Welcome To The Zombie Apocalypse

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Page 1 - Jen Fasiel

Why is Ollie always so sad? Well, yeah, his mom and baby sister died, but what about his friends? Also, he's still got his brother and his dad, so why is he so upset? Nevermind. There are zombies everywhere and Jackson says we're supposed to be leaving this bunker soon? We'll die if we even stick one toe outside. Well, now that I think about it, he'll probably get Austin to throw his grenades outside. If anyone finds this journal, you'll probably be wondering what I mean. All of us got to choose a weapon before the zombies came. I chose a pistol that fires 10 shots before you need to reload. Austin chose grenades, which has its pros and cons. Ollie chose a fricking BASEBALL BAT. I swear that kid has problems. Adam chose a dagger that his parents gave him. Mel got an AK47. I have no clue how she's even able to use that thing, but whatever. Aradia has a ninja sword apparently, so she uses that. (Don't ask me why she has a ninja sword.) Last up is Jackson and he doesn't really have a weapon unless you count his wrench. He carries that thing everywhere. Adam always makes fun of him for it, by saying things like, "If you've got a broken sink, Jackson will be over in 10 seconds with his trusty, ever-rusting wrench." I mean, it's kinda hilarious in a way, but I still feel bad for Jackson sometimes. He's lost everything except his two sons. Jackson doesn't like talking about his family, not even about Ollie or Austin. If I were him, I'd feel that way too, so I don't blame him. But still, his craftsmanship is amazing. He built this ENTIRE bunker BY HIMSELF mine you, and it's managed to hold up this long. We shouldn't be making fun of Jackson, we should be PRAISING him. He helped us survive this long with this bunker and everything he's built so goddamnit he is our savior. And I don't care about how rusty his damn wrench is, I built everything we needed to survive. That's what we really need to think about here.

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