground, she typed in the code. Inside was a pen, not a normal pen, but a flash drive disguised as a pen.

Quickly inserting it into the computer she went through the files. What she found horrified her. Was this really what N.I.C. Corporate was working on? She heard rumours, but she didn’t actually think they’ll do it.

This…this… this was a horrible future.

Date: 25 November 2035

Time: 20:39

Nightmare and Red Hood ran through the corridors, hiding every time their visors and earphones picked up a person near them. Nightmare was surprised to find how easily the two worked together. Her body, for some reason, seam to recognize what the other girl was going to do. And by the way Red Hood was staring at her; the same could be said about her.

It didn’t take long before they had to use the Access Key. Yet, looking at the locks, it was safe to say that her Virus-Claws would have opened them easily.

“Security here sucks,” Red Hood muttered as she knocked out the man who was ‘guarding’ the door.

“Tell me about it,” Nightmare replied as she swiped the key.

“They’re even worse than the police,” Red Hood said, causing Nightmare to break out laughing.

“Oh man, you are so right, those morons are so useless!” Nightmare said after calming down, though a stray giggle passed her lips. She didn’t like it, but she could feel her body relaxing.

“Then again, that is how you got your job,” Red Hood said.

Grinning beneath her mask, Nightmare replied (too playfully though), “And how you keep yours.”

Red Hood snorted. Nightmare looked over at her, realizing her body was relaxed as well. The two watched each other, but for some reason they couldn’t find the other a threat. Why? This was the person who hurt Wesley. This was the person who stole her suit. This was the person whose job was to kill people. So why?

“Who are you?” Red Hood asked, steeling the words out of her mouth. Nightmare honestly wanted to tell her, and yet, at the same time, she couldn’t, she wouldn’t-


The girls snapped their heads to the sound, only wasting a second before running towards it.

Date: 22 September 2035

Time: 09:28

Amanda sat in the shady club, hands together while looking around her. Diamond Dust wasn’t really the kind of place she would go to, but after reading what was on the flash drive…

“Miss Trate?” Amanda looked up to see a pleasant looking light skinned, brown haired man smile at her. She smiled back hesitantly, easily recognizing the robotic eyes.

There were several types of robots. The basic low level programed type AI robots that almost everyone could afford, and the higher human type AI robots. Human type AI robots were expensive, not to mention dangerous. They weren’t allowed to run free, it was against the law. Their owner must have their controller on them at all times. There had been reports of rogue AIs and results were… terrible.

“Yes, that’s me,” she told him. He smiled at her. He was nice to look at, and the way he felt just made her relax.

“This way please,” he said. She stood up and followed him to a back room.

The room was large and well decorated. There were several people around as well. In the corner, near the door was a black man, smoking as he stitched together a small doll. In another area, where the floor was elevated, was Dorathy. But she wasn’t alone. Next to her was a humongous beast like creature. His head was in her lap as she petted him. He growled at her when she entered, but subsided when Dorathy talked softly to it. Right across from the young woman was a seating area, the girl’s father already there. There were several women around him, massaging him, feeding him, cooing him and so on. There was also another man by his feet, curled up like a cat. In fact, he looked like he was half-cat, with ears, tails, fur (more like a mane really) even his figure nails. She couldn’t see his eyes, but she was sure they would also be like a cat’s.

The AI led her to the seating area, showing her to her seat before sitting next to her. The action didn’t comfort her however, in fact, it made her feel trapped.

“Amanda Trate. Mr Price’s personal assistant. To what do I owe the honour?” he asked her, smirking. The women around him giggled. Amanda took a deep breath. She had gotten this far, she wasn’t going drop out now.

“I have information,” she told him. The man, no, the Wizard raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“Oh?” he said, “What about?”

“…The Chips.”

Date: 25 November 2035

Time: 20:59

Nightmare kicked open the door of the bunker like cell. Inside where the eight missing children, all looking dirty and half starved, not to mention like they just reserved a beating. The children moved away from Nightmare, obviously afraid.

“It’s ok,” Nightmare said, “I’m here to save you.”

“Who are you,” one of them whispered.

“I’m the Nightmare.”

“My mommy says you’re evil!” another girl said, causing the others to back away more.

“Not to you, I’m not,” Nightmare muttered.

Red Hood on the other hand stood by the door, her head turned slightly to listen while she kept a look out. Seeing something out of the corner of her eye, she turned to it. Running toward her were several men, some with weapons.

“Nightmare! We have incoming!” Red Hood shouted as she took out her guns and ran off. She immediately started shooting the weapons out of the men’s hands, hitting her target every time. One of the men raised his gun ready to fire, when Red Hood calmly, almost lazily, pointed her gun towards the man and shot a bullet right down the nozzle of the other gun. The gun exploded, hot metal burning into the man’s skin. Red Hood ran to him and quickly kicked him in the face before turned to a new area.

Nightmare came out of the shadows, hitting one of the men, before grabbing another and throwing him aside. One man tried to throw a punch at her. She grabbed his hand, twisting it behind his back while kicking another man in the face. She then kneed the man whom she was holding in the head. Turning to Red Hood, she found the other girl staring at her, not moving.

One of the men tackled Red Hood, causing her to drop her guns. Before Nightmare could help, more men attacked her. Red Hood grabbed the man’s long sleeved shirt with her naked hands, activating her powers. As the shirt became part of her she commanded it to tighten around the man, cutting off his circulation. No longer able to breathe, the man dropped to the ground, grabbing his neck and breaking the connection between his shirt and Red Hood.

Using her powers, Red Hood split her cloak into seven tentacle-like weapons. The tentacles shot out, grabbing hold of the men and throwing them around. Nightmare was doing the same with her whips. Finishing first, Nightmare turned to Red Hood, watching her take out the last of the men. She watched as her friend? Enemy? Re-knit her cloak together and picked up her guns. She stood straight, looking right at Nightmare.

Neither spook. Neither moved. The truth was racing in their heads and neither wanted to believe it.

Nightmare was Emma Knight.

Red Hood was June Worp.

And the mirror shattered.

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