Himiko, the Warrior Queen

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Himiko is a story of a brave woman who defies the odds to enter history In the Ancient Japan, the legendary Empress Jingu, better known as Queen Himiko lives in the Yamato Court, where she is surrounded by great comfort and has servants at her beck and call. But she is suddenly taken into the war environment and has to mature fast in order to lead an army to victory to honour the name of her deceased husband, her country and her unborn child. The prophecy of the sword she has inherited from her mother, foretells a gruesome event to its guardian; but after the storm, a life of achievements and glory. But how can she surmount her predicament when she goes into labour in the middle of a battlefield?

Action / Other
Kazuko Nishimura
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Himiko, the Warrior Queen

A short novel by

Kazuko Nishimura

Exclusively for the readers of the series

The Goddesses of the World

Book One “The Goddesses of Japan”

is available at Amazon

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To the memory of my father, Youzi


To my son, Alan

Copyright – Kazuko Nishimura, UK 2019

The author asserts her rights to this work.

The reproduction in any form without the express permission of the author is not authorised.

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