Salvation or Damnation (Turning The Tide series)

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Chapter 5

Song is Control by Halsey. Seemed appropriate for this chapter.

Greed Isn't The Answer

I snarled as I tried to bite the one on my left, my red vision showing them outlined in black, their veins, arteries, every blood pump in their bodies a glowing neon yellow that needed to go away. feed.

Feed! The Demon inside me screamed. agony shot through my heart at the memory of the man in killed. No! I wailed.

But I couldn't stop them. I could only watch, my sane part, as my insanity of the thirst tried to feed on anyone or anything that got in the way of the foolish human doctor that shouldn't have come here to "check on me" if they knew I was dangerous!

I was punched by the one on my right in the face, the pain nothing compared to the thirst.

I snarled again, everyone shaking with terror with pale eyes, my friends screaming at me to stop. why don't they stop me? I thought.

I screamed from within the prison of my own mind, the insane part of me locked me up so I couldn't fight back. But I need to escape. Need to. I thought, so I started scratching away the walls, slowly. This couldn't get any worse. I was wrong.

Let me go! I roared and slammed the two guards that had a hold of my arms now and together face first before jumping at the doctor.

She screamed in horror and terror. Butch, Knollo, and Art despite the terror in their eyes, lunged forward and managed somehow to pull me off before I drank her blood or even bit her.

This was after she hit some button on this metallic silver disc that smelled of different species of blood, chemicals, and medical supplies. I noticed the number was 333 on it.

Were helping you! She shouted, her hair now out of the bun and cascading down her back to her butt like a waterfall.

I was amazed at the power of women and certain men that love hair. i was distracted.

They took advantage of that and the guards again held me down tighter after the boys let me go.

How did she manage to put all that hair into a tiny bun on her head is a mystery to me. I thought.

I began fighting the monsters inside me after finally freeing myself from prison, the guards letting me go when I started thrashing, as Butch grabbed me into his big strong arms.

His scent screamed at me, so I grew limp in his arms, tongue out of mouth in pain, and moans and groans started escaping my throat and out of my mouth.

Everybody watched in awe, terror, or disgust. I guess the disgust part meant there not a werewolf or even a vampire.

But I'm right now mostly a vampire since my wolf part isn't really here at the moment, so please dial 911 for help. lol.

Be funny to see human paramedics look at me and are unaware of us, which is stupid since the government owns us because we revealed ourselves to the world almost 20 years ago.

They were all by the girl's wall and the girls that were against it watched the big fight with big eyes, same mixed emotions, but most of them were in shock. One fainted. That was hilarious.

Necklace! I gasped, the doctor eyeing me with confusion and fear, clinging to one of the many guards that rushed in here now. At least 100. Still not enough for me. I thought sadly.

I grabbed the one out of my pocket as Butch gripped me tightly, too scared and too focused on holding me to grab it.

My nails were now long black and red tipped claws like demonic claws and that confused me. I'm vampire not demon. And werewolf. I added.

I finally felt free after touching the necklace, the feeling of the thirst fading from touch as my other 'gifts' when I slipped it on, finally ending the crisis for now.

I calmed and Butch released me, his heavy breathing and sweat running down his muscular body confusing. That is weird! I thought.

I sighed as I heard a clicking in my mind, indicating to me that my eye color were turning back to grey.

The doctor's mouth flew open at the necklace 's ability to hide the powers from me. She smiled evilly at me. I glared back at her. She flinched.

I'll go. I said reluctantly and started shakily walking to her while she involuntarily took a step back but smiled again, but even more menacingly somehow.

The boys went back to the wall and with the others. They all shook as the guards half watched them but mostly focused on me. The threat. Smart.

Yes, we have a lot to talk about, don't we? she asked greedily. I gulped. Not good.


I was yanked down a dark and unfamiliar hallway after leaving the building to the frozen snow world outside and to an abandoned bunker almost five miles to the east within the dark and beautiful yet terrifying forest.

