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Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 1

Date: 21 September 2035

Time: 22:47

The Diamond Dust nightclub was one of the more well-known clubs in Hope City. It was a large building that had pretty much everything: a local band played every night, the walls were covered with graffiti, and there was dancing, bowling, roller blading, and even a bar in the corner. This, however, wasn’t why it was so well known, no it was because of two girls.

Fire-Cat and Black-Cat were the club’s main attractions. The two pale skinned girls were there every other night, dancing on the stage as the band played. The girls were slender, though some would say they were borderline anorexic, but they definitely had visible muscles. Strong shoulders and held themselves like they were always ready for a fight. The girls were confident; they had to be dressed as they were.

They would dress in tight leather strap shirts and miniskirts, boots up to their knees and gloves up to their elbows. Fire-Cat wore red and Black-Cat wore black. Their long hair, same colour as their outfits, would flip all over the place. They wore porcelain masks on their faces, the masks the same colour as the rest of their outfit.

The girls danced in complete synch, moving in ways that would make an Olympic gymnast look upon them in jealousy. The crowd cheered as the girls danced to the beat of the music, not once tripping up, not even when the band suddenly played slower or faster.

After several songs the girls stepped down for a quick break at the bar. They walked through the crowd, Black-Cat parting the way while Fire-Cat waved at them as she trailed behind her. The crowd cheered as they walked past. No one touch them, however, no one was stupid enough to.

“Man, you girls are on fire tonight,” the young bartender said as he handed the girl their drinks. The girls smirked before flipping their hair.

“We had a good week,” Fire-Cat said smugly. Black-Cat took her drink and sniffed it while Fire-Cat watched her out of the corner of her eye. After a few moments Black-Cat put the glass to her lips and drank the contents clean, Fire-Cat following her example.

“You’re learning,” Black-Cat said to the bartender as the girls place their empty glasses on the table. The man winced, remembering the last time someone had tried to give the girls spiked drinks. The club had been closed for days cleaning up the mess the girls caused. Not to mention, the man who did it was still in the hospital.

“Catz! Catz! Catz! Catz! Catz!...” the crowd called as another song began. The girls smirked at each other, taking a few more minutes to check their make up before returning to the stage.

“Who do you want?” Black-Cat shouted, hands capping the side of her mouth

“Catz!” the crowd called.

“Who do you need?” Fire-Cat shouted, hand to her ear.

“Catz! Catz! Catz! Catz! Catz!...” the crowd continued to call.

Suddenly, without warning, the doors slammed open and the police rushed into the building. The Commissioner, a man in his late 50s, raised a mega phone to his mouth.

“Miss Knight and Miss Worp, also known as the Catz, Fire-Cat and Black-Cat. Get off the stage and come with us quietly!”

The girls looked at each other, only slightly worried. It’s not like they haven’t been in the situation before.

“The crowd will cover for us right?” Fire-Cat asked her friend, more joking than anything.

“They’ve done it before,” Black-Cat said, amused.

“Any person assisting the two will immediately be arrested,” the commissioner said. It took less than a second for the crowd to part after that announcement.

“So much for counting on complete strangers,” Fire-Cat said not at all shocked. Black-Cat only smirked at her. Looking towards the entrance, the girls saw the cops getting closer.

“We should run,” Black-Cat said.

“Yeah totally,” Fire-Cat said.

The next second the girls ran off, weaving between people as they headed for the bar. Jumping over the bar table, the girls grabbed some bottles, and started throwing them at the officers that followed them. Laughing, the girls gave each other a quick high five as the men kept slipping on the now wet floor.

”Stop them!” the commissioner yelled

“Scatter!” the girls called, still laughing as the teens ran everywhere. They ducked down, crawling to the back door. Behind them they could still hear the chaos as people ran into everything. Some of them pushed tables and chairs to the ground to trip the police offices. Others, braver teens, were actually shoving the officers down.

Reaching the door the girls took a quick peak behind them, snickering at the sight.

“Too easy,” Black-Cat muttered as she pushed open the door, only to find a second squad waiting for them.

Time: 23:56


Apparently, the commissioner was a man of his word. He had every signal one of the teens arrested. All of them were taken home, however, while the girls were taken to the police station and handcuffed to a bench. The girls’ parents were already called, but the chief wanted to talk to them before they were taken home.

“So, who do you think will be angrier? Your mom or my aunt?” Black-Cat asked Fire-Cat as she turned to her ‘sister’.

“Your Aunt scares me,” Fire-Cat said shuddering. She then reached up with her free hand to adjust her sunglasses, which she was now wearing.

“My Aunt scares everyone,” Black-Cat said pulling on her handcuff, before turning to her friend, still waiting for the answer. Fire-Cat rested her head against the wall, closing her eyes as she tried to relax her muscles.

“I think their pretty use to our crap by now,” Fire-Cat said after a while.

“Yeah,” Black-Cat muttered and the girls lapped into silence.

Katharine Timber, a short woman, somewhat on the plum side, walk towards them. She had short brown hair styled with a bob cut, that clashed terribly with her florid face, and her piercing blue eyes shined with greed. She was also the officer assigned specifically to the girls.

“Oh look! A couple of kittens without any claws,” Kat said cruelly as she moved to unlock the cuffs.

“Oh look. It’s a bobble-head,” Black-Cat said sarcastically, “Except the body’s bigger than the brain- oops sorry, head.”

