Salvation or Damnation (Turning The Tide series)

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Chapter 4

Song is My Beast by Smash into Pieces. Amazing song that is really good at explaining our boy Ryan's mind and struggles.

The Clock Tolls At Midnight

Who's her your talking about? And, I looked at my watch to check the time. It's 8:00 pm. What happens at this time?

we stay in our room and Art is talking about The Ghost. Lays Chips says and grows more awed by the time he said Ghost's name.

or her nickname. could be her real name. doubt some parents or foster care named a little girl Ghost. just saying.

she's a legend! Butch adds in, then was inturrupted from finishing his last sentence by a loud woman's voice that was rough and more masculine than feminine on a mic squawking, Bed! she says it four times super loud like loud counter lady before going silent. the mic booms once then nothing.

guess the bell ain't working again. Art says as he climbs into bed underneath me. Knollo climbs in under Lays Chips and Butch on the bottom bunk next to Lays Chips. Lays Chips climbed up his slowly and smiled into bed. i felt weirded out at that but said nothing.

Night. I said, then pondered my nickname. It's like changing your name, your life, your past, your future. This place is nuts! One came to me suddenly and I smiled at its perfection. My name's now Midnight. I added. I fell asleep smiling, listening to their chuckles.

A clock tolls at midnight from the speaker suddenly, waking me up and I laughed quietly to myself as I went back to sleep, not hearing the roaring and whirring of machines outside, along with some screams.

Day 1: Heaven, or Hell?

A massive bell rang and I groaned, looking over with a morning fave that screamed to see Lays Chips already up and making his bed. I jumped up in the same clothes I came in, my black leather jacket, black tight t-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, black goth boots, and black nails, black socks, and even black tennis shoes when I'm tired of the boots. People call me a freak, but being Goth, an Alpha, and different entitles you to hear all the sleuth that come from people's mouths.

What's wrong with different? I'd rather be different and unique than like everybody else. Normal and boring.

Butch was done with his bed and getting dressed quickly now, the clock saying 6:05.

My watch was dead and I didn't have batteries. Dammit! I knew I forgot something at home. Knollo, Lays Chips, and Art stood at the door, waiting for us. A minute later and Butch was done. Two minutes after that and I was done.

It's bullshit to make your bed and get ready in ten minutes! It usually takes me ten minutes to get out of bed! Thank god I was already dressed! 6:08. Nice.

Butch glanced at the clock then at me, grinning an impish grin. I smiled and high fived Art.

Then I took off my leather jacket (don't want anyone taking it), before placing it back into the dresser neatly and quickly before going back to the door again.

You'll do well here. Your like me! Art and Butch laughed as Lays Chips smiled at Art's joke, his eyes glued to the floor.

The bell suddenly rings a dark and echoing boom that scared me and was deemed by me appropriate for this place.

I jumped a little to everyone's amusement and then followed the boys out of the room and into the dark yet lighted and colored hallway with no papers, pencils, and books. Finally, something nice!

The Arena; Confusion of the Monster

Were here. Butch grasped an old door handle after taking forever going left and right, through the Triangle hall to Square, Pentagon, Rectangle, (apparently, Rectangles and Squares aren't the same thing here, eye roll), and finally, to the Oval hall.

He opened it and people my age, a little younger, and a little older were fighting in hand to hand combat in this dark walled, but brightly lit room. No guards but hidden security cameras everywhere. I stared.

The floors and walls were black. The roof was glass, letting us at least look at the sky. It was day, but cloudy as if a storm was brewing.

I inhaled, then noticed I smelled the air molecules that smelled very febreeze like yet very soothing.

Almost like candles with the smell of open fields. Of freedom. Of home. I chose to ignore it. Big mistake.

Wow. Again. I felt odd. Thirst for blood began prowling through my throat, and I knew my necklace wasn't working properly.

My mother never found a way to recharge them, so I could only use them once sadly.

I grabbed the extra from my pocket, and sighed. I brought it with me. Good. I'll need it soon. I can wait til this one goes dead for extra time with the new one.

I locked my jaw at the oncoming horror after all these are gone as I slipped it back into my pocket. I clenched my fists.

Butch noticed this but took it the wrong way to be polite and not nosy by smiling at the arena like it was a throne fit for a god. Also to probably not scare anybody in here. Which was alot of them.

This is the arena. Art says, waving his hand out there as if a servent would appear and give him anything he wanted.

Butch rolled his eyes and I noticed a glass wall, I think, and girls fighting on the other side. There were girls! Great, they'd find a reason to hate me although being an Alpha will make them not try to attack me.

Art whistled after seeing what caught my eye, as if remembering it was there, which would make sense seeing he's been here before, and his laughter ranged out against the prison walls, as he ran in that direction.

Can't hear us. Lays Chips said to me and loped off to the other boys that looked and acted like him. Boys like him kept to themselves, stayed quiet, and probably followed orders.

I was the type to keep to myself, but I never stayed quiet, and never followed orders unless I had to. I always broke them. That's how I got expelled online from homeschool in New Orleans for killing the man. they were just a few days before my sentence.

I shook my head from that horrible night and watched Butch and Knollo take off their shirts, showing off their muscles, before wrestling each other in the middle of the floor alongside other fighters. And, of course, Butch won. he's good at everything, I guess.

Find someone to wrestle or go practice hand-to-hand by yourself. Butch panted to keep me busy while holding the red faced Knollo in a head lock and leg lock. Damn, remind me not to fight him unless it's the good kind. Wink wonk.

Sure. I said and took my shirt off, noticing the racks by the wall where shirts and pants were on. Everybody wore shorts and must've had them on under their pants.

I found #333 and hung mine up, no hangers, just air. It's kind or cool and weird since I've never seen this type of technology before and it relates to this school.

Dark and very advanced to keep us here. Art came back over to me as I made it halfway to him and he whistled at me.

Your really fit for a Goth. He commented. I rolled my eyes at the insult to other Goths and his attempted bravado. Thanks, so wanna wrestle? I grinned as Art examined me from head-to-toe. Sure. He shrugged as if I wasn't dangerous. Or was I?

Five Minutes Later

He pinned me to the ground as I threw my right leg up, hitting him in the ribs and knocking him over. I rolled on top of him and pinned his arms and legs, unable to free himself.

Surrender! I declared victorious and odd at his lack of strength as I heard a voice say calmly but loudly, Midnight!? I looked up confused.

Three people stood before us, two bodyguard looking males and one doctor looking female. All wearing black.

What a saint! I thought. How do you know my nickname already? I demanded as I also said yes? I stood up panting, Art laying under me like a starfish, giving up.

His face was paler than usual, his eyes fearful and his body locked up in vault mode like the banks do with drills for robbers.

What do you want? I probed, looking at Art confused for a second longer before looking back at them.

Come with us. The lady was hidden, only her grey eyes, the upper part of her face, and her blonde hair in a tight tiny bun was showing. She wore a surgeon's mask. She beckoned her hand forward, like I was to obey her. She's got another thing coming if she wants me to obey her like a good little puppy!

Why? I asked cautiously. Art shook his head at me and mouthed, go. Don't argue. I was frustrated at the lack of explanation and secrecy. Did I break a rule?

I was growing angry, and the necklace began showing my red eyes. I could feel them. The voices. My monster, beast if you will. The female looked wary and shook her head.

No. We need you for a physical. Mandatory. She was smiling, I could tell. My thirst began screaming for her blood, and I cursed in my head. I gritted my teeth. The necklace now stopped working. Of all times! Shit!

I wrenched the necklace off my neck and into my left front pocket, her blood enticing me on so many levels. She was human. Ahe smelled like Apple sauce.

I tried grabbing the good one out of the front right pocket, but had shaking hands so I wasn't able to. Then I gave up.

I jumped up and growled, hunkering down, slowly going for the prey. Her. She motioned at her guards who are something but I don't know since there scent isn't familiar, frantically, stepping back shakily as the room was pin drop silent. No one dared to intervene and my vision was red and black. I was dying for a taste.

The guards rushed forward as I roared and lunged for their throats.

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