Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 17

Date: 8 May 2024

Time: 14:15


“JUNE! NO! STOP!” Emma grabbed her friend, desperate to stop her from running towards the burning car. Emma winced as she struggled to hold the screaming girl. Finally June dropped to the ground, crying. Emma looked around, hoping someone would help them, but there was no one. They were alone in the middle of nowhere.

Only an hour ago four of them were on the road, half-way through their cross country trip. Emma had begged her parents to let her to go with June and her family on this trip, telling them nothing was going to go wrong. But now this happened.

Holding her still crying friend, Emma tried to figure out what to do. They had no phones, no credits, nothing.

“What are we going to do Emma?” June asked, resting her head on her friend’s chest.

“…We go back. We pasted a gas station a bit back,” Emma said, not looking at her friend.

“O-ok (snif),” June said. The girls slowly stood up and started walking back the way they came. They held on to each other, not wanting to let go. Emma doing her best to make sure June didn’t look back.

They walked for hours. They stopped several times to rest, but not for very long. By the time they reached the 24-hour gas station it was already very dark. The girls rushed to the nearest tap, desperate for water. As June drank Emma looked around. They didn’t have any credits, and they needed some for her to call her parents.

“Emma?” June asked, seeing the worried look on her friends face.

“We need credits,” Emma said. June nodded and looked around. She knew they would have to pick pocket, but how? June closed her eyes as she thought hard.

“We wait for a car to come and the owner to climb out. Then one of us will run into them, making them angry. Once they’re distracted, the other will take his wallet and steal one of his credit cards,” June said finally.

“Ok. Which part do you want to play?”

“I’ll distract him. You just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt. I can’t lose you too,” June said, sniffing slightly. Emma didn’t ask her if she was Ok, no one would be in her situation. All she did was hug her tightly.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long. Emma and June watched behind the corner as the man climbed out of his car. Just as he lifted the pump, June ran, crashing straight into him. Immediately the man started yelling, paying no attention to Emma sneaking up behind him.

June watched Emma take the wallet. Unfortunately, the man followed her eye. He spun around, staring at Emma, wallet in hand.

“Why you litt-” the man started as he tried to grab Emma, who had run off. He never finished though, because June pushed him. The man fell, smashing his head against the pump.

“Hey!” one of the workers yelled as he ran towards them, “I’m calling the police!”

“Not again,” the two muttered in unison.

Date: 15 May 2024

Time: 08:23

June sat in the car, waiting for her Aunt DeeDee to come so that they could go home. She moved down, so no one could see her through the window. She really didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially Emma, right now.

The funeral had been difficult.

No one would believe the two girls when they said they had seen a helicopter and then a missile heading towards the car before it had blown up. Several people talked about sending them to see a psychologist. Neither girl was impressed. Not to mention their families were still mad that they had to get them from Junior-Prison.

“Ok Jupiter, that’s the last of them, let’s go home,” DeeDee said as she entered the car.

“June,” June mumbled.

“Hm?” DeeDee said, starting the car. She didn’t sound very interested. Then again, June thought, DeeDee is never interested in anything June said and did.

“My name’s June,” June told her.

“Ok, June then. How are you feeling, June?” DeeDee asked, rolling her eyes.

“…I want mamma and papa back,” June said after a while. She knew she was being silly, ‘childish’ her parents wound say. But she was a child and like every child she wanted her parents.

June saw DeeDee glance at her, eyes narrowed. A few minutes later, DeeDee received a text. Not looking at the road, doing a good job at not crashing into anything, Dee read the text before smirking. June shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she never liked that smirk.

“You know June, there’s something I need to tell you about your parents. Something you can’t tell anyone,” DeeDee said as she put her phone away.

“What is it?” June asked softly, trying to hide how scared she was. Secrets, she knew, were dangerous.

“They weren’t really office workers. And I’m not really your Aunt,” the older woman said. Panic rose up in June, but she refused to show it.

“WHAT? But-but then what did my parents do? And-and why are you going to take care of me? I’d rather stay with Emma,” June said shocked before crossing her arms.

“Your mother and I worked together for a long time. We trained under the same group. And the three of us were in the same guild,” DeeDee said as she came to a full stop in June’s house’s driveway.

“Guild?” June asked, recognizing the word. At least she thinks she does.

“We’re assassins, June.”

