Mind of Darkness

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Faith blinks in her corner.

Things have been different here at the bunker ever since Chrissie, Kyle, and Tim had left. For one thing, they tested on her everyday now. For another thing, she was…

Lonely. She never realized how nice it was to have a roommate. To have Tim. Now they were both gone.

And so is her leather necklace.

Oh, why did she have to get careless? Why did she have to touch her necklace just as Wanda walked by.

Well, she knows why. She misses Tim. She misses Chrissie- and Kyle too.

But to lose her necklace on top of it all? That seems to be the greatest horror of them all. That necklace was her last link to any kind of identity. To lose it was the greatest inhumanity of them all.

Because Faith is human- that’s the truth of the matter. She’s meant for something more than being a guinea pig. Something more than being, well, a zombie.

Tim had told her to follow the truth; that the truth would set her free. Faith had been afraid of the truth, but now she feared the lies that imprisoned her more. Anything had to be better than this.

Faith leans down and slips her anklet off of her slim ankle. Then she tosses it under bed.

Simultaneously, she straightens up and turns invisible. Then the cell door squeaks open, revealing Wanda and a guard.

While Wanda has her guard grope around in Faith’s corner, Faith slips past them. Then she shuts the door on them and locks it.

Still invisible, she starts walking down the hallway.

Yes; Faith would leave this place. She would follow the truth.

But first, she’d reclaim her necklace.

Jin Yin walks by, staring down at his clipboard. “Let’s see, which experiments are still available us to- to us-”

Faith grabs him by the back of his lab coat and throws him into the wall.

Startled, Jin Yin drops his clipboard. “Two-?”

Ignoring her foster father’s pleas, she bends down and grabs the clipboard. Then she brings it down on him head over and over again until he goes limp below her.

Then she kneels down and searches the pockets of her barely breathing kidnapper to collect his ID.

And finds her necklace also.

Why does Jin Yin have it?

For a moment, she looks down at her foster father in attempt to see what he could possibly be thinking toward her.

But then that moment is over and she steps over him to go to her freedom.

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