The Chosen One

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Carter isn’t your ordinary girl. There are people like her but she’s still very different. There’s only one chosen one and that’s Carter! 200 years ago, Mutants ruled the Earth except they were known as heroes to humans. Slowly, they began to disappear one by one until they were all considered extinct (or so they thought), There wasn't another open mutant until Carter. Carter not only becomes a mutant but she ends up with the powers of three strong mutants which gives her the ability to control the weather, telekinesis, and superhuman strength. Along the way, Carter meets three other mutants who had been hiding their abilities for years. She discovers that mutants weren't extinct after all. Becoming a team known as Heroic IV (4), they form an alliance and work together by fighting crimes in the city until they are taken into custody at the Martial Program - a school located in Zims, New York for mutants and other kinds to live their lives together and learn to control their powers. But as Carter adjusts to her new life as a mutant, secrets about her true identity comes to light forcing her and her group of friends to figure out who she is. Carter is The Forbidden Child. She is The Chosen One.

Action / Adventure
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Paul stared at himself through the mirror. Eyes filled with exhaustion from his latest experiment. He had spent the past few weeks working on a project but he continued to fail.

Paul wasn't your ordinary guy since he was immortal. Paul thought he was the only mutant left on Earth after most disappeared. Before the last three heroes went extinct, Paul took the blood — or what he would call antidote — from them and kept them stashed away in his home.

He spent the next few years adjusting to his new life as a human being to live in harmony with everyone else. He swore to never reveal his true identity to anyone. Tired of working as a waiter at the local Korean restaurant, Paul began to experiment on animals using the blood that he took from the last three mutants to walk the earth. He wanted to bring the heroes back.

He failed.

All of his test subjects died and he was running low on the antidote. He did not have enough and that worried him the most. Paul opened the door and made his way to the kitchen where he saw most of his coworkers cooking or waiting tables.

"Paul, I need your help. We have a full house right now so two people ordered a Pepsi. Take it to the girl in the corner wearing the white hat or the male in the red jacket sitting at the table with that woman!" Paul's coworker demanded. Paul nodded his head before fixing the Pepsi.

He stared at filled glass and turned his attention to everyone around him. Paul grabbed the glass and walked towards the end of the counter where no one else stood. He pulled one of the small test tubes that was once filled with one of the three superheroes before pouring it into the glass of Pepsi.

"Here's the blood of Tempest," Paul mumbled to himself as he poured it into the glass. He stared at the little bit that he added before shrugging and grabbing the other two test tubes and pouring them into the glass as well, "& the blood of Oscar and Mysteria." Paul mixed the drink before making his way towards the girl sitting in the corner.

Carter sighed heavily as she stared out the window. She had just been fired from her job due to running late. Carter's phone buzzed and she looked down to see her best friend calling. She groaned before declining the call. Paul smiles softly at Carter as he placed the cold Pepsi on the table.

"Here you go," He said, "Is there anything else I can get you?"

"I ordered already. Thank you!" Carter told Paul as she gave him a small smile. Paul nodded before walking back towards the kitchen. Carter grabbed her straw before placing it into the cup and began to sip the Pepsi. Paul watched from afar as Carter sipped on the Pepsi unaware of what was in the cup.

Hours passed and Carter still sat in the restaurant. She had eaten her fries hours ago as well as drunk the Pepsi but she sat silently in the corner of the restaurant with her head down on the table.

"Is she okay?" One of the workers asked Paul as he stood at the register watching her.

"I don't know." Paul responded.

"We're closing so should I call the ambulance or something?"

"Don't worry. I'll check her out since I have a few more dishes to wash." Paul replied to the man as he nodded his head while walking out of the door.

Paul sighed heavily before slowing making his way to the girl. Many thoughts went through his head as he continued to make his way towards her. He was afraid that she ended up like all of the animals he tested on and died. Slowly, Paul places his hand on her shoulder and shook her slightly. Suddenly, the girl jumped up and looked at the man. Paul gasped. She kicked the chair over before screaming.

"Whoa!" Paul exclaimed while holding his hands up towards the girl. Carter backed into the corner of the wall and stared at the man as he stared in her grey eyes that were once brown. Paul slowly walked to her before grabbing her wrist. Suddenly, Paul flew against the wall. Carter stared at the man in shock before grabbing her phone and hat.

"I'm sorry. I don't what happened!" She apologized. Paul stared at her with wide eyes as he watched her exit the restaurant.

It worked.

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