Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 19

Date: 27 November 2035

Time: 10:55

The house was dark. The curtains where drawn shut and there were no lights on. The TV was silent and the only thing you could hear was the soft hum of the refrigerator. Emma was sprawled on the couch, staring up towards the fan. She watched it, eyes uncovered, at it went round and round and round.

Round and round.

Round and round.

In the distance, Emma heard the phone ring. Was that the phone? Or was it a fly, buzzing around her ear.

“Sorry, we’re not here right now, leave a message and we’ll get back to you. BEEP!”

Oh. It was the phone.

“Emma? Emma are you there? Emma, its Jessica. Pick up the phone…. Ok fine, don’t. But you need to listen. I know what happened yesterday was pretty bad, I mean the whole fight and everything. Not that anyone blames you; in fact the whole school was cheering you on. But that’s not the point…Look, I…know your upset, and… I would be too, but it’s not the end of the world. I’M your friend. I hope you know that. So, yeah, call me.”


Emma moved her head slightly to look at the answering machine. The red light blinking.


Emma turned her head back to the fan.

Round and round.

Round and round.

Round and round.

Again the ringing. Was it the phone? Or was it a fly, buzzing in her ear.

“Sorry, we’re not here right now, leave a message and we’ll get back to you. BEEP!”

Oh. It was the phone.



“Pick up the damn phone! We need to tal-” Emma picked the hand set of the landline up before slamming it down again. SMACK!



Emma moved to the wall and pulled the cord, silencing the phone. She stared at it for a few seconds before going back to the coach and sitting down. She rubbed her face several times.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Stopping, she looked at her reflection in the black TV. She was a mess, hair this way and that way. She wondered briefly if she should call her parents, but immediately scoffed at the idea.

She had woken up late that morning. This was kind of strange. Yes she was suspended, but she’s been suspended before. Whenever she was, she would go to work with either her mother or father. To make sure she behaved, they said. But that morning. Nothing. Her parents weren’t home. She did, however, find two notes on the refrigerator. One from Abigail saying she had a surprise business trip and wouldn’t be back for a week. The other was Adam. Apparently he had gone to a Martial Arts conference.

Both were lies.

Not surprising really. She had to do a paper on the Great Nuclear War for History once and she had a small paragraph about Metamorphs. She had asked her parents if they remember anything. They did. But the only thing they talked about was how they disliked Torrics. They didn’t hate them, but they definitely didn’t like them.

They’ll be back; she knew that, once they got over the fact that their daughter was a Torric. They wouldn’t talk about it. Not to her. Not to each other. Not to anyone.

She then thought about calling Wesley. Yet, the mere thought of that made her curl up into herself, tears prickling at her eyes. She wasn’t sure she had forgiven him for the day before. June was her everything before Wesley.

And then he just got mad for no reason.

She wanted to go back, but she couldn’t. Going back meant being Nightmare again. And being Nightmare meant fighting Red Hood. ‘Being Nightmare meant she had Wesley’ a part of her brain told her. But she ignored it. She didn’t care about Wesley!

She didn’t!

She… didn’t.

Emma sighed as she stood up and grabbed her sun glasses, deciding to go for a walk. A walk…. Emma’s powers haven’t worked since she got home the previous day. She can’t Shadow Travel or see through the shadow. She can’t even feel the Shadows. It was frustrating and annoying and difficult and… she felt vulnerable.

‘Wesley’ one part of her mind whispered. /‘Jupiter’ whispered the other part.

Emma shook her head. A walk. A walk would help her clear her head.

Time: 12:24

The city slum wasn’t a very nice place. Over half the windows were broken. You couldn’t look anywhere and not find graffiti. There were a few fires, mostly in barrels, people crowding around them. It was summer at the moment. Not that it mattered. The slums were always cold. And smelled bad. Really bad. Walking in the slums, if you’re not from the slums, was stupid.

But then again, Emma felt like being the poster girl of stupidity at the moment. She needed a distraction right now. And a fight, especially a fight for her life, would be just the distraction she needed.

She decided to wear the clothes Wesley got her. The BubblePop ones. There was no doubt that fancy clothes like this would get her noticed.

And it did.

The man was large, more fat than muscle, but he had a gun. Emma hated guns, she wasn’t scared of them, but she hated them. He crept up behind her, grin on his face and gun held high. And properly. Obviously he knew how to use one.

Emma grinded her teeth and did her best to stay calm. Sure, Wesley took her to the shooting range three times a week, but it didn’t do much to ease her uncomfortable feelings towards gun.

