Salvation or Damnation (Turning The Tide series)

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Chapter 2

Song is My Demons by Starset. Great song and band. Song is him singing to his mother.

Mom and New Home

At least you'll be here to help with your gift. Father continued after a moment of awkward silence, desperate to fill the air with laughter like before. Desperate to get me to open up to him.

I nodded to him and my father sighed with a pained look on his face, his wolf laying his head down on his paws with a look of agonized defeat.

When I was three years old, my mom was outside and screamed. I hobbled out there as fast as those chubby little legs to go, and saw a large croc heading her way. She held a defensive position from the open backdoor, which was a huge mistake in Florida, and I became very angry.

I was thirsty suddenly, my eyes a large red and I killed the croc instantly. For some reason, I remember dad getting Mom's birthday gift at the store and left while Mom unknowingly about that went out after feeding me to patch up the fence to keep the crocs away and to keep me in the backyard of our mansion. She loved doing things herself.

She felt lazy when packmembers and our cherished omegas did them for her. Omegas are loved and respected in our pack. A few packs don't respect them, so the council is somehow notified, cough cough, and they are taken away and the pack is left to crumble until they disperse.

I didn't know at the time that Mom didn't need help and she only screamed out of shock at the croc being suddenly there, and for her fear that maybe one came up behind her for me. of course, i was three, so I shouldn't know better.

Even though I was smarter than all of the three year old werewolf pups and vampire kits, (don't know why they call them that but they do), and definitely the human pups. I'm probably smarter than the whole world. That's what happens when your a cool badass nerd lol.

Ever since that day when I grew old enough to have my abilities, Mom had taught me how to use my 'gift' in different scenarios that tested my abilities to the max because she was a vampire like me and she didn't want me defenseless. Dad taught me how to hunt in wolf form.

I only could shift into a small dark grey and brown striped puppy with black paws, tail, eyes, and snout. With werewolves, we shift at age 7 but our wolves grow with us into adults like our minds. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Anyway, how to garden because he loves gardening which is weird for an alpha to love that but i'm not judging, how to work on cars, work on wood like widdling, hunt and just learn the mechanics and how to handle guns in general.

Fishing with our claws or fishing poles was cool, the claws are the best especially when Dad fell into the river with a fish in his mouth lol. I learned how to write, and other educational skills ever since I've been home-schooled, my last year being the third grade.

Lucky me, I know. But being a Hybrid and a young and hormonal one at that is dangerous for anyone, even family. So I spent my teenager years in home alone or wearing the necklace to even step a foot outside the house which was ten minutes from the packhouse.

That was so we could have a lot of space for remodeling, tree houses, or just plain privacy. You get tired of having everyone up your asses twenty-four seven lol. Mom also taught me how to read.

She told me I was special like her since were borne vampires, and more powerful than other vampires except for the Alien vampires. Suckers are strong, Mom once said to me.

But I'm a Hybrid, and I know I'm way stronger than them, the vampires, the werewolves, the mermaids, the sirens, which are the rouge version of werewolves, and many other creatures that roam the earth.

Three years ago, before my fourteenth birthday, my Mother was called back into the army which I thought that wasn't a thing, to serve our country one final time before letting her retire for good.

Father was enraged, but the government controlled us so we had no say. We didn't want innocents to die and lose friends, families, we gave them the control.

This would be the butterfly effect into the destruction or salvation of our world and the species that dwell in it.

She was sent to the moon on a black ops mission called, "Storm Clouds". She always tells me stuff like this because she knows I'm trustworthy. She couldn't tell Dad though, he would've flown to the moon somehow to protect her lol.

She was there to kill a group of Alien vampires that were killing the civilians who finally settled on the moon three years back with three werewolves, two borne vampires, a normal vampire, a demon, and an angel. The irony. My Mommy never came back.

All of the team was found dead except for her. The mission failed and the vamps lived besides two and ran away. She's presumed dead by the army, and even had a military funeral for her.

I held the flag. They left the grave empty until they find her body. I still hope and believed she was alive until a year passed. Father never gave up looking for our Luna. I gave up on my Mother. What a son I was.

