Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 18

Date: 26 November 2035

Time: 02:03

Surprisingly, the highest point in Hope City was a lighthouse. It stood on a small island south of the city coast. It was old. Not really used. The only use it got was from teens coming to make out. Lighthouses weren’t used anymore, not since Sea Patrol.

Sea Patrollers are large flying ships with lights that shown on the seas. Many ships had their own personal Patroller, while others hired them. The air ships would fly a feet in front of the ship, lighting the way. The Patroller also has several sensors that would alert the ship to any obstacles.

Nightmare sat on the lighthouse roof, staring blankly out to sea. June. Jupiter. Her friend. Was a villain. Not the prank playing type. A real ‘i-kill-people-who-are-in-my-way’ villain.

Emma knew what pranks were. She and Jupiter played them on people all the time. Most, ok all, of them where usually Jupiter’s ideas. Not all the pranks were harmless, and some of them were just plain mean. But were they training? Or did the girls do them for fun? Was Jupiter trying to turn Emma into what she was?

Emma didn’t know. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to.

Red Riding Hood.

She was an assassin. She attacked Wesley. She was planning something. Nightmare had to stop her.

Red Riding Hood, a villain, was Jupiter, her friend.

The girls have been friends forever, but sometimes Emma wanted to be different from June. People mixed them up. People ran away from them. Parents wouldn’t let children near them. Them. Them. Them. It was always THEM. June and Emma. Emma and June. Even when she was alone, people asked about June. They were never apart.

Now they were.

There was no them now.

It was just Nightmare and just Red Hood.

Just Emma and just June.

Now what?

Time: 08:21

Wesley sighed as he pulled of his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Closing his eyes, he took a couple of seconds for a breather. Afterward he went back to the program he was writing. While Business was something he was really good at, Computer Programing was his passion.

Need something done? Get the computer program.

The program doesn’t exist? Give him half an hour and it will.

Right now Wesley was designing a program to go through all existing and pre-existing files on the computer to find whatever one was looking for. Even if the information had been deleted and that area written over, the program was still supposed to find and retrieve the files.

Pausing, Wesley looked at his phone. No text, no miss calls, no email, no communication of any sort. Ever since last night, Emma had been closed off. He had told her to meet him at his office to discuss what happened, but she wouldn’t reply. He didn’t know what was going on, but whatever it was…

Wesley was standing in the corner, drinking wine after he insulted yet another person when the alarms ran out through the ship. Immediately people started screaming and panicking, running up and down. Apparently calm wasn’t in an of those morons’ vocabulary. Already knowing this, Wesley stayed where he was, waiting for the police to arrive.

He wanted to contact Em- Nightmare, but knew she would have used her shadow powers, making communication obsolete. Wesley rolled his shoulder in irritation at the thought of shadow travel. He didn’t like it. He didn’t understand how anyone could. It felt too… real.

Surprisingly, it took the police less than an hour to arrive. Guests were escorted of the ship but kept in the area. Half way through the investigation, the eight girls were revealed. The girls were immediately placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Emma, as Julia, appeared not long after that. She was quiet, and from the brief glace, looked like she had been crying.

She didn’t say anything, even when the officer tried to get her to talk. Eventually he stopped, probably thinking that she was too traumatized to say anything. However, once they were free to go, she just left.

Normally, Emma always says ‘goodbye’. She even waits till he said it himself. Annoying him until, at the very least, he raised hand and waved. This time. She just left. Not saying anything.

It was a few minutes later when Nathan Yelrood appeared, smirk firmly in place. Now, Wesley wasn’t afraid of the Wizard, but he wasn’t stupid. Nathan Yelrood was one of the most dangerous men in the world. His empire was large. And the things he invested in… No, Wesley wasn’t afraid, but he was carful.

“I see your little whore left,” he said. Wesley felt anger bubble in his chest. A part of him wanted to punch him, but knew it would be no use. The man’s fist was larger than his head.

“So did yours. Oh wait! That’s your daughter. Well, kind of anyway. Just how much did you pay her family for her?” Wesley asked, his back straight. The man growled, his face morphing into the most unpleasant thing his has ever seen.

The Wizard grabbed him by the jacket, lifting him from the ground. Wesley was pretty sure he was going to get punched in the face when a police officer came over, shaking as he did so. Nathan glanced over at the short, scared man before dropping Wesley back on his feet.

“Say hallo to Trate for me,” he said, turned around and left.

The comment made him think. There were very few workers in EnterPRICE International that were from the time when his father was CEO. One of those people was Amanda.

Amanda was his father’s personal assistant. When Wesley took over he kept her, after all, she did the job perfectly and he wasn’t in the mood to have a new PA trained. He was going to have her replaced eventually, but as the company expanded, it was pushed back.

And now, according to his program, Amanda was the one who stole the money.

Time: 08:35

Amanda enters the room as calmly as she could. She couldn’t believe Price was still alive. What was the use of hiring assassins if they could do the job they were hired to do? She hated working for this man! Hated! Hated! Hat-

Slowly, a smile appeared on his face, stopping the older woman in her tracks. Why was he smiling? She stood still as Price kept looking at her. Could he have found out what she did?