Fire-Cat snorted as the cuffs on the bench were unlocked. Kat didn’t cuff the girls’ hands together though, the police force already made that mistake before. Instead she held onto the handcuffs as she marched them to the interrogation room.

Inside was the new Chief of Police, Peter James. He was looking over some incident reports, all caused by the girls. The reports had strange titles: The Pink Turtle, The Stolen Chandelier, and The Car in the Swimming Pool, ect. Kat lead the two girls to the chairs, attaching the other end of their respective handcuffs to their respective chairs.

“You do know you’ve tried this before,” Fire-Cat said smirking.

“The chairs are bolted to the floor,” Chief James said without looking up, frowning as he continued shifting through the reports, “Thank you Captain Timber.”

“Sir!” Kat said with slight distaste before leaving. Once the door was closed the older man looked up, putting his hands together.

“Now, my name is-”

“Pete!” Black-Cat said suddenly.

“I thought it would be James,” Fire-Cat said, turning to her friend.

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s Pete,” Black-Cat replied.




“Enough! You’re both right. My name is Peter James,” he told them, felling his anger starting the boil.

“Seriously!” the girls said together before laughing.

Chief James rolled his eyes and waited for them to stop. He had, of course, heard about both of them. The two girls who’ve been in jail, or similar, since they were in kindergarten. He was told about how they like to confuse people and honestly, he didn’t want any part of it. Thankfully the girls finally stopped and kept quiet. He then picked up two files and opened them.

“Now let’s see here. Emmalyn “Emma” Knight, a.k.a. Fire-Cat. Parents are Abigail and Adam Knight. No siblings. And Jupiter ‘June’ Worp, a.k.a. Black-Cat, lives with her Aunt DeeDee May. Parents Amanda and Michel Worp died in a car accident some years ago -,” the chief started before he was cut off.

“Hey Jamsie, I think we know our own life stories, so skip to the end,” Emma said one eye on June. Her friend usual got very angry when people talked about her parents, mainly because both girls knew it wasn’t an accident.

“Both,” Chief James said continuing, “are 15, birthdays 13th March,” He lowered the files to the table, hands locked together upon it, looked at the girls and asked, “You do realize that Diamond Dust is for people 16 and older?”

“What’s a couple of months,” June said nastily.

“According to a few of our undercover agents, you girls have been working there for several months already. Are you going to explain or am I going to have to take you to your cell? Which, might I add, does actually have your names on it,” he told.

“Are you serious? They finally did it?” June asked, before she started laughing.

“Please answer my question,” the man said.

“Well, since you said please-”June started, intent on delivering a rather rude comment. Lucky for her, her friend interrupted.

“-We needed the money,” Emma said. June glared at the other girl, but calmed down when Emma gave her a ‘look’.

“For what? Clothes?” the chief asked, not noticing the look directed at June. Maybe if he did he would have been able to avoid looking like an idiot.

“No, we’re planning on going to the moon,” June told him.

“Don’t listen to her. We’re planning on creating our own cat themed restaurant,” Emma said.

“Actually we’re raising money to help every person receive their own porcupine.”

“No, it’s so we can turn all beds into jumping castles.”

“In reality-“

“ENOUGH!” the man yelled, his face red with anger.

“YES!” June yelled throwing her arms into the air, “Five minutes. I win!”

The chief just looked at them; try to curb the need to strangle them both. Instead he counted to ten as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. As the girls smirked at him there came a knock at the door. The man stood up straight and called for the person to enter.

“Yes Captain Timber?” the chief asked.

“Chief James, the girls’ parents are here,” Kat said.

“Finally,” Chief James muttered, happy to pawn the girls of to their guardians. Out loud he said, “Captain Timber, please take them.”

Kat nodded, removed the handcuffs completely and herded the two out the door.

In the lobby were three people. A man and a woman, Adam and Abigail Knight, stood together. They both had black hair and grey eyes. Adam was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, while Abigail had her hair in a bun, which matched her professional suit. The other woman, DeeDee May, stood quite a distance from them. She had long red hair with green eyes and was dressed like a house wife. All of them had disappointed looks on their faces, even as the two sets of guardians glared at each other.

Chief James, whom had followed the girls, walked towards Adam and held out his hand.

“Mr Knight, I presume?” Chief James asked. He looked at the man closely before turning back to the girls. He couldn’t help but notice that the man looked more like June than Emma.

“Chief Dorcun, right?’ Adam asked.

“No Adam, this is Chief Masshal,” Abigail said, crossing her arms.

“I’m pretty sure Chief Masshal was caught in an explosion,” DeeDee May said patronizingly at them. Adam shook his head.

“You’re thinking of Chief Samuels. Chief Masshal was shot,” Abigail said as though she was talking to a child. Suddenly the three started to argue. The girls watched them and rolled their eyes.

“Guys, this is Chief James, he’s new. The last Chief, Chief White, was found at the bottom of the river last week,” Emma said.

“Oh, of course. Right, um, so what did June make Emma do this time,” Adam asked. There was a slight ‘hey’ from the two girls but they were quickly shushed by the two woman.

“They were found working in Diamond Dust,” Chief James said.

“WHAT?” Abigail screamed before turning to the girls, “You know that place is a hot spot for teenagers working for crime lords. WHAT were you thinking?”

“Not much obviously,” DeeDee said as she grabbed June’s arm, Abigail doing the same to Emma.

“Thank you Chief James, we’ll be going now,” Adam said, trying to control his anger.

“See ya Pete! Hope you last longer than the others,” Emma and June shouted before laughing, again.

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