Salvation or Damnation (Turning The Tide series)

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Chapter 1

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Six Months Ago: Mom

Song is Monster by Imagine Dragons. Hope the song fits to you. It does for me.

eye color-hybrid borne vampires



orange-pity, sympathy


black-thirst. there are more colors for emotions but only ones known to him.

Ryan's POV

I listened to the car pass over a broken down bridge, its steady thump against the bridges floor making me uneasy.

My father looked over at me annoyed and disappointed. He hasn't stopped looking at me like that since Mom died three years ago, and the trouble I've been in since, but now especially.

You know why you're here, right son? He asked, his grey eyes growing more pained and angry at every second I didn't respond. I sighed. The darkened sky, full moon that casted an eerily glow white glow on us and surrounding area, and the lack of stars in the night sky at least looked nice.

Yes, I know Dad. You don't have to keep reminding me. I looked back to the window, the trees more clustered together and more dark with each passing.

I shuddered. it was like Hoia-Baciu Forest. I watched it with Ghost Adventures as they went to Transylvania to investigate the forest. it was really creepy. creepy, but cool.

Ryan? My Dad looked over at me tiredly as I realized I zoned out again while he was "talking" to me. His squared jaw was wired shut as his teeth grounded together and his well-proportioned nose rose out on his face to give him a breathtaking, yet manly look. Mom always said I got his good looks. I chuckled darkly.

Sorry Dad. I apologized and sighed again, as I looked up to see his peppered black hair was cropped short. His eyes kept flickering from yellow to his beautiful baby blue that she adored.

Why is your hair short? I asked, stunned and kicking inwardly at myself for not noticing him these past few weeks.

Because, I needed the change. I was tired of my longer hair anyway. He commented. He ran his fingers over his head, now realizing he couldn't run his fingers through his hair like he used to, so he put his hand back on the steering wheel, his hands tight. My jaw tightened at his statement. I didn't notice the dirt road we drove on because of this.

You did it because Mom loved your hair long. I corrected him. Dad's face paled and went bleak with agony, his wolf howling in his head so he changed the subject to anything to try to escape the pain.

I felt the pang in my heart over Mom to. Pity welled up inside for Dad and myself since Mom was gone.

She was our sunshine, our light in the dark. Now that she's gone, we've been left in the darkened street that no-one knows. Left behind.

Your used your ability when you were told, no! He growled, and I groaned. Not again. Now my pity just vanished, flying out the window. Same for my temper.

Oh my god! I snarled, glaring at him. He flinched, but stayed true and glared at me back. He stopped the car, not even bothering to pull over.

This again! I am tired of hearing this! I know i used, and I'm sorry! I'm being punished by your government for it, so get off my case! I hissed, my vision a slight haze of red and orange. My father paled as his wolf whined in his head for his little pup, started the engine, and began driving again. I turned away, breathing deeply, calming down.

one day, when it was dark in the northern shore's docks in New Orleans, i killed someone when i couldn't control my thirst and had no necklace, and sucked the blood out of them. i was caught, and i went willingly for mother.

Don't do anything you'll regret. She once said to me. I regretted the kill more than just killing them. I was sentenced to either to death, or to a maximum security facility to help my hunger.

We drove from Florida to get here, leaving our pack behind. The WindStar pack. The 2nd most strongest pack out there.

My mother was the Luna and mate to my dad, Red Winchester. They had me first, then my little siblings whom I adore. All of them are werewolves. None are vampires and none are hybrids.

I'm the first hybrid. and i'll probably be the last. My mother and father is the 1st mated pair to be werewolf and vampire. 1st couple of that species and 1st to have a child. Believe me, the government checked.

And there thorough at this. probably why there wanting me at this one facility. To understand what I am. To understand my kind. A monster. A freak. Dad says I'm not a freak, but his eyes tell a different story. He knows I'm one.

A monster shouldn't be an alpha! I could kill my pack. Pride filled me at hearing My pack, but saddened me again when my vamp Victor and my wolf Damien was silent.

There asleep in my head because they go berserk when awake until they calm down. Hopefully soon. When I'm 18 they'll be calmer since they'll be of age.

I haven't even shifted yet and won't until then. Shows you how dark being a hybrid is. How evil they are.

The facility was basically prison, but I took it instead of death. Not like they can kill me anyway. they'll send in the "hired help", to see if they can kill me. No-one has ever tried to kill me. Who would? I'm Red Winchester's eldest non snobbish and anti-player child.

Yes, i'm supposed to take over the pack, but with me being the freak, i doubt it. The pack loves me, but they fear me. And not in the good alpha way either. Hurts but you get used to the pain.

Not as bad as the pain of the hunger from the vampire and testosterone from the werewolf, an alpha one at that. I'm here at this hell hole for three years and no contact from their world, in that time. Racist bastards.

Besides, I don't get the alpha title until i'm 21 for the alpha in me to get stronger and more mature than at age 18, cause let's face it. What alpha werewolf at age 18 is mature?

I looked outside the window, my reflection pale and my eyes flickering from red and pale yellow, haunting me to my soul.

If I have one. My fangs were showing as i parted my mouth. Will i ever be free from this never ending curse?

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