“S-s-sir?” Amanda stuttered, taking a step back.

“Activate 9-Dalta,” he told her. 9-Dalta? That was the ‘Relocation and Imprisonment’ code. Whoever the code was for must have pissed him off. By a lot.

“Of course sir,” she said, she shoulders still tense as she took out her xPad. She activated the program. Once everything was inserted it couldn’t be removed or changed. The transfer would be final.

“Country?” she asked.

“Anywhere not here.” She picked somewhere in Asia.

“Bank accounts and personal items?”

“Integrated into EnterPRICE.” She winced. Obviously this person really pissed him off.


“The person doesn’t exist.”

“How soon would you like them to be thrown into prison?”

“As soon as possible,” Wesley said as the woman started shaking. Once she typed in the last command she asked him the question she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer to.

“And who is this for?” she asked finally, already knowing the answer.


Time: 08:04

Everyone in the school hall watched as Emma walked briskly over to June, anger all over her face. All around her the students jumped out of her way. They gasped as Emma grabbed hold of June’s shoulder, spun her around and punched her in the face.

No one moved. No one breathed. But they couldn’t look away.

June stood up, her back straightening. Both girls stared at each other. Their bodies pulled up to full height.

“How dare you,” Emma said.

“How dare I? Look at where you are Emmalyn. Look at what you are.”

“Me? I think it’s you who needs to look at yourself. What… what were you thinking? Or did you not think at all. Like usual.”

“Like usual? You think you’re better than me now. News flash sister, our police records are exactly the same.”

“Not anymore Jupiter. We were friends, but you kept this from me.”

“You kept secrets from me as well!”

“I only started this after that party thing.”

“Oh when you broke your promise?

“Don’t you dare! You would have had to start years ago. Does that mean you’ve kept this a secret that long? Did I even ever know you?”

“You don’t know anything you little bitch!”


June drew back her arm and punched at Emma. Emma blocked, ducked down and moved to sweep her friend’s feet. June jumped back. Emma pushed herself up and rushed at June. June ducked and rolled, but Emma grabbed the back of her shirt and flung her to the ground. June landed SMACK on her back. Emma didn’t pause. She jumped on her friend, (Or was that former friend?), pinned her to the ground and started to punch.

She punch and she punch, screaming as she did so. She continued to scream as several security guards appeared to pull the two girls off each other.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you,” Emma shouted as tears ran down her face. June, hardly conscious, didn’t hear her. But Emma kept screaming. First words, then sounds. A few minutes later the girl hardly had any strength left. She dropped to the floor, guards still holding her, and sobbed.

June only stared at her. Betrayed.

Time: 10:12

“Now girls, do you have anything to say for yourselves?” Principal Black asked Emma and June. The girls sat in two serpent chairs in front of his desk. They didn’t look at each other. June had an ice pack in hand, pressing it against her swollen eye. She also had a split lip. Emma on the other hand was completely fine. No cuts or bruises to be seen.

“I have something to say,” Emma started, and then stood up, “I’m going home.”

“Sit down this instant!” Principal Black shouted.

“Bite me,” Emma said and walked off.

“Miss Worp- I mean Miss Knight, this is completely out of character for you.”

“But not for me?” June ask as Emma slammed the door closed.

You’ve done it before,” he said before calling out to Emma, “Miss Knight! Come back here!”

“Don’t bother, the bitch is long gone.”

“Is that anyway to talk about your friend?”

“Friend? After what she did? I thought she’d help me, not punch me!”

“It sounds like you kept a pretty important secret from her. How did you expect her to react?”

June paused. How did she expect Emmalyn to react? She just found out her best friend was an assassin. Oh June tried to convince her ‘Aunt’ to let Emmalyn into the guild, but she refused. Said Emma could never do what was needed to be done. And she was right. Those men whom she got to attack Price, Emma didn’t kill them. She scared them into insanity, but she didn’t kill them.

During their childhood June had to force Emma to do some things. Things Emma would never dream of doing. All to convince DeeDee to let her become part of Dead Man’s Chest, their guild. But nothing worked.

And now. She probably just lost her best friend, forever.

Time: 11:03

Adam watched his daughter enter the house, his wife behind her. Over an hour ago the school called informing them that Emma had been suspended for fighting with June. Neither of them had first believed it. Yes the girls hit a rough patch a few weeks ago, but it was fine now. Then they got another call. Emma had left school without permission. Abby had left immediately to go find her.

“What were you thinking? Fighting at school, honestly.”

“I was mad ok! I don’t want to talk about it!”

“Emma, we’re worried. You’ve changed so much since the whole thing with Mr Price started. We just want to know what’s going on.”

“Dad, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Are you calling us stupid, girl?”

“No mom, I’m calling you meddlesome! It’s none of your business what’s going on. It’s not anyone’s”

“We are your parents and you will tell us.” Abby said grabbing Emma’s arm.

“Screw you,” Emma said angrily. She then ripped her arm out of Abby’s grasp and set off running.

