Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 2

Date: 24 September 2035

Time: 12:32

Hope High was a technician high school. It has top of the line gadgets and almost everything was automated. On average it has around two to three thousand students (the highest student attendance in the city), and a teacher for every twenty students.

Like most schools it had it clicks and groups. As always, engineering and chemistry students were the most popular. The sports department was somewhere in the middle. And at the bottom of the social ladder were the rebels. Rebels like June and Emma.

Not that anyone would dare tease that group. In general, the rebels were generally ignored. The only time anyone paid them any type of attention was when they appeared in the Net-News, a city wide news station.

“Don’t people have anything better to do?” June wondered as she slipped her drink. All around them the students in the cafeteria were watching them, none brave enough to actually talk to them.

None except Jessica Hale.

Jessica was a tall dark skinny girl with long black hair and blue eyes. She was in the journalist club, (higher then sports, but not as high as chemistry) and was always writing something in the little book she kept with her. She was also the school gossip.

“Do you need something Jess?” Emma asked her other friend as Jessica sat next to her, preferring to keep away from June.

“Just making sure the rumour mill doesn’t run dry. Heard you two got in trouble last Friday,” Jessica said while taking out a small notebook.

“Everyone knows that, Hale,” June said rudely.

“I want details,” Jessica said, equally rude.

Emma and June looked at one another. June knew Emma wanted to tell the other girl what happened, but she herself didn’t. But her friend kept staring at her and June knew that she wouldn’t stop till she agreed. June sighed and made a ‘go on’ motion with her hand, making Emma smile brightly.

“So what happened?” Jessica asked after seeing the grin, preferring to ignore June.

“Ok, so it’s like this,” Emma started while June scowled next to her, “June and I were working at Diamond Dust for the last few months-“

“And whose idea was that?” Jessica asked sarcastically, rolling her eyes, already knowing the answer.

“It was June’s, but we needed the money-” Emma continued, ignoring the girl’s remark.

“What did you need the money for?” Jessica interrupted.

“We needed it for ‘it’s-none-of-your-damn-business-Hale’ now shut up!” June growled, cutting Emma off. Emma kept quiet, waiting for her ‘sister’ to regain control of her temper. Once she was sure June wasn’t going to hit the other girl she continued.

“So last Friday the police arrived to arrest us. Apparently they have undercover officers in place. Probably because of the Wiz-”

“Police station, guardians, got in trouble, the end, goodbye!” June said suddenly, standing up and leaving. Emma didn’t hesitate before standing up and following her, not even saying goodbye to Jessica.

In the hallway they walked together in silence. Emma looked over at her friend; she was always quiet after a weekend. Emma opened her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it; it was no use asking a question she wasn’t going to get an answer for.

“What Emma?” June asked rudely as she stopped and turned to her friend. Emma frowned at her behaviour, but didn’t comment.

“You seam upset,” Emma said tentatively.

“Nooooo, really?” June said sarcastically. Emma then gave her a ‘look’. She kept looking at her friend till June turned away.

“It’s just government stuff,” June said, closing her eyes and rubbing the bridge of her nose.

“Since when have you cared about government stuff?” Emma asked.

“I don’t. But the family does. It’s so annoying,” June said and looked at her. Emma smirked and put her arm around the other girl.

“Well, family’s a pain in the butt. The only thing they do is kick yours,” she said and the two smiled at each other. Hearing footsteps they turned to see an older man walking towards them. The man wore a suit, was going bold on top of his head and wore glasses. June always said he watched too many old school movies because that’s where he got his look from.

“Miss Knight. Miss Worp. What are you doing in the hallway during lunch hour?” Principle Black asked as he stopped by them.

“We…were…looking… for-” Emma started and looked at June.

“Miss Wodcuk,” June said calmly.

“Yes! About the trip to EnterPRICE,” Emma half blurted, causing June to look at her.

“Yes, the trip. It’s amazing that your parents are still letting you go after Friday’s not so little incident,” Black said.

“Actually sir. I wouldn’t be able to go. My Great-Grandmother died recently and I have to go to the funeral. We’re traveling tomorrow; I only came today to get my work for the week,” June said, trying to look innocent. Next to her Emma was struggling to keep her face blank while still looking sad.

“My sympathies to your family. However, I can’t help but be happy that only one of you is going,” Black said.

“Thank you sir,” June said with a fake smile.

“Good day girls,” he said and walked away.

“Liar,” Emma said, both of them still waving. June gasped dramatically.

“You doubt my story,” June asked.

