Nightmare: Come Alive

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Chapter 4

Date: 17 May 2031

Time: 22:23

Emma breathed deeply as she curled up tightly in the corner of the tent. Using the flashlight, she shined light everywhere every time she heard a sound. She looked to her right to see June peacefully sleeping next to her. Emma didn’t like camping, she didn’t like the fact that there were things in the woods that could easily get to her. In a house you could lock the doors, but here…here you were completely open. However, Emma knew just how much June liked getting away from everything.

June was her twin in all but blood and appearance. They have been together since they were born. They were next to each other in the nursery. They went to the same day-care and pre-school. They were seat mates in primary and now in middle school. They were more than friends.

They just were.

And because of that, they did everything together, they never had secrets, and they never left the other in the dump.

Emma forced herself to relax, only to hear a twig snap. She jumped and rushed to her friend, shaking her awake.

“June! June wake up! Come on Jupiter! I heard something outside. There is something there. Juuuunnee,” Emma whispered. June sat up, annoyed. She had been awake after the first shake, but had kept quiet hoping her friend would leave her alone.

“Emmalyn, there is nothing out there except, trees, rocks and sand. Now go to bed, please,” June said, lying back down to sleep.

“But…but,” Emma said, but it was no use, June was asleep again. Emma sighed and went back to her bed, climbed in, and closed her eyes.


Both Emma’s and June’s eyes snapped open and the two sat up in sync. Getting out of bed, they quickly threw robes over their pyjamas. June grabbed the flashlight Emma had only moments ago and the two ventured outside.

But they saw nothing.

“It was probably just our imag-” June started, but was cut off when a large bear, easily twice the girls’ size, smashed the tent they were just in. The girls spun around, June shining the light on the animal. He was large and brown, teeth showing and he was growling. When the light shown into his eyes, the bear growled and backed away a bit. Angry, it swung one of its massive claws at them.

Then the strangest thing happened. Suddenly the light became brighter, and brighter, almost illuminating the entire surrounding area. The bear backed up and the girls took the chance to run. June dropped the flashlight as she turned and immediately the bright light dimmed. In fact there was no light at all from the flashlight, plunging the girls into darkness. However, neither girl knew this as they ran deeper into the forest, not noticing that they were running away from each other.

After a few minutes of running, Emma stopped to look around. June was nowhere in sight. Instantly the girl started to call her friend, shouting as loud as she could. She continued to call until a sound came from the trees. Scared, Emma crouched down and kept quiet as the thing came closer, praying that it wouldn’t find her.

Suddenly a bear appeared. Then another. Then another. Three large angry looking bears stood in front of her. One came forward and slashed its claw at her. Emma jumped back and ran to the nearest tree. Without wasting time, she started to climb as high as she could go. Below, the three bears surrounded the tree and started to push, easily shaking it. After a few pushes, Emma was thrown from the tree, 30 feet above ground.

Suddenly she could see. She felt as though she had been blind all her life, then for the first time ever, she could see. Emma could see everything. Not from her eyes, but from the shadows all around her. She wanted to be part of those shadows, in order to feel alive. Unexpectedly, she no longer was. She wasn’t solid. She wasn’t human. She was the shadows in the dark. She was the shadows in the light. (HALLO)

And she was everywhere.

Emma watched as the bears tried to find her, sniffing and looking everywhere. At the same time she could see her parents sleeping in bed. She could also see June trapped between a rock and the first bear. All of a sudden, Emma felt like her head was going to explode. She couldn’t stay everywhere, it was tearing her apart. She thought of June and felt herself become solid again as she walked out of the shadows, walking right in front of June

Time: 23:31

June watched in fear as Emma appeared out of nowhere, right between her and the bear. She was sure if she had been anyone else she would have run screaming, even if the only way was blocked by said bear. As it was, June wasn’t anyone else. Instead of fearing her friend, she feared for her. Emma had, once she appeared, dropped to her knees, unmoving. June, however, could move and she moved right towards her friend, ignoring the danger of doing so.