Son? were here. My Father smiled over at me and I nodded, now clutching my bag of belongings I held dear to me, and the necklaces my Mother invented herself to help control my Hybrid's ravenous hunger and abilities. My Father doesn't understand the pain since he's a werewolf. So I'm left alone unless I talk to a vampire but I can't.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts as we passed through an odd coloring and decorative gate that stood thirty five feet tall, as if it was a prison trying to keep anything out and everyone in.

We found a fenced in trail that looked suspicious to me and followed it for five minutes to see a huge, old, and black bricked up mansion ahead.

Dad stopped the car and looked around suspiciously. It was black. Nice. It was dimensional, some parts an octagon, some triangles, and some squares, and so on. What's with the shapes?

Seriously? The top was a hexagon funny enough, surveying the fields all around like a camera and watchtower like prisons. Yep, definitely a prison. I can't believe my Dad will keep me here for three years. If I live through this. I don't know how though.

A bunch of different cameras stared at us from the fences, and probably more hidden. This is like area 51 but without the crappy work.

Old mossy bricked steps steps led to a huge squared door that I would've thought would be a freaking cylinder with this place, and the words Enter was on it. Weird. There wasn't even a ground floor, it was partially in the ground.

I was stunned. I only have three months supply of necklaces, so for now, I eat human food. My stomach churned at the thought of the oncoming horror. The pain of resisting the thirst. resisting the monster.

See, look how nice it is. Dad smiles strained with worry, suspicion, and fear as we stepped out to my impending doom, his hand gesturing the old and odd dilapidated ruin of a place.

Gee, it looks so great. I raised an eyebrow, my sarcasm marring my features. Dad ignored me and looked at the paper the government gave us that led me to Hell. He frowned. I began hating the necklace I stuck on five minutes ago.

What? I touched the necklace around my neck to hide all of my 'gifts': My sight, sense of smell, speed, strength...all gone. They were all hidden from me. Oh, and lack of breath. I still have to breathe with it on or I'll die.

Says here I leave you and go back home. No parents allowed in due to policy of "no interrupting classes". Dad turned reluctantly and gave me my belongings in the car I left so I could look around without it banging on my back.

Also, to hope my Dad changes his mind and they let me serve my sentence at home. Yeah, right. I can dream like an idiot.

Your really leaving me? I looked back around, the snow starting to fall and a cold breeze swept over us. My Dad sighed, no heavy winter jacket on. Perks of being a werewolf.

That was the one thing the necklace couldn't cover for me. The temperature. Winter's coming, and It's going to be bad. It always is in Washington D.C. Stupid dc.

It says so, and we have to follow the rules despite what we want. I don't want to leave my pup here Ryan. Your my pup for the Goddesses sake! Dad gritted his teeth and glared at me sadly with his big hands on his big hips. Dad's a big dude, with broad shoulders, big chest, big feet.

I used to call him Sasquatch. But that was when we got along. I bared my teeth in annoyance. We don't get along anymore since mom's death. He still acts as if she's alive. If she is, she left us. I shook my head from that thought. No way. She loved us. I thought, angry at my stupid thoughts.

So, your leaving me here with no contact, no-one here to talk to, this place looking like a serial killer's fortress or a science experiment facility, and far from help because a shitty paper says so! I growled as I threw my snow white hands into the air.

I have to son. Dad said and smiled despite his labored breathing of pain, his teary eyes, and his wolf screaming at him to not do this. It was too suspicious. This place was classified beyond his rank. It was ominous. But he had to obey. It was this or they would kill Ryan.

His shattered heart broke at that thought. He opened the driver side door of our 1969 GTO with an automatic to the clutch, and a V8 engine. Turbo. Very nice. It was a soft blue, to bring out its beauty. Mom said. That was the only thing Dad didn't change.

He changed the colors and the interior of the house to not remind him of her. But this was her car, named Rose. But we added Mary to it for Mom so its Mary Rose. Funny huh? Almost like Bloody Mary. Oh, the sweet irony.

And besides, he flashed a grin at his son to help him feel less alone and afraid, and for himself as well. You don't need help.

I can't use my curse! I reminded him coldly. His smile widened despite his agonized emotions. Exactly! He said and took off, forcing himself to leave his pup.

I watched him fade away in the distance, cursing him for leaving me alone. Like Mom did.

I hope you like it! Sorry took so long. It deleted so I had to rewrite it again. Hope the song and chapter matches.

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