I cursed all the way at my captors for taking me with no full explanation as to why or what I did wrong. What did I do wrong? I thought to myself.

Did I already break a rule? You can't blame me for my thirst! Not my fault! Breaking a rule wasn't my fault either!

You can't expect to put a hybrid with a vampire side that is always hungry in a room full of people with some humans, and not expect for me to kill no-one! It's impossible!

Unless, they are planning on us exterminating each other for something.

A test? pleasure? I shook my head in shock. They wouldn't? But I doubted that statement I said to make myself feel better. Now I feel worse. Yay to me.

Even mom and I had a difficult time resisting while being around others so we didn't hurt, bite, or kill them. Dad was helpful. Mom drank off him and I drank off her. It worked.

Not anymore. I miss her. Who cares about her beautiful and intoxicating taste! She's my Mom! I want her back in our lives!

I want her making breakfast! I want her hugging Dad and telling him it'll be alright! I want her to help me through this and not have killed that man!

But we can't! The government had her killed! I grounded my teeth in anger and frustration. Because of them, I lost everything.

Not everything. A voice whispered to me before going silent. Was it my wolf? Or my vampire? I smiled.

He's right. I still have Dad and my siblings. Determination coursed through my veins. I'm getting out of here. I need to let go of the past. I hope.

With my friends. And I'm going home. This place is shady. Give me some other punishment. I thought happily. Easier said than done.

My emotions sadly were like a volcano, erupting from my body and flinging itself against the walls. So irritating. I feel like a girl. Sadly.

Where is the mandatory physical at? The hospital here? Too creepy to be one. I said sarcastically.

The doctor replied to me close with a monotone voice now. And a little smug. Like she was in power. Oh honey, your in for a rude awakening. I thought darkly.

She led us to the black door at the end of the hall. it was the only door here. freaky.

She opened it and it looked old but very sturdy. Like to keep whatever that comes in here, like me, in. And to keep others like me out. I shuddered at the thought.

Right here Midnight! She said happily, like she needed to do something to me and it'll be better.

It'll control me. What the hell? I thought, that random thought slapping me in the face. I was now terrified. What the hell they want from me? I thought.

I was yanked into a room to see a long metal slab like in the X-Men movie when Logan was given all those powers like the metal claws.

It was surrounded by all sorts of machines and horrifyingly long needles. They were at least twelve inches.

I really should've paid attention to Dad in medical training. I thought scared as I knew I was danger. I needed to get out.

They yanked off my pants while I spitted with fury as I was stunned and horrified.

They going to rape me? I thought. I'm not losing my virginity unless with the one! That is my mate. I thought enraged as I fought back but lost.

I was now in my underwear and shirt. Not good. The doctor eyed my thighs and underwear with lust. Freaking lust! Ewwww!

I prefer men or big chicks. There is much better. Like Andy Black and plus size women.

Are you going to rape me or experiment on me!? I shrieked as I went to yank off my necklace after they took off my shirt forcefully, but was stopped and shoved unto the slab before I could.

They strapped me in with metal cuffs that locked into place on my ankles, wrists, waist, neck, and shoulders. I was fucked.

They ignored my snarls and screams. They looked like robots but one, who eyed me too much to my discomfort before he was grabbed and yanked out by one of the guards.

I heard a scream, then silence. The guard that yanked him out came back with blood on him and a knife and shook his head at the doctor while making a slicing motion to his throat.

I understood clearly. They killed that guy. Oh god! Oh fuck! What did Dad sign me up to?

What did the government send me to? The Saw series? Jigsaw in here? No!

I wouldn't say rape, nor experiment. something to help you. The doctor examined my left side of the neck after rubbing her hands up my body. I felt disgusted.

She now marked my right side neck with a black marker in the shape of an X and i noticed she colored in the middle of the X with red.

Weird. I could feel her doing this so that's how I know. And I can see the marker. It is inches away from my eyes and face.

