Himiko, the Warrior Queen

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The story so far

Equipped with swords, shields and huge ambition, the Heavenly Soldiers depart from Takachihō Palace in Hyūga, Tsukushi (modern-day Kyūshū), in the year 667 BCE. Trusted sources have assured the Council that in Yamato, in the mainland, treasures and rich lands abound, where a central government could be established.

Since the descent of Ninigi from Takama no Hara (Heaven) to govern Ashihara no Nakatsukuni, a.k.a. Earth, over one-and-three-quarter million years had already elapsed. The west lands had been colonised and had been harvesting the benefits of the guidance and rules of the scions of the Sun Goddess – Amaterasu-Ō-mikami; however, the east was still disorderly.

Itsuse, the primogenitor of the royal bloodline is the leader of the expedition. He is supported by his younger brothers, Mikenu and Iwarebiko.

Alas, the adventure proves to be more challenging than expected, and Itsuse and Mikenu are killed before the troops reach their destination. Iwarebiko, the only surviving royal is now in charge but, when at last they reach the Yamato plain, has to fight belligerent groups opposed to his rule.

Aided by the Sun Goddess’s guidance and envoys, Iwarebiko emerges victorious from bloody skirmishes fought against his opponents. The bolt from the blue to the spirited royal, however, is the revelation that he should not be the first claimant for the coveted throne of Ashihara no Nakatsukuni. Nevertheless, Iwarebiko is the guardian of the Three Sacred Regalia, asserting his right to the throne.

On the eleventh day of the second month of the Year of Kanoto-Tori (660 BCE), Iwarebiko, posthumously named Emperor Jimmu, founds the country of Japan and self-proclaims its first Emperor – Tennō. Jimmu, descendant of the Sun Goddess, daughter of the Creators Izanami and Izanagi, is about to start a legendary dynasty on Earth that in an unbroken, hereditary succession will last for over twenty-six centuries – the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan.

The full story of the Creation of Japan and the epic journey of its rulers, narrated by unsung heroines is told in my main first book – “The Goddesses of Japan”, of the series “The Goddesses of the World”, which can be acquired at Amazon.

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