Because really, who would like guns if they saw their uncle kill himself with one?

“Ok sweetheart. Give me your money and you wouldn’t get hurt,” the man said.

“Right and I’m supposed to believe that Jack,” Emma said, turning around slowly, putting her hands in the air as she did. The man, ‘Jack’, looked her over, not at all bothering to hide that he was doing so.

“Hey Jack-ass, eyes up here,” Emma said angrily. Seriously, who did this guy think he was?

“What did you call me?”

“What? Are you deaf as well as dumb?”

“Don’t make me shoot you girl. I just what your money and then I’ll be on my way…. Unless of course you what to make it interesting.”

“Right. Like I would let some ugly, smell, dirty, pig touch me. Dream on”

“Whatever you say… whore.”

Emma didn’t hesitate in swinging. The man ducked and she skidded past him. She turned around, ready to punch him again when-


Maybe it was fate or maybe it was just irony that the man had shot her in the same shoulder as Dorathy Yelroad had. The same spot and traveling right through as well. Emma clutched her wound as she fell forward.

Right into the shadows.


And she was everywhere.

She couldn’t really concentrate on anything, the pain taking most of her attention. She saw things few and far in-between. Never more than a few seconds so she didn’t really understand most of it. Mainly she was just lost in her memories. Memories of the two people who had been on her thoughts the whole day.

Jupiter and Wesley

“You seam upset,” Emma said tentatively.

“No really?” June said sarcastically. Emma then gave her a look. She kept looking at her friend till June turned away.

“It’s just government stuff,” June said, closing her eyes and rubbing the bridge of her nose.

“Since when have you cared about government stuff?” Emma asked.


“I don’t. But the family does. It’s so annoying,” June said…

“You’re quite amazing Miss Knight. I’ve never actually met someone like you,” Price said, looking completely amused.

“What! Victoria you said you’ll help me recover The Chip!” Wesley said, standing from his chair.

“Let us make a deal Miss Knight. You do something for me and we’ll forget this whole incident,” Wesley told her.

“The mission is pretty simple. Get in, get the Flash Dive, and get out. And don’t get caught,” Price told her.

“Ok we are not doing that…that thing you do with the shadows again,” Price said as he held his head. Emma helped him up as he let go of his head, revealing a small cut on the right side of his face, above his eye.

“It’s called Shadow Travel, and you’re hurt,” Emma said.

“Just a scratch. Help me get the spare speakers,” Price said.

“Yeah sleepover,” June said, “Will your parents be cool with it?”

“Everything is back in place. In a few weeks production will progress as scheduled.” Emma froze when she heard that voice. Part of her wished that she (WE ARE HERE) would never see that man again. Another part of her…

“And the…Pen?”

“In a place no one would find it.”

“RED!” Emma yelled. June turned and ran to her. She was angry. About what Emma didn’t know. Once she could, Emma grabbed her hand, pulling June towards her.

“Come on!” Wesley yelled as he dragged them out of the room.

“Who the hell are you and where are we going?” June sneered as she ripped her wrist out of his grasp. (COME TO US) She moved to rip away Emma’s wrist when Wesley grabbed her by the arm, easily keeping her in place. June struggled as looked right into Wesley’s eyes.

“Let me go or I’ll-”

“Or you’ll what?” Wesley sneered at her. Emma could see her friend visibly falter before looking at the ground.(LEAVE THEM)

“Good girl,” he told her before looking at Emma and whispering, “Can you shadow travel?”

“NO! What the hell happened while I was gone? How does he know that? Why did he know that? Emma! What the hell is going on?” June shouted, angry. Very angry

“…is that understood Amanda?... Good,” Wesley said before hanging up. He stood across from her.

“Miss Knight,” he said.

“Hi,” Emma replied awkwardly.

Wesley Price. In her kitchen. At the table. Eating her breakfast.

June and Emma hadn’t talked at all.

When appearing in the alleyway, Emma saw a faceless figure attacking Wesley as it shouted at him.

“WHERE IS IT?!” it- no, she- shouted.

“Where’s what? Unlike you seem to assume, I can’t actually read minds,” Wesley said coldly.


“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Would you like me to call a psychologist for you?”

“Don’t play with me Price. Everyone knows you’re the only one Felix trust.”

“Emma?” he asked in shock.

“I saw him. Sitting here. Day after day… I just don’t know why,” she told him, looking into his eyes.