Date: 23 May 2031

Time: 13:51

June looked around her room, a bit unsure of what to do. Three days earlier she and Emma had been released from the hospital. Both the doctor (including Mr Knight) and the psychologist said it would take the girls a few days to get over the whole ‘chased by a bear in the forest thing’. But how long with it take for them to get over being Metamorphs? Being Torrics?

The very thing people shunned for years after the Great Nuclear War. Until they, the Torrics, all seemed to just suddenly… disappear.

June sat on her bed, covered head to toe in clothing. Her clothing could feel, she could feel her clothing feel. Everything her skin touched became a part of her. She wasn’t sure what to do, or how to control this. What will happen when she had to do her training? When the bear slashed her cloths she felt pain. Will it always be like that?

She moved her hand towards the paper on her bedside table. Touching it with her finger, she felt as it become a part of her. Concentrating, she made the paper start to fold on itself. It felt weird, but natural. The paper was designed so that it could be folded, so it was like flexing her fingers. June paused, and then reached for a scissor. Slowly she moved it towards the paper, and snipped.

And screamed!

She dropped the scissor and pulled her hand away from the paper. It still hurt a bit, but more of a ‘bumped yourself’ hurt than a ‘cut’ hurt. A mere echo of the possible pain. June looked at the paper, specifically at the area she cut. There was a slight red tint at the edges. If she touched it again will it continue to bleed? Slowly she reached for the paper, hand shacking. Touching it she felt the cut hurt again and saw the blood start to drip from the edges.


Date: 28 October 2033

Time: 03:47

June ran through the forest as fast as she could. In all honesty she’d rather be at school at the moment, but nnnooo, she had to risk life and limb for some stupid practice. She could be with Emma causing trouble, not to mention keeping her away from that Hale girl. Then again she should be happy that her “loving” ‘Aunt’ allowed her to stay in school. The woman doesn’t actually care what she does there. One of the reasons she could misbehave so much.

June jumped to the left, an explosive arrow landing where she had been. It exploded and sent her flying, slamming her against a tree. She cried out and fell to the ground, blood pool in her mouth. She spit it out and stood up, just as several assassins surrounded her. She growled at them and charged.

One of them had a sword, the only one really. He, or she, charged at her, slashing at the teenage girl. June jumped up, landed one foot on the sword, forcing it down, the other foot swung and she kicked the man, or woman, in the face. The second one tried to punch her from behind. June dropped to the floor, onto her hands. She then pushed herself up, using both feet to kick the man, right against his under chin. June quickly jumped to her feet, just as another one tried to hit her. She grabbed the fist, pulled the assassin towards her and slammed her own fist right into the assassin’s face. Suddenly two came from the sides. June jumped up, made a 180 split and kicked each man in the face. She landed, legs still split.

The last man came at her. And he had picked up the fallen sword.


June tried to move into an offence position, but she knew she wouldn’t have enough time. He was going to kill her; he was really going to-


June covered her head as she heard the gun shot. After a few moments of silence June looked up.

The man was dead.

And her saviour was nowhere to be seen.

Date: 25 January 2034

Time: 09:21

Sugar Me Up was a café that sold sugar enriched food. Statistics say that 85% of all cavities are because of the shop. In Hope city the percentage is less than half that.

The reason?

Emma Knight and June Worp.

The two girls, on the days they had nothing to do, would be found at the café. They would sit in a small corner table. Emma would lean more against the wall then her chair and June’s feet never touched the ground. The girls would order one or two things then eat them so slowly they would be there for hours. No one chased them off. They all knew better.

Today the two girls were enjoying their treats while laughing. A stranger would think it was just two friends hanging out. If said stranger didn’t know it was a school day or didn’t see the girls were linked together by a pair of handcuffs.

“Oh man! Did you see his face? I thought he was going to wet himself when we ran in there with guns!” June said, laughing.

“What about when the police told him they were fake? His face was so red! I’m not sure if it was from anger or embarrassment,” Emma replied.

“How long before they realise we escaped?”

“Not until they reach the station. Oh think about it. Yelling at an empty holding cell. They’re going to be so embarrassed!”

The girls took deep breaths, attempting to quiet down, but one shared look set them off again. If there had been anyone around them, they would have left the two girls alone, but there was no one there. There was never really anyone there. Emma looked around as June drank her shake. She could see parents pull their children away from the area. Where they really that bad?


“Mine,” June said taking out her cell phone.

“Of course it’s yours, like my parents would let me get a cell phone again.”

“Well if you didn’t pull it apart. Hallo, June Worp speaking,” June said. Immediately she held it away from her ear.

