Mind of Darkness

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Chapter Fifteen

Alexander Franklin III watches his life crumble before him. His past: a lie. His future: a sham.

And his right now: chaos.

Alex grasps his bedroom desk to steady himself; keep himself upright; fight the urge to be sick.

Just this morning, everything seemed perfectly normal. Sure, there were storm clouds in the distance, but they were in the distance. And still are. But now a new threat has presented itself- in the forms of his father and his uncle.

But, no; it’s all a big misunderstanding. It has to be. His father isn’t like that.

Groaning, he rubs his hand down his face.

But Alex had heard the conversation himself. Well, overheard, anyway. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop- he had just been trying to find his keys; but he found a horrible secret instead.

All this time…

Alex shakes his head. Maybe his dad was right to be doing this. Sure it was dishonest, but it would be for the good of the country, right?

But how could something for the country’s good be so underhand; so dishonest?

And what of the other, yet more horrible part?

He groans. He needed answers, but his dad certainly wouldn’t give them. Probably not his mom either. Maybe his grandma though…

His gaze falls on his pilot’s license lying on his dresser. His parents wouldn’t mind if he flew to Great Britain- they were busy after all- and with the sketchiest of things. And it’s been so long since he’s seen his grandma- she’s a busy woman after all. And, wait- it’s summer, isn’t it? So she might be in England too. Maybe he could find her while he was down there…

Alex shakes his head. He needed to focus on the problem, not the friend he lost six years ago. Besides, he ought to learn what he can learn here before jetting halfway across the world.

And if he can’t find what he needs here; well, he knows what he’ll have to do.

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