“Emma. Emma! Wake up!” Emma jumped as she woke up, leaning forward she put her head into her hands.

“Dreams again?” he asked, rolling his shoulders

“No. Thankfully. Just a long night,” Emma said, rubbing her eyes, “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Wesley told her, pulling his cufflinks in order, “You do know that whatever Percy told you, he meant it for both of us.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Emma said, rolling her eyes, “You two are sooo scary.”

“Ready to go?” she asked him, glaring at his smirk.

“Yes,” Wesley said. Emma stood up and walked to the door. She stopped, however, when she heard Wesley speak. (LEAVE HIM)



“…Nice job last night.”

“… The same as last time?” June asked.

“Yeah.” Emma said.

“You good?”


“We good?”

Emma knew June wouldn’t say she was sorry. Especially in front of all these people. Not even if they were alone. And she wasn’t sure if they were good. They were keeping secrets. Not from their parents. (They always did that.) Not from their classmates. (Who cares about them?) But from each other.

“… Yeah. We’re ok.”




June (LEAVE HER) held out her hand and Emma took hold of it. The girls then pulled each other into a hug and held it like that.

“The Living Nightmare. A complete pleasure,”

“You can call me, Red Riding Hood.”

“You almost killed a man, Red Hood!” Nightmare shouted angrily.

“I’m an assassin. That’s kind of my job. Actually it is my job. And the job’s not over yet,” Red Hood said.

“If you touch one hair on his head-”

“Calm yourself. Your boyfriend isn’t the target. Actually, I came here to warn you.”

“Really now.”

“Yes. Get in my way and you’ll regret it.”

“Bored,” June ground out as she rubbed her face with her hands.

“Your own fault Jupiter. You’re the one who planted the bombs in the kitchen… What were you trying to do by the way,” Emma said, not looking at her companion, instead keeping her eyes on the book she was reading.

“Just mess with the food really. And they weren’t bombs, just…very large firecrackers.”

Emma glance up, her eyes pausing again at June’s hair. It was short, around shoulder length. This was really surprising. June hated her hair short.



Emma froze lightly at the word, but immediately forced herself to relax. June wouldn’t- couldn’t- know anything about that.

Taking a mental breath, she answered, “Kinda. You don’t look so hot either, Red”


Did June just flinch? Maybe she didn’t like the name; after all, it did remind them to why they are angry with each other.

“You have no idea. You should have heard my aunt yesterday. Going on and on about this big secret NIC Corp’s keeping.”

“Yeah. I heard their going to have this whole press release sometime at the end of the month,” Emma said, closing her book.

“Yeah. This big new product that’s going to save humanity or something. Seriously, crime’s not that bad. And now we have this Nightmare person, demon, whatever, running around the city. I mean seriously who does that? Personally I think whoever’s behind that mask is a whack-o,” June said.


Emma had to admit the shooting range was much more interesting than the almost class like lesson she was having. Someone was there to help her into the gear before taking her to one of the open ranges. They showed her how to stand and hold the gun and then left her to it.

She failed. Miserably.

Suddenly she felt someone behind her as arms extend and hands cover her own.

“Don’t be so stiff. Relax a bit. Keep your eye on the target and shoot,” Wesley said as they fired the gun together.

The bullet hit its mark.

“Nightmare! Get control of yourself and dive!”

Wesley’s voice snapped her back to focus.

“I think you’re talking about yourself. Besides didn’t you do some breaking and entering during the week? Oh. Wait. EnterPRICE’s security robot stopped you. Because you suck.”

“Then again, that is how you got your job,” Red Hood said.

Grinning beneath her mask, Nightmare replied (too playfully though), “And how you keep yours.”

Nightmare was Emma Knight.

Red Hood was June Worp.

“How dare you,” Emma said.

“How dare I? Look at where you are Emmalyn. Look at what you are.”


I just found out you stupid idiotic girlfriend is the very same person who was hired by my back stabbing PA to kill me. The same PA who not only stole money from my company, but also stole the design of the suit-”

“Is this because of that Worp girl?”

“Yes it is. Wesley she almost killed you.”

“Oh boo-hoo. It’s not the first time my life’s been threatened Knight.”

“She’s my best friend! We use to do everything together. We were exactly alike! No differences. And now…”

“You’re completely different people.”







