After Action

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"My job is to end the world. And for that service, I earn $55,352 a year." The Martian meets Tom Clancy in this military thriller, told through the Senate's declassified report on the "Visigoth Crisis." Read personal log entries, after-action reports, and narratives adaptations to learn the truth about how the bravery and treason of two Air Force officers nearly started World War III. Mark Hudson's only job is to push a button when ordered; a button that will end the lives of untold millions half a world away. For months, he lives in a remote, top-secret missile silo, with only another, steely and reserved officer for company. Hudson is haunted by a moment of hesitation that cost the lives of fellow soldiers and he worries he might hesitate again - but this time, the world will be on the line.

Action / Thriller
Dave Carden
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Department of Defense Report on the “Project Visigoth”

What follows are the documents pertaining to events surrounding and preceding the “Victor Charlie Incident.” As representatives of the People of the United States, our primary responsibility is to transparency and accountability. In this priority, the government has failed its people.

The President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense have accepted the committee’s findings and have expressed their resolve in ensuring a crisis of this magnitude is never repeated.

We only hope these documents will explain, to some degree, the actions of Captains Hudson and Latimer and shed light on their actions, both heroic and treasonous.

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