Night Of The Hunter

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Arabella Callahan, a wanted criminal, fights to save her family from a corrupted government who made her into what she is now. A trained killer. The government is always suspected of keeping secrets from citizen's, and to those conspiracy theory's, they are correct. They have created a secret facility along side the military to create what they see as a perfect human and a super soldier. However, there are always faults, and many of their experiments go wrong. Especially when they play around with supernatural beings and animal dna. Arabella Callahan is one of many that were kidnapped and placed into this facility, Project X. At only sixteen years old, she had spent seven years being a soldier for the government until she and a few other captives escape. After being free for a few years, continuing on with the Callahan family business, Project X catches up with her, blackmailing her to work for them as a freelance agent. Fighting between right and wrong, she must work for them in order to keep her family and friends safe. Only for it to bite her in the ass.

Action / Thriller
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Murder, grave desecration, assaulting a police officer... these charges are just some of what the brunette was being charged with in her long criminal record. Boston, Amherst, Denver, Allentown, Dayton.. were just some places she was wanted.

Her eyes went numb and she placed the piece of paper on the table. Arabella Cassidy Callahan was the name of a person that many law officers wanted to lock up for good, but once they did, she slipped through their hands like butter. Sure she was a slender woman in her mid twenties, but she was more than just that. Arabella is what you might call an Evolved Human.

From an early age, her parents trained her to fight evil. Why? Well, mainly because they were hunters of the supernatural sort. The things that go bump in the night were real and there are only a handful of people that know these kinds of things exist. Some didn’t care, but most fight it to save lives, and the Callahan family fell into that group.

Jump starting this fairytale at sixteen years old. Little Arabella was the only female in the house besides her mother. Her older brother Bryan went off to college in New York, while the family was still in Dallas.

On a cloudy night, Arabella smelt smoke coming from inside the house. She jumped out of bed and ran into her parents room to wake them up but they were nowhere to be found. Black smoke was seeping in through the cracks of door ways. Arabella yelled and screamed for her parents, but they weren’t upstairs. She rushed downstairs to see them knocked out on the floor.

Bright flames where starting to rise a few feet away from them. The small teenage girl’s eyes widened as tears fell down her face. She kicked, smacked, pushed, slapped.. anything to get her parents to wake up but nothing. She opened the front door and started to drag their bodies out of the house, but it was no use, they were way to heavy for her.

Movement from her father came as he finally opened his eyes. He saw the flames starting and turned over seeing his daughter crying. He screamed at her to get out fast. The fire was spreading rather quickly. Arabella obeyed her father, like she usually did by nodding, but at that time the stove exploded in the kitchen, a few feet away, and the house went up in flames.

Arabella’s body flew across the hall and she felt a cool breeze pass by her. The next thing she knew she was awake in what seemed to be a hospital.

Sitting up, she examined herself, seeing if there was any cuts or burns. She sighed in relief that there was none. She felt no pain, though she did feel different, in a good sort of way. The room she was in looked like a hospital, but this room had no visiting chairs or other beds, it was just her, machines and a small mirror. Little did she know it was a start of her new life at a government military facility called Project X.

Project X is a government strand facility where they test non-human and animal DNA on humans to create the superior being. Just a few decades ago they experimented with paranormal and supernatural DNA and began testing on humans. Scientists developed more information on gene slicing and placing abilities. Most of their test subjects fail, but a many survived, and Arabella was one. She developed enhanced abilities.

With this, the military trained her. Since she was already trained by her former Marine parents, the training was easy and familiar. She did all the tasks they ask, but not at first. Within the facility, she met many people. Such as her half sister she never knew of, and a guy who secretly stole her heart. She gained many people’s trust, but she never trusted anybody in the facility.

Within seven years of being trapped in the hell hole, Arabella wanted out. And that’s what she did. With her sister by her side, the two of them escaped together with a few others right behind them. They ran and hid until they thought it was safe to move again. And when they did, they shipped off to New York to reunite with their brother.

From then on, Arabella trained her sister how to hunt and protect others and herself from the evil that lays within this world. Since the two of them share the same abilities, it has been easy and together they are powerful. But that didn’t last long.

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