Time: 19:14

When Emma resurfaced it was dark. She could hear the insects in the back ground as she came back to reality. Mostly anyway. Her mind drifted back to what she remembered

Jupiter. Wesley. Them. Us. Heroes. Villains. Chips-

Emma shot up, her eyes wide in realisation. How could she have missed it? And what about the gun shot at the party. Emma knew how Jupiter’s powers worked, knew she can use a gun mussel as an extra eye. But had she been aiming at Wesley or Mr Felix? It didn’t matter; all that mattered was the press conference tomorrow. (The one that announced the new product NIC Corp invented.)

Emma pushed herself up with her right hand, only to bite back a scream a second later. Groaning, Emma grabbed her shoulder. She couldn’t believe it was injured. Again. Taking a deep breath, she stood up, hand still on her wound as she tried to stop the bleeding.

Emma sighed as she reached into the shadows, happy that her powers were back. They enveloped her, making her feel complete. She shook her head; she needed to get to Wesley. She needed to tell him what was going on.

Arriving at her room, she headed straight to her adjacent bathroom to get the first aid kit. After removing antibiotics and several bandages she tied up her wound. She didn’t have much movement, but she also didn’t have time to get it properly fixed.

After rampaging through her drawer, Emma found her phone. Hitting speed dial number 1 she pressed the phone to her ear as she moved to leave, hoping Wesley would pick up soon.

Time: 19:00

Percy growled as he stood in EnterPRICE’s elevator. Wesley’s temporary PA (Emily, Sara, Ashley, something like that) had called him to tell him that Wesley was in his office. Drunk. He didn’t like the fact that this woman called him. Then again, he hated anyone calling him. The only person who could call him without a problem was his m- boss. Well, Wesley could call him, but that was different, they’ve known each other for years.

Stepping onto the floor, his eyes drifted to the young woman behind the deck. Percy was about to snap at her, but several things stopped him. First was the fact that she was doing Wesley’s paperwork. Second was the fact that she was on the phone, checking the last minute details for the press conference tomorrow, something Wesley was supposed to be doing. And lastly… she looked very similar to Emma.

Percy knew exactly why his friend had such an obsession with the young girl. After what happened to Danielle…. If that had happened to him he would act the same.

“Mr Felix!” the woman exclaimed when she saw him, “He’s -“

“Get back to work,” he told her, not sparing her another glance as he walked into the office.

He found Wesley pouring himself a glass of scotch. Percy knew the other man hated scotch. Wesley preferred ordinary, everyday beer. Thus, if he was drinking scotch it meant he had already drank all the beer. And the only reason he hadn’t asked the temp PA to get more is because he didn’t want to look at her.

“You look pathetic,” Percy said as he slammed the door close. Wesley looked up and squinted his eyes at him, like he wasn’t sure about what he was seeing.

“Percy?” Wesley asked, his words slurred.

“Damn it Wesley, I haven’t seen you this drunk since we celebrated your father’s deliberate induced coma,” Percy said.

“Ass hole deserves it. Spe-spesh-espesh-tally what he did to my mom,” Wesley said, dropping his head back on the table, scotch bottle in hand.

“She sure does look like her. Em-” Percy ducked to avoid the bottle that was suddenly thrown at his head. He looked over at Wesley, who was now standing, swaying slightly.

“Don’t you DARE say that name,” Wesley said and dropped back into his chair again. Percy stared at his friend for a few moments before moving closer towards him.

“Are those yesterday’s clothes?”






“Ok. Come on, let’s get you home,” Percy says as he helps Wesley up. Once up, he shifted his friend, throwing Wesley’s arm around his shoulder. Percy wrinkled his nose, happy that they had experience with each other’s drunkenness (‘University was fun’ Percy thought with a grin). Pausing slightly, he pulled out his xPhone and quickly snapped a picture of his inhibited friend. Honestly Wesley should have known better. He knew how much Percy liked having blackmail on people.

“Wait! Can’t go. Press con-com-commfy-”


“Yes that. It’s now.”

“No Wesley. It’s tomorrow. And you’re going to be there. Sober,” Percy says as he half dragged the other man to the door.


“Phone,” Wesley says.

“Where is it?” Percy asked.

“Jacket,” Wesley says just before he passes out. Percy stares at his friend, completely un-amused. Oh well, at least he didn’t throw up on him. If he did…. Shaking his head, Percy threw Wesley onto the nearest couch and walked back to the chair, where the jacket was.

“Hallo. Percy Felix speaking.”

“Felix! You or Wesley’s life is in danger. Also, someone wants to torch your chips!”

“Miss Knight?”

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