Nightmare: Come Alive

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Date: 02 January 2036

Time: 12:13

June stared at the Himalayan Mountains from her window.

Since being an official member of Dead Man’s Chest she’s received more advanced training. Because of this she had to move. She wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about where she was going before she left and she doubted anyone cared.

Not even Emma.

They were training her powers as well. Forcing her to gain more control of them. Forcing her to keep them active the whole time. If she didn’t…

“Jupiter! Breaks over!” DeeDee called.

“Coming,” June said and walked over.

DeeDee moved quickly. Then again, she was the fastest assassin in the guild. She pulled out a knife and slashed at June. She jumped back, but the knife still tore at her shirt. June bit back a scream as she landed on her feet.

“Good. You’re getting better.”

“I hate you!” June yelled at her. DeeDee shrugged.

“I don’t care if you hate me. Just remember our deal. You do as I say and your little Emma doesn’t get hurt,” DeeDee said. June growled, taking a step forward.

“If you touch her,” June threatened.

“Oh hush. Like you can do anything to me,” DeeDee said waving a hand. She turned, about to leave when she paused, “After all, your parents couldn’t.”

June stared after the woman as she left, before closing her eyes, slipping to the floor. DeeDee had just confirmed something she had suspected for a long time. Something she hoped wasn’t true. More for the sake of her sanity than anything else.

DeeDee killed her parents.

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