Salvation or Damnation (Turning The Tide series)

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Chapter 3

Song Shadows by Lindsey Sterling. Not a song with singing but I like it. I spent the last hour trying to remember a song that isn't heavy metal to match the chapter. Not many people like heavy metal so I didn't add the song on here. Sorry.

This Sucks

You really wanted me gone, huh? I asked out loud as a large woman, not trying to be rude, with her hair in a large red bun on top of her head, her thick glasses perched on a bird-like nose hustled over to me. I cringed. This is going to be great.

There you are! She cried loudly, exasperated and out of breath. I turned around and started walking away, annoyed. She was a human and she was annoying.

Typical. Not saying all humans are annoying, but I only run into the annoying ones. Yay. Lucky me. She laughed and snorted loudly like I was a big joke.

Funny thing. And very good-looking to. No having sex. She eyed me when saying this, as if I'm a hooker. I'm a virgin!

Just because I'm very hot, cough cough, doesn't mean I go out getting laid every day!

I rolled my eyes at this loud lady and trudged up the steps after her like an old man, huffing and puffing all the way up. I was so tired of this already and I've been here only five minutes! well, give or take five minutes.

I wasn't paying attention like I never do in math class. Like, seriously, why would anyone pay attention in math class and enjoy it!

I started wearing the necklace out in the sun four years ago. For some reason when we vampires hit the age of 13, the UV rays that hit the atmosphere turns our minds into a frenzy, making us go into a berserk, attacking and killing anything on sight.

Not like Twilight with the sparkle crap. I would give anything to have that. If were outside for longer than an half an hour, it will either kill us, or or burn us alive. Those few are lucky.

Ones like me go berserk since out immune systems, minds, and bodies are more adapted than there's. But I don't go berserk until over 2 hours and mine is not as vicious as others. I guess it's some pros of being a Hybrid. I'm lucky to. Sorta.

We have a test done on what our disease was when in sunlight by taking you into a steel and concrete supernatural protection room with sunlight to see what it was.

Fire can't harm us, taking us apart, garlic, which garlic is delicious! Nothing like that. Nothing besides alien and powerful mutant weapons, and of course, the stupid freaking sun!

That's what the government fears. We can't be killed by them. So they hire anything that can: vampires, werewolves, high classed mutants, and even aliens, to hunt down those they don't like or do wrong, and end them.

A contract. The Ghost is the only young, female bounty hunter that can kill us without leaving any trace or knowledge that she was there. We know she's a girl since she let it be known for anyone that's sexist.

no one defies her, and no one can say who she is, what she looks like, and her reason for joining. She's a freaking mystery and legend told at supernatural bible camp to make sure you stay in line with the government.

The lady brought me into this dark and dim lit room just enough to see, right as you walk inside with a long black marble counter instead of a desk and no computer.

Filing cabinets are behind the counter and chair. Weird. She went behind the counter into the filing cabinets, fishing into a drawer since I heard it, and said,

Here's your room. Building Octagon, third level, #333. Classes start tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. and your roommates will help you get prepared. Any questions go through me if they don't give you an answer that you feel isn't right.

How ironic. I thought. Have a nice day. She smiled at me and I froze, looking at her. She handed me a white paper with directions to my hell and classes with the times stamped on them, along with dinner, free time, and chores.

Do you have any black paper? I asked sarcastically. She laughed. No, but you would like that. She responded as if I said in shock after just now realizing, what? No rules? Are you kidding me? She laughed again.

Nope. Well, yes. There are rules. But, we don't tell you them. We wait for you to break them and we punish you. So, if you feel if whatever your doing is wrong, don't do it. I grasped the counter in shock.

How are we to know if we break them or not? How can you punish us for us lacking in knowledge of the rules? She shrugged and said,

One rule is known. No having sex. At all. You can have a relationship, but no sex unless we permit you access to the Dome. Just remember, don't do anything doubtful or it could kill you. She laughed hysterically and I stared at her.

Good day. She turned away and I growled in frustration at her not responding back to me as I kept bugging about the rules.

I gave up finally. I just simply headed to the left hallway that had a sign above it that read, Octagon building. Great. This is even more hell than I thought.

The Boys

I walked up to the room #333 after walking around aimlessly with no help for at least ten minutes and I sluggishly knocked. A deep irish voice says, come in!

