Mind of Darkness

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Chapter Thirty-One: Charisa

“For a school, it sure seems pretty reluctant to give up information,” Kyle says as he works on infiltrating the Yin Program’s database. “This is the most secure website I’ve ever had the pleasure of hacking into.”

“Or trying to hack into,” I mutter as I pace around the otherwise vacant back room in the Yin Program’s library that I’ve been in entirely too long. “You’ve been at that all night.”

“Don’t doubt my talent.”

“I’m not doubting you. I just think you need sleep.”

“And risk rolling over on my side? Oh- I’m in.”

I rush to his side. “About time!”

“You weren’t really worried about me, were you?” He studies the laptop. “Well, Mulan Yin isn’t here- apparently she’s working at her Harvard based program. But Emily Rogers is here. In fact, she’s in room 175.”

“At least we know where to go now. Does she have a roommate?”

Kyle studies the screen for a moment before nodding. “Yeah; a Violet Strokes. She looks like someone who can take care of herself- I wonder why Emily didn’t go to her for help. Though-” He stretches. “I don’t blame her for wanting an excuse to see me in action.”

I bite my lip. “A roommate complicates things. Well, I’m going to scope out the grounds for a good meeting place and leave a note in Emily’s room about the destination.”

Kyle nods. “Sounds like a plan- but why are you going?”

“Because it’s a girls’ dormitory. Now, to find a piece of paper…”


I keep my head down as I make my way to a remote-looking part of the wall that borders the school. Then I use my super hearing to ascertain that the other side of the wall is equally as remote. Despite my headscarf and sunglasses, I still don’t want to be caught doing what I’m about to do.

After backing up some, I run, and then jump, soaring over the wall. I land dangerously close to a mud puddle.

Straightening up, I take in my surroundings. There are two large buildings facing each other on opposite sides of a path. Dorm buildings, no doubt. Now, to figure out which one is the girls’ dorm building…

A group of boy football players exit one dorm.

Well, I guess that answers that.

I approach the other dorm building, open the door, and then dash past the receptionist super fast. I might accidentally send a pile of papers flying. Oh, well, the receptionist looks like she needs something to do. She was glaring at those papers anyway, so I doubt she had any strong attachment to them.

I come to a stop in an empty hallway. Then I take the elevator up a floor and track down Emily’s room easy as pie (mmm, pie… It’s been too long). Once I find it, I put my lock picking skills Kyle taught me to the test and let myself in (well, this is a school- you’re supposed to take tests).

Thankfully, the room is empty. I place my note next in the top drawer of the dresser.

Then I dash away super fast.


Kyle leans calmly against a tree next to the school’s running track, reminding me a bit of Tim...

I glance around the dark landscape, feeling both excited and nervous- and sad.

“Why did we decide to meet her by the track?” I ask. “It’s bringing up some seriously bad memories.”

“It was your idea,” Kyle counters.

“No; I’m pretty sure it was yours-” I pause when I hear two people approaching us.

One solitary figure appear in the distance. They casually make their way to us.

I strain my eye to make her out. Long, brown hair like I remember it being. Large green eyes. A sort of nervous air.

“Is that-?” Kyle asks.

“Yep,” I answer. “Emily Rogers. That girl just can’t stay away from trouble.”

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