“EMMALYN AND Jupiter! You two are in big trouble. What were you thinking? Pretending to rob…

Date: 28 September 2035

Time: 04:19

“It has come to the Councils attention that you have been keeping information from us Jupiter. Is this true?” the head Councilmen said.

“I have told you everything of importance Milord,” June replied. She was alone in the chamber with the three head Councilmen. Dressed in completely black and wishing she could have been in school. Especially since the trip to EnterPRICE had been that week.

But instead she was here, with three men that could kill her before she even took her next breath. And apparently she was keeping information from them. That wasn’t a good thing. Not at all. June knew there was only one thing she hasn’t told the Council, but for them to find out. How?

“We have reason to believe that you are a Torric. Is this true?” the main head asked. No. Not asked. They already know the answer. They were just waiting for June to confirm it. If she denied, death. If she confirmed? What then?

“Yes milord. I am a Torric. A Skin Animator to be specific,” June said. She tried her best to not let the fear slink through her words.

“I see. And you did not think this to be important?”

“I had only recently gained reasonable control of my abilities. I did not wish to inform the Council of something… less than perfect,” June lied through her teeth. She and Emma had trained for months to control their abilities. And they have had more the ‘reasonable’ control of it for about two years now. Not perfect control, but they were comfortable with it.

“Admirable. However a… job had come up. We had at first thought to overlook you, until…. Well. With the light of recent events, we had decided to… bump up, one would say, your initiation. Congratulations. By the end of October, you would have killed your first man.”


Date: 13 November 2035

Time: 18:39

“You are one of our most highly trained assassins, yet you were beaten by a little girl, in a cloak!” DeeDee shouted. June stood straight, not moving an inch and her trainer walking around her.

“With all due respect ma’am. The girl has had similar training. Not only that, but she seemed to be able to match my movements precisely.” June tried to reason; her thoughts drifting back to the fight. In all her time fighting there had only ever been one person to match her. But the idea that Emma was the cloaked figure was laughable. Emma might be able to do the same things she can but she always hesitated, no matter how short. The cloak figure didn’t hesitate at all, completely intent on trying to kill her if she got neat Price again.

“QUIET! This has been your third attempt at completing your assignment and what do you have to show for it? Nothing!”

DeeDee paused when she heard a knock at the door. Clenching her teeth she ripped open the door, ready to shout at whoever was behind it. She froze, however, when she saw Julian, a guild member of higher rank then her.

Julian was a tall lanky man that looks more like he was sick than anything else. He had deathly pale skin, grey hair (even though he was only in his 30s) and hazel eyes. He was very skinny, so much so that his bones stood out. No one would think, or believe, that he is able to take out a group of highly trained assassins in less than ten minutes. He was one of Dead Man’s Chest’s best.

“I need to speak to you about your student,” Julian said, smiling sarcastically. He didn’t look at June, he never looked at June. Then again, most of the members didn’t look or talk to the ones that had a lower rank than them. And June was pretty much right at the bottom.

June stayed still, not having been told she could move as DeeDee and Julian talked outside the room. When she came back, DeeDee was followed by a long table. On the table was some kind of suit. It was in pieces and both the metal and material were a boring grey color.

“This is a suit our… client brought for you,” DeeDee said, obviously not impressed.

“Me?” June asked in disbelief. Something like this was only given to seasonal members. Not even DeeDee, with her three decades behind her, had gotten to a level that allowed her such a suit.

“Yes, she believes you would need it. Apparently, Price has gotten himself a little guard. The same one you fought earlier. And the Council approved her… gift,” DeeDee said with disgust.

June stared at the suit in shock. She was even more surprised when Julian turned to her, a creepy smile on his face. June felt her shoulder tense and the clothes stiffen on her body.

“This means, little girl, that you also get to pick a name,” he told her.

June carefully took the visor, examining it as she though. Only one name came to her mind, accompanied by an image. The image of the cloaked girl.

Date: 25 November 2035

Time: 21:22

Little Red Riding Hood. That was the name she chose. When she was younger she loved the story of Red Riding Hood. She can’t remember why, but she can remember dressing as her for one Halloween. Her mother had bought an adult size cloak which she had shortened to fit the 5 year old.

June was wearing that very cloak.

Emma was sick that year. She never saw her Red Riding Hood costume.

She sees it now.

Nightmare sees it now.

Red Hood and Nightmare stared at each other. Neither moved. Neither spoke.

Red Hood didn’t want to speak.

Not to Emmalyn. Her friend. Her sister.

Not to Nightmare. Her enemy.

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