Right towards a wall.

“Emma the wall!” Adam shouted, hand out stretched so to catch her. But it was already too late. However, Emma didn’t bump her head and fall. No. As she ran into the wall, the shadows from it surrounding her. Adam gasped and turned to Abby. She was as surprised as he was.

Their little girl, their sometime very bad little girl, was a Metamorph.

A disgusting Torric.

Time: 11:03

Wesley picked up the nearest object and threw it against the wall. The object, a glass ball paperweight, shattered into millions of pieces. He moved to take the next object when Emma appeared in the room, walking out of one of the corners. He stopped suddenly, object in hand.

“I sure hope that wasn’t aimed at me,” Emma said, her eyebrow raised.

“No,” Wesley said, setting the figurine on the table and walking around his desk, falling into his chair. He knew he looked a bit strange, jacket off, tie loose, and slumping in his chair.

“What happened?” Emma asked softly as she sat on the table, facing the older man.

“Nathan Yelrood made an interesting comment yesterday about Amanda. So, obviously, I did some digging on her computer.”

“What did you do?” Emma asked him.

“I threw her out of the country,” Wesley said. Emma eyes widen. He couldn’t help but smirk when he saw that she knew exactly what that meant.

“What did she do?” she asked in a whisper. This made Wesley lose the smirk.

“She’s the one who stole the money.”

“The money that was missing?”


“You threw her out of the country for just that?” Emma asked, an eyebrow raised.

“No,” Wesley said, giving her a ‘Are you an idiot?’ look, “From what I got from her before I had her ‘removed’, it wasn’t the only thing she did. Apparently Miss Trate didn’t ‘approve’ of N.I.C. Incorporated’s newest product. She then stole the flash drive and gave it to the Wizard. After you got it back, she and the Wizard co-operated and, using the credits she stole, paid some assassin guild.”

“An assassin guild,” Emma asked, unsure. Wesley looked at her. What happened now?

“The one Red Riding Hood is a part of,” he told her. She looked down, staring at her hands.

“The one Jupiter is a part of,” she said softly, some anger seeping into her voice.

“What?” Wesley hissed. She turned to him, her eyes cold, anger blazing in them.

“Jupiter is Red Hood. I found out yesterday when Red Hood used the same Torric power Jupiter has,” she told him, “I just wasn’t sure how to tell you.”

Wesley sighed and sat back, closing his eyes and rubbing the bridge of his nose. He knew Miss Worp was a Torric. Emma had accidentally confirmed this during training once. He knew, before him, they were the only ones who knew about each other’s status. In fact, for what he understood, telling anyone about it was the greatest betrayal they could commit towards each other.

He couldn’t believe this. He was stuck in some kind of teen dra-

“I guess you’re not in the mood for more bad news.”

“’In the mood’” Wesley replied as he looked at her. Thinking about Jupiter Worp. It made him- “I just found out you stupid idiotic girlfriend is the very same person who was hired by my back stabbing PA to kill me. The same PA who not only stole money from my company, but also stole the design of the suit-”

“Yeeeaaahh… about the suit.” Wesley looked at her, his anger rising. He watched her swallow as she stood up, backing away from him. He clenched and unclenched his fist several times. He could feel his face heat up as he gritted through his teeth.

“Did you break it?”


“Did you lose it?”


“Did you use it for illegal purposes?”


“Then what?”

“I’m giving it back.”

“What!” Wesley shouted and shot out of the chair. Emma jumped back, but didn’t move any further than that. She then drew herself up to full height, which wasn’t much since Emma at full height was only staring at his chest. So she looked up.

Wesley could tell she was in one of those moods. Well good, because so was he.

“You are not giving it back.”

“Yes Wessy I am.

“Is this because of that Worp girl?”

“Yes it is. Wesley she almost killed you.”

“Oh boo-hoo. It’s not the first time my life’s been threatened Knight.”

“She’s my best friend! We use to do everything together. We were exactly alike! No differences. And now…”

“You’re completely different people.”

“…I didn’t think it would hurt so much,” Emma said, hugging herself and turning away. Wesley grabbed her arm, pulling her to face him. He even bent down, talking straight to her face.

“You think that just because you two are playing ‘cops’ and ‘robbers’ that you’re different? You don’t seem to realise, but she’s been an assassin for a long time. You were never alike. You told me you hated being the bad guy. Hated being the person mothers kept their children away from. And now you’re just going to leave! Then congratulations Miss Knight, you’ve just become the villain by doing nothing to stop her,” Wesley said, staring her into the eye. Emma looked at him, shocked.


She slapped him. Wesley let her go as he grabbed his cheek.

“Never come near me again,” Emma said, her eyes wide, tears threatening to spill. She turned and left through the door.

Wesley just stared at her as she left through the door. Slowly, his anger disappeared. He didn’t know how long he stood and stared, but eventually his temporary secretary came to check on him. He waved her off and collapsed into his chair, cradling his head into his hand.

“I’m sorry mama,” he whispered with a childlike voice.

Emma wasn’t coming back.

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