“EMMA! Are you ok? How did you do that? Wh-what’s wrong? Emma?” June said shaking Emma. However, Emma still wasn’t moving. Instead she was staring into nothing with wide eyes.

Unfortunately for them, the bear didn’t like to be ignored. Thus, it raised its paw and swiped at them. Thinking quickly, June pushed Emma out of the way, before jumping away herself. She cried out as pain ripped through her back. Unfortunately, she hadn’t jumped away in time and while the bear’s paw caught her robe, it didn’t touch her. So why had she felt like the bear had gut her on the spot?

The bear roared as June turned around in fear. It moved to swipe at her again when suddenly, for some reason June felt like she was wearing an extra skin. She took a deep breath and jumped backwards out of the way. She landed on top of the rock and quickly started to assess what she was feeling. It felt like she had extra limbs, like the cloth on her body was part of her. Experimentally she willed her robe to move up and to her astonishment, it did.

There was a snap and June turned to face the bear again. By now it started to climb the rock. June jumped over the bear, landing behind it. She quickly stole a glance at Emma, whom was still staring off into space. She turned back to the bear, which was now facing her. The bear charged at her as she willed her robe to tie up the bear. With her thoughts the cloth came alive and wrapped itself around the bear. The robe continued to wrap until it could no longer stay on her body. She shrugged it off and the robe fell limp. She could no longer feel it, for it was no longer a part of her.

Unluckily, cloth wasn’t really a useful replacement for rope. June watched as the bear growled and ripped the robe off of him. Afraid, she took a single step back when a body suddenly collided with hers. She screamed as she felt her body and mind rip its self apart and welcomed the utter darkness.

Date: 20 May 2031

Time: 11:34

When Emma woke up she found herself in a bright white room. Hissing, she threw the covers over her head.

“Miss?” came a voice.

“Turn off the light!” Emma half screeched. She stayed the way she was as she heard the light switch. Suddenly she saw again. She was in a hospital. Next to her was June, still out. The person who talked was nurse.

Slowly Emma emerged from the covers, only to hiss again at the light. Seeing her hiss, the nurse rushed to the window to close the blinds. Carefully Emma sat up, holding her head. The nurse hands her some pills and water, and Emma quickly drowns them. She looked up just as the nurse rushed out of the room. Concentrating Emma ‘saw’ the woman talk to a doctor. She couldn’t hear them, and honestly, she couldn’t see them that well either. Tired, Emma turns off her sight.

Climbing out of bed, she walked towards June’s bed. Emma looked at her friend for a few seconds before poking her in the face.

“Open your eyes, I know your awake” Emma said, still poking her. June sat up before swatting away her friend’s hand. Emma felt her mouth twitch as she heaved herself onto the bed. Neither girl said much. They didn’t look at each other either.

They sat in silence for several minutes, stealing glances at one another every few seconds. Eventually their eyes met and they knew. They knew each of them had something to show the other. Emma watched June grabbed hold of her hospital sheet. Slowly the sheet started to wrap itself around June. Emma looked June in the eyes again before looking at her hand, June’s own eyes following her friends. Slowly, carefully, Emma dipped her hand into the shadow. She wasn’t sure when it ended up- no. It was the park. Emma wasn’t sure how she knew, but she just did. She grabbed hold of a single flower and brought out her hand, the flower (broken and dead looking even though it didn’t look like that before) still in her hand.

Both girls quickly went back to not looking at each other.

“What are we?” Emma asks her friend.

“I don’t know Emma,” June replied, “I just don’t know.”

“We can’t tell anyone, can we,” Emma said more then asked. June shook her head.

“No one can know. Who knows what they will do to us,” June said.

“I promise you June, we’re in this together. I wouldn’t abandon you,” Emma said grabbing her friend’s hand.

“And I promise I’ll stay by your side no matter what,” June said as she squeezed Emma’s hand.

“Nothing will tear us apart,” Emma said.

“No one will tear us apart,” June said.

“I swear it,” the girls said together, still not looking at each other.

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