“Of course I do. Your Great-Grandmother died before you were born. Where are you really going?” Emma asked.

“Me to know, you to find out,” June said and walked off. Emma looked at her friend frowning slightly. Shaking her head she ran after her. June wouldn’t keep things from her. Emma knew this.


Date: 26 September 2035

Time: 12:27

“Here, as you can see, we are creating the Com-Chips that go into every NIC Corp electric device. As a result, the Master Computer at the N.I.C. Corporation home base is able to monitor all of its products and if there is a problem, send someone out immediately to deal with it. Unlike in our grandparents’ time where they actually had to call the repair man. In those times repairs took long and, at times, problems weren’t even resolved.” the tour guide told them. One of the girls raised her hand and the guide called on her.

“Is it true that the only people who have access to the NIC Master Computer are the President and Vice-President -slash- Spokesperson of the company?” she asked. Unfortunately before he could answer, a boy interrupted.

“You idiot, the president doesn’t exist! Everyone knows that!”

“Just because no one has ever seen her doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist!”

“Who says the President is a girl-”

“-I heard the President is like a hundred years old-”

“-panel of scientists-”

“-robot in cha-”

“-iens from outer space-”

“-they’re married!”

More and more of the students started to talk about the rumours surrounding NIC Corp. Not that anyone could blame them. The N.I.C. Corporation had been around since before their grandparents’ days. No one knew how it started but everyone knew where it was right now. Head Quarters stationed in each of the seven continents and made everything from food to TVs to Universities. The company also has ties to almost every other company in the world. In fact, most of the companies that didn’t have anything to do with NIC Corp were Mafia owned businesses.

Emma signed as she stood at the back of the group. She was completely bored! She never had any fun when June wasn’t there. Then again that was probably why the Principle looked like nothing was going to go wrong that day. He was probably right though. It was usually June who found the interesting things to do.

“IF I CAN HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!” Apparently the guide had found a mega phone. Emma frowned and looked around, eventually seeing an unguarded PERSONEL ONLY door. Should she? She could get into quite a bit of trouble, but since when has that ever stopped her?

As the class began to move she quickly looked for a place to hide. After making sure no one was watching she jumped behind some large machinery. Crouching, she strained her ears to hear when the group was moving further away. Once she was sure they were gone she took a quick look around the machine just to make sure none of the personal was watching. Seeing everyone working she dashed across the room quickly opening the door and slipping in.

On the other side of the door was a long bright hallway. There were dozens of doors and corridors branching from the hallway that she could see. One of the rooms was stationed right across from her. There was no security or cameras, at least none that she could see.

Emma carefully shifted her body weight. She then moved her limbs so that they weren't touching. Pushing herself away from the door she strode forward, making no sound. It was as if she didn’t exist.

Anyone watching would think she was walking calmly. However, should you be able to ask June, she would tell you Emma’s body was completely tense. Emma hated bright places, so much in fact that her own room didn’t even have an electric light. Because of this, and several other reasons, Emma wore sunglasses throughout the day.

Emma looked through several doors, each containing a small window. Some had people inside, others didn’t. Emma was sure the hall contained several different types of rooms, but the ones she saw were mainly different types of labs. All of them had computers, but each had other types of equipment as well: chemical experiments, gadgets, and every other type of science related things. The only room that really interested Emma was the room full of electronics.

Emma loved to tinker. This was one of the few reasons her parents didn’t allow her a cell phone. The last time she got one she had taken it apart the same day. She was going to put it back together again but her parents caught her before she could.


Emma stiffened when she heard the voice yell.

Turning to the door at the end of the hall she slowly crept towards it. As she got closer she bent her legs, moving her body closer to the ground. She stopped several times to shift her weight before continuing. Thankfully she judged the height of the window right, for by the time she reached the door she wasn’t visible from the other side. Emma put her ear to the door eavesdropping on the meeting.

“Now, as for the rest of you. You are the only ones who know about the product. If I find that any of you had something to do with this, I will make sure you never existed,” she heard someone say. Could someone actually do that? Wasn’t that illegal or something? And if it wasn’t, what kind of person would do that?

“Yes sir. Is there anything else we can do for you?” she heard an older man said after a while.

“No I-” suddenly the man stopped, turning to the window. While they had been talking Emma had slowly moved up, mainly to see what the man looked like, but unfortunately, he had seen her.

Quickly she made her way to one of the doors she hadn't checked hoping it was empty. When she opened the door she found something better that what she was hoping for (which was a janitors closet), she found a large storage room. She slipped in and closed the door just as the other door opened and the voice called out.

"Who's there?"

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