Salvation or Damnation (Turning The Tide series)

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Three years ago before my 14th birthday, my mother was called back to the mutant army to serve our country one last time. But she never came back. You used your ability when you were told no! my father growled, and I groaned. not again. now my pity for us both just vanished, flying out the window. same for my temper. we never felt so alone. Ryan Winchester, the son of a female borne vampire and alpha male werewolf in the world, where the government controls the mutants and monsters, has committed a crime of murdering and drinking the victim's blood. he is sent to a holding mutant facility in D.C. for "punishment." turns out, they want him there for more than that reason. They know what truly happened to his mother and he has something they want. Something they need. and they'll do anything to get it, even I'd it means killing everyone inside the facility or the world. Sadly, he is the key to saving the world, or losing to eternal damnation. But how can he save the world when he can't even save himself? See if their world is saved forever through Salvation or cursed forever in Damnation!!

Action / Romance
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Peaceful Silence: Prologue

Gunshots. The gunshots were loud and echoed in the forest. I glanced down warily from in a ditch under this huge old oak tree, it's limbs long and threatening in the dark, misty air.

I could hear Butch panting in the ditch beside me, and I looked over the muddy ditch to see April by a bloody stump, her long hair covered in mud and sticks, her blank, blue eyes staring at me sightlessly.

Another gunshot was heard, it's loud ping ringing and bouncing through the forest and sound waves, but this time, slamming into me.

I fell back into the bottom of the ditch in pain, the Conquorian bullet agonizing, and my vision black.

I heard my friends that lay in the ditch with me screaming, but not over the machine's horrifying sound of squeals and roars, and then nothing.

Peaceful silence.

Sorry if it's short. It's a little teaser of what's to come. Hope you enjoy. Like and comment please. Thanks so much!!

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