Mind of Darkness

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Chapter Twenty-One

Nora Tanner stares at the television and tries not to hyperventilate.

“Mom!” she screams before remembering that she’s at a function. “Dad-” No, he’s at work. “Andrew!”

But her good-for-nothing brother doesn’t hear her over her video games, or at least not fast enough for her, so she grabs her phone and dials the first number that comes to her fingers.

First number other than Charisa, who disappeared on her. Her best friend, just gone.

Shaking, Nora brings the phone to her face to talk to her other best friend.

But it’s a male voice who says, “Nora?”

Nora’s heart stops. She must have dialed her ex-boyfriend’s number by accident. “J-Jake?”

“What’s wrong? Did you hear anything about Kyle? Charisa?”

At this, Nora’s heart pangs. She might have lost her best friend, but so did Jake. “No. But more bad news with the O’Dells.”

Jake mutters under his breath. “What is it?”

Licking her very dry lips, Nora stares at the television that is still broadcasting the same horror it was a minute ago when she turned it on. “It’s on the news- turn on the news now!”

She hears Jake hustling on the other side and the noise of something turning on.

Jake mutters something else under his breath. “What on earth? What am I looking at?”

Nora releases a sob as she brings a shaking hand up to her face, but she can’t hide from the view of the picture of Mr. O’Dell on the television with the words flashing underneath.

“Local cop,” she whispers into the phone as she reads aloud those lying words, “is arrested for assisting in the release of two criminals and is under investigation for treason.”

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