I stepped in to notice four boys all staring at me. It's the newbie! A boy with red curly hair and glasses hiding his big blue eyes gasped. You knew I was here? I asked confused. I didn't see you or anybody until now.

the windows are tinted. no looking inside, but you can look out. Anyway, the rooms are upstairs. So you can't anyway unless you look up and even then, all you see is black. Like my soul. the long haired blonde with tattoos and piercings all over his body said and rolled his eyes at me while smiling. His smile was friendly, so I resisted the urge to hit him. He had amber eyes.

Oh. Was that really all I could say? I'm an idiot. I thought to myself. Nice tattoos. The tall and well-built boy with tan skin, blue eyes, and short, black cropped hair admired the tattoos and piercings I had on my body that you could see as well. He was the voice that told me to come in. I expected the red head to have the accent, no offense.

Thanks then. A moment of silence. I'm Ryan. I added. I'm Butch, and the red head carrot is Knollo, the silent boy in the back is Lays Chips, and the tattooed guy is Art. Come up with a new name.

Nicknames? I guessed. The silent boy nodded and looked down at his feet from his top bunk bed. Weird. Like the military. What is with this place?Stop stealing from the military! I thought angrily.

The silent boy was short and heavy with inky, and curly, brown hair and green eyes. Your gift? Butch asked. I shrugged in my head. wouldn't hurt to tell them.

they seem like good people. but if they betray me, i can just kill them and drain their blood and flesh. I thought darkly. I snapped out of my demon's thoughts.

I'm a hybrid borne vampire. I said. Butch nodded at my "gift" with no aggression but surprise. This place is so weird. I'm an alpha werewolf from Canada's #5 strongest pack, The RedStar pack.

I cringed at my sorta nemesis. Our packs aren't allies or enemies. We're neutral. They believe in an all werewolf pack. We don't. Art is an alpha demon, son of Hades. He continued, ignoring my cringe again. Art smiled at me cheekily. Lays Chips is a powerful human physic, and Knollo is an alpha mutant. Butch said.

All came here with a dark reason. Knollo added. Lays Chips flinched and stared at the ground in shame and guilt. I was curious but didn't push it.

Your all basically alphas, and haven't killed Lays Chips or each other yet? We're not known for our patience and temper. I asked surprised.

how long you been in here to? I shut the door and noticed everything in black. Even the beds were. No mirrors, and black curtains covered the windows. Nice.

No, he's a part of the gang. Butch said. Lays Chips smiled at Butch gratefully. Me, I've been here for a month coming two days. Art says.

A year. Knollo shrugged as if it wasn't too bad or too long. Three years tomorrow. Lays Chips looked away as if embarrassed to admit being here longer.

Four months. Butch nodded to the top bunk by the wall, away from the door and near two huge black dressers. your bunk. the middle accross from the middle had Lays Chip's name and next two bunks reached the door.

Thanks, um, my stuff? I looked at my bunk and my bag. Bottom to drawers on the left side dresser (which had plaques to put your names on it), is your stuff.

Bag goes under the bunk bed. Butch said smiling. I nodded. After I put my stuff away, and i sat on my bed, i asked, rules? What are they exactly? Everyone looked at each other.

Only one I know from that loud woman and hate is no sex. Knollo yawned at me as if I should've figured that one out sooner. I felt odd. Not angry but not happy at that statement.

Ugh! This place is messing with my emotions! Anything else? I asked, already conjuring up ways to commit suicide. The necklace. I pondered this as our conversation continued.

We have a thing. Lays Chips pipes in, looking at me then at Butch to continue. I looked at Butch. We get up at six, made beds to perfection and be dressed by 6:10. Then to breakfast for ten minutes before we go to classes picked to us random everyday. They give us a list for the week every Monday morning. Friday is the free day to sleep in until 7:00. Weekends are the same as the rest of the week but different times.

Sunday is up at 5:00 and classes start at 5:30 but only a few classes. Butch said all in one breath and then gasped for air.

I was confused and jarred by all the information needing to sink in. Werewolves don't really need air unless in a big fight. Why did he need air like that? They don't have a necklace. Wow. I commented.

I know, but it's a challenge, and when your here, you need one. Butch said smiling. And hopefully, if were good enough, we get to meet her. Art says excitedly. I was confused yet again. Funny how this place does that. Too bad I didn't ask them sooner why he needed air like that.

I hope you like it!! What you think of the boys! Again, please like and comment if you want another chapter sooner rather than later. See you in the next chapter or in another chapter of my other books!!

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