She yanked the necklace away from my neck now and smiled at it lovingly before pocketing it. I was furious.

Not yours! I roared. I need that to control myself! I snarled and thrashed in my Hell. She smiled.

It's mine now. Finders keepers losers weepers. She retorted. And you won't need it soon. I paled at that. Oh no.

Your not seven dumb-ass! I snarled. A slap to my left cheek by her fixed that solution to her I guess.

It just made me angrier. She glared at me. She got to work. I tried getting out. Key word: tried.

She swabbed that area with antiseptic, the smell like normal human smell so I couldn't detect all the molecules and chemicals in the antiseptic. She placed the necklace on my arm and tied it there so I couldn't escape. Smart.

She then had alcohol there. I was about to have a heart attack. Mom! I screamed in my head. Dad! I shouted. Nothing.

It was silent. Help me! I shouted in my head. Fell unto deaf ears. I was hurt. I was alone.

They said they'd be there for me forever! They would protect me! I need them now! I thought desperately. I groaned now from the terror and pain yet to come.

I know there will be pain. Alot of it. Why go through all this trouble, just to tickle me with a razor? Not a chance.

More like, a physical. She laughed at her sudden and poor joke. She paused and leaned in too closely to see my enraged face.

You're not begging for us not to hurt you? Kill you? She was shocked. I growled human-like.

Go to Hell! I spat at her and she sighed.

You'll be there soon enough, I'm afraid. Even though you were the first oddly enough not to beg to not get hurt. She said and I didn't have time to comprehend what she said.

She pressed a button. It was all over.

A long limbed machine with a silver and black with glowing green squiggled chip in its hook that was surrounded by sharp little knives came to my neck. I tried moving away. Again, tried.

I screamed as the chip was plunged deeply into my neck and flesh, the pain horrendous.

I was paralyzed with fear and agony for what felt like hours but was only five minutes. The guards counted for my torture. Assholes.

I tried moving again but still couldn't. Oh god! Help me! I screamed in my mind. A hiss, cry, and growl of pain answered me.

I was frozen in hell. Then the machine finally left me and I gasped in relief, the machine covered in flesh and blood but without the chip.

It was in me now.

And then, another different smaller machines with those needles from before appeared.

I thrashed in terror. The doctor laughed. She was impressed. I knew she was. She is going to die! I thought angrily.

My eyes were even bigger and felt as though they would bulge out of my head.

A needle that was by my head suddenly rushed forward after making this whirring sound like a dentist's drill but more louder and angrier.

The needle instead went into my arm in the elbow crease area. I screamed as the dark and murky almost swampy liquid went in my bloodstream.

Each needle went into my soft spots of both sides of the body: The arm, the neck, elbow, thigh, knee, ankles, foot, and head.

Then I finally felt numb after the fire and heat from the liquid almost turned my insides, body, mind, soul into liquid and after what felt like weeks of pure torture.

Mom. Dad. I whimpered in my head pathetically as I was pulled into the dark abyss I've come to call friend. Finally, the Sound of Silence.

Ryan's Dad's POV

I felt off. I felt horrible. My wolf whined in my head for my pup. We missed him so much. My poor baby.

I stared into the flames of the fireplace in my mate's chair, the smell gone as I waited for my pup. My boy.

Pain erupted into my body like being jabbed with needles and knives as I remembered the blood ritual I did with Ryan so when he left I knew he'd be alright.

Let's me feel his pain, and this pain had me gasping for air and feeling as if I was dying.

I was curled up on the floor now, trying to stay quiet so my pups wouldn't see this. See their Daddy in pain.

This wasn't a fight type of pain.

It was much worse.

Pup! Pup! My wolf screamed in agony as the pain dimmed finally, but not before hearing him.

Dad! Help me! It was silent now, and I was frozen in horror and terror. What have I done? I thought horrified.

Hope you enjoyed! Took me long enough and I'm sorry. Hope you enjoyed and see you in